The Saint Andrew Pack

Celebrate Saint Andrew’s Day with our bumper pack of teaching, activity and display resources! It includes a PDF / Powerpoint guide, a video, comprehension questions, activities, colouring pages and more.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 14-Page Saint Andrew Guide – Teach your children about Saint Andrew with our PDF / Powerpoint topic guide. It includes information about his life and Saint Andrew’s Day celebrations in Scotland and around the world.
  • One 14-Page Saint Andrew Key Facts – A simpler version of the Saint Andrew Guide for younger learners.
  • One Saint Andrew Video Guide – A short video that you can use to help your children learn about the life of Saint Andrew.
  • Two Saint Andrew Video Review Sheets – Templates that children can use to record what they have discovered by watching the video guide in this pack.
  • One Saint Andrew Video Comprehension – A set of questions based on the video available in this pack.
  • Three Saint Andrew KWL Pages – Simple sheets that children can use to record (1) what they know about Saint Andrew, (2) what they want to find out and (3) what they have learned during their lessons.
  • One Saint Andrew Quiz – A quiz to test your knowledge of Saint Andrew, available as differentiated question sheets and an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Two Saint Andrew Biographies – Differentiated texts that give information about the life of Saint Andrew.
  • Two Sets of Comprehension Questions – Sets of questions based on the biographies included in this pack.
  • Ten Pages of Vocabulary Labels – Printable labels with words related to this topic and matching definitions and images.
  • One Scotland Map Labelling Activity – Can your children add the different parts of Scotland to this outline map?
  • One Saltire Colouring Page – An outline image of the Saltire that your children can colour / decorate in different ways.
  • Five Tartan Pattern Colouring Pages – A selection of templates (at different levels of complexity) that can be used to create your own tartan patterns!
  • One Saint Andrew Colouring Page – A black and white illustration of Saint David for your children to decorate in different ways.
  • Two Word Searches – Can your children find the topic words in these two differentiated word searches?
  • One Set of Page Borders – A collection of lined and plain page templates, featuring the flag of Scotland.
  • Three Sets of Bunting – Eye-catching bunting to hang in your learning environment when you are studying Saint Andrew and Scotland.
  • Three Banners – A selection of printable banners to add to your display boards.

The Saint Andrew Pack


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The Saint Andrew's Pack
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