The Super Sentences Pack

Help your children to improve their sentence writing skills with our huge pack of teaching and activity resources! It includes Powerpoint presentations, reference mats, display materials and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Forty-Six ‘Make Your Sentences Super’ Resources – A collection of teaching and display materials that suggest ways that your children can improve their own sentences!
  • One Hundred and Twenty ‘Sentence Boosters’ Powerpoint Slides – Can your children improve the example sentences using the ideas that we have provided? These are available in Powerpoint and PDF formats.
  • One Hundred and Twenty Sentence Boosters Sheets – The sentences and ideas from the Sentence Boosters Powerpoints are also available on these printable activity sheets (in Word and PDF formats).
  • Three Super Sentences Reference Mats – Differentiated pages that your children can refer to while they are writing. They contain lots of tips and helpful ideas to improve sentence writing.
  • One Super Sentences Reference Document – A handy document for adults (and older students) that suggests ways to improve a sentence, with explanations and examples.
  • Six ‘Sentence Match and Make’ Activities – Can your children match the ‘simple sentence’ cards and the ‘ideas for improvement’ cards to make their own super sentences?
  • Three Sets of ‘Super or Stale?’ Sentences – Ask your students to look at these sentences and identify which ones are ‘super’ and which ones are ‘stale’? Can they identify the features of the super sentences? Can they try to improve the stale ones?
  • Ten Sentence Sharpeners – Can your children ‘sharpen up’ these sentences by changing the vocabulary, adding clauses or using alliteration?
  • Two Display Banners – Colourful banners to add to display boards based around sentence writing.

The Super Sentences Pack


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The Super Sentences Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Eva Sundquist Johansson
So so good!

I have used this in several classes and the students have improved their writing in both English and Swedish. I can really recommend this assignment.

 by Bee

The lesson is amazing with tons of examples and activities for students to improve their sentences. Thank you, Mark and Helen.

 by Eva Sundquist
Super Sentence

I did this with the entire class and they brainstormed how to improve the sentence. After that, I gave them some pictures to practice on their own. They loved it.

 by Lorna Johns
Super Sentences

So concise and easy reference. fits in so well with our Superheros theme this year.

 by Christine W
Simlple exercises to improve sentences

These are excellent, concise exercises to help improve children's writing style.
They focus on particular ways to improve, such as adding adjectives or using noun phrases.
They are organised according to age/year groups.
Quick exercises to help pupils upscale their writing!

 by Rowan
An excellent pack!

Full of really valuable tools, these are just the sort of thing that teachers and children need to build up writing skills. Having all the exercises in Year 1-2, Year 3-4 and Year 5-6 formats is incredibly useful!

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