The Friendship Pack

Help your children to develop stronger relationships with their friends using our Friendship Pack! It includes a variety of cross-curricular activity and display resources that are suitable for a wide range of age groups.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Three ‘My Friend’ Templates – Differentiated writing frames that children can use to draw a picture of their friend and write about them!
  • Four ‘How to Make Friends’ Resources – A printable template that children can use to record ideas to help each other make friends. A matching poster is also available with some ideas already included.
  • Four ‘How to be a Good Friend’ Resources – A template on which your children can record things that they can do to be a good friend to others. A completed poster is also available.
  • Twelve Picture Prompts – A collection of pictures that show different kinds of situations that friends might be involved in. Can your children think about what is happening, what they might say to improve the situation and what the children in the pictures could do to resolve things?
  • Three Sets of Word Cards – A collection of words that show friendly and unfriendly qualities. Can your children sort them and discuss their meanings?
  • One Matching Pairs Game – The cards in this game show different children describing how they are a good friend to others. Can your children find all of the matching pairs?
  • Two Sets of Paper Chain Friends – A set of printable paper chain people. Ask your children to write on the qualities of a good friend, or decorate them to look like their own friends!
  • Sixteen Challenge Cards – A set of ideas that your children can try to show their friends how important they really are!
  • Four ‘A Good Friend’ Resources – Challenge your children to write or draw about the things that a good friend does… and the things that a person who isn’t a good friend might do.
  • Thirty-Two ‘What Would You Do?’ Cards – A set of activity cards (with matching display posters) that show possible problems between two friends. How would your children respond to each situation? A variety of teaching ideas are also included.
  • Six ‘What Happened?’ Sheets – These activity sheets can help your children to reflect on a problem or incident that has involved their friends. What happened? What did they do? How did they feel? An additional version of the resources give children space to explore what they could have done differently and how these actions might have changed the outcome.
  • Two Word Searches – Can your children find the qualities of a good friend in these differentiated word searches?
  • Three Display Resources – Printable banners and bunting to decorate your classroom when your children are learning about friendship.

The Friendship Pack


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The Friendship Pack
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Kaz
Picture prompts

This morning we used the picture prompt resource to engage in discussions about how facial expressions and body language can send a message to others. These pictures were the perfect resource to support our lesson. The children were so engaged & loved using the question prompts to have a chat about the pictures. Such a simple but powerful resource!!

 by Cheryl Hallier

It is a fantastic pack to use at the beginning of the new school year when the children are all settling into new classes with new children and having to make new friends. I used the scenario cards, by putting the children into groups and then getting them to brain storm how they would handle the different scenarios that come up in the classroom. We have written them up and attached them underneath the scenario card so that they have become a resource for the children to go back to and use should the need arise. This was powerful as it gave them ownership and helped them problem solve.
There was so much rich discussion in the class. Thank you for a fabulous resource. I will definitely use it again.

 by Karen Harper
Excellent resources

I used Friendship word cards, What would you do and A Good Friend activities with a Young Person on 3rd exclusion. He was reluctant to engage or write but loved these activities. I printed out and laminated Friendship word cards and spent whole morning discussing. English and PHSE all in one, unbeknown to Young Person.
Great resources to initiate re-engagment.

Thanks for your wonderful review Karen. It's great to hear that they have worked so well with your student.

 by Rowan
A great addition to TeachingPacks!

This Pack is really impressive. I should know by now that Mark and Helen always go above and beyond, but I was still amazed, as I scrolled through it, how many useful things were in there, and the trouble they had taken in presenting them in different formats to suit all types of readers. I especially love the Friendship Challenge Cards, the Picture Prompts, and the what Would You Do cards. Terrific stuff!

 by Graeme
Friendship Pack

Well I'm all set to use this tomorrow. A fantastic resource for teachers, learning mentors, nurture staff and parents. These resources allow children (individuals and groups) to explore what being a friend and friendship are all about. Plenty of chances for discussion and exploration and for working alone with a child who has friendship troubles.

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