The Symmetry Pack

Are your children learning about reflective or rotational symmetry? Use our teaching guide, activity resources and printable display materials to help them explore this Maths topic!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Symmetry Guide – A PDF / Powerpoint presentation that can be used to introduce symmetry to your children. Includes information about mirror lines, symmetry in shapes, reflection in grids and using coordinates, rotational symmetry and more.
  • One 30 Page Symmetry Image Pack – A collection of thirty high quality images that show examples of symmetry in nature, design and architecture. Available as large posters and smaller cards.
  • One Symmetry Match Game – A set of cards that can be used to play ‘Snap’ or ‘Matching Pairs’. Can your children find the pairs of symmetrical shapes?
  • One ‘Draw the Lines of Symmetry (Shapes)’ Challenges – Can your children draw the lines of symmetry onto the twelve shapes? Answers are included.
  • One ‘Draw the Lines of Symmetry (Letters)’ Activity – Challenge your children to find the lines of symmetry in every letter of the alphabet!
  • One ‘Symmetrical Spelling’ Activity – Can your children find the lines of symmetry in these letters and then use them to make words? How many lines of symmetry are there in each word?
  • Ten ‘Complete the Pattern’ Resources – Ask your children to complete the other half (and three-quarters) of these patterns by colouring the squares and rectangles. Available at a variety of difficulty levels.
  • Four ‘Reflection on a Coordinate Grid’ Resources – A variety of activity sheets (at different levels of difficulty) that ask your children to reflect shapes on a coordinate grid (and also write the coordinates of the reflected images).
  • Ten ‘Complete the Animals’ Challenges – Can your children draw the other half of these animals? These are all available with and without grid overlays.
  • Ten ‘Complete the Colours’ Resources – Ask your students to accurately copy the colours from one half of these symmetrical illustrations to the other half!
  • Ten ‘Complete the Photo’ Activities – Can your students complete the other half of these photos? Available with and without grid overlays.
  • Sixteen Symmetrical Colouring Pages – A set of colouring pages showing symmetrical pictures and patterns at a range of difficulty levels.
  • One Rotational Symmetry Activity – Can your children work out the order of rotational symmetry of each shape and then try creating their own?
  • Three Mirror Line Paper Templates – Printable paper templates that include horizontal, vertical and diagonal mirror lines that your children can use to practise drawing symmetrical pictures!
  • Five Rotational Symmetry Paper Templates – A collection of paper templates with grids that can be used to help your children draw their own pictures and patterns with rotational symmetry.
  • One Symmetry Banner – A colourful banner to decorate your Maths display boards!

The Symmetry Pack


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The Symmetry Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Lizzie

A great pack for introducing symmetry in our home ed environment. Lots of challenges and at different ability levels, so useful for multiple children or to revisit and add to existing knowledge. Thank you!

 by sadie
symmetry/3 D

Great resource

 by dawn farr
symmetry Pack

Can't wait to use some of these ideas in my art class as well as the maths sessions.

 by SF
Symmetry - Superb!!

This is a lovely pack with high quality images and a great PPT slideshow. Would highly recommend!

 by Emma lace
Fab new addition!

What a fab new addition! A fantastic assortment of worksheets and a great guide to learning all about symmetry! Loving forward to starting this pack today

 by Rowan4C

What a nice surprise to wake up to! Always lovely to see a new pack, you never know what you're going to have next! I did an assessment with my Y4 maths class just this week, and a number of them had some difficulty with symmetry, so I shall be happy to try out these resources.
They all look really lovely, and I especially like the Guide (as always!) and the stunningly beautiful Symmetry Images. The activities are really useful as well!
I can think of one or two other resources that could be added, just to complete the pack - maybe some more complicated shapes to test higher learners (not ridiculously complicated shapes, but just shapes at an angle, or compound shapes); and also, the Guide talks about plotting symmetrical shapes on grids with coordinates; and I think that would be an excellent activity to add!

Thanks for your lovely review Rowan, and for your great suggestions. I'll make a note of those for a future update!

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