The Time Capsule Pack

Help your children to document what life is like at a particular point in time with our comprehensive time capsule resources! It includes information about time capsules, how to make one and a large collection of printable templates to record information on.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Sixty-Eight ‘Make Your Own Time Capsule’ Templates – An extensive collection of printable sheets (at different levels of complexity) that your children can use to create their own time capsule booklet!
  • Eight ‘About Me’ Profiles – A variety of templates that you can use to record information about yourself so that people in the future can find out more about your life today.
  • Four ‘Memories and Ambitions’ Templates – A set of activity sheets that children can use to record their memories of the past and hopes for the future.
  • Two ‘How to Make a Time Capsule’ Texts – What is a time capsule? How can you make one? Use our differentiated instructions to find out and make your own!
  • Two Sets of Time Capsule Comprehension Questions – Collections of differentiated questions about time capsules, based on our instructions text.
  • One ‘Time Capsules Around the World’ Activity – Can your children find the locations of these time capsules and place them on the world map?
  • One Set of Bunting – Decorate your learning environment with this bunting!
  • Two Banners – If you’re making a display board about time capsules, make some space for our printable banners!

The Time Capsule Pack


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The Time Capsule Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Christine
A way to capture feelings about COVID-19

The Time Capsule pack will be a perfect activity to start the 2020/21 school year. I don't know what to expect in September, but a few of our Special Needs students will have the opportunity to be onsite, in school, part time. This pack will be ideal for their return. I especially like the 'How am I Feeling' and 'Memories and Ambitions' organizers worksheets; they will be great for our students to express their worries & hopes. I think the students and parents, too, may be interested to capture their thoughts about this unprecedented time, to show their future selves. Thank you for including differentiated instruction.

 by Rowan
A nice addition!

This is certainly a very interesting idea, and a good addition to the TeachingPacks collection! Lots of good links here - writing, geography, history and PSHE. This is an important issue that can fire the imagination, and this Teaching Pack could be very useful!
I do think, though, that it could be developed a little more. I see that there are several resources in there from other Packs - the Emotions Pack and the Goalsetting Pack, I think. There's plenty of writing exercises in here, but it would be good to have some more art help to add to the capsules, and advice on building a capsule, and on gathering things to put in it. Right now, it seems a bit worksheet-heavy (although usually I'm all in favour of worksheets). Also, here's an idea - for those 5-year-10-year-20-year sheets - how about adding 1 year, and then this would be a great tool for a class; the children could make capsules when they come into a year group (maybe including height measurements) and then at the end of the year they could take it out and see how they've developed.

Thanks for your fantastic feedback Rowan. We have included a large number of worksheets in this pack, as we wanted teachers and home educators to have lots to choose from. There is certainly no need to complete them all, but you can select the ones that are most appropriate for your children.We have also added a '1 Year' sheet based on your suggestion. Thanks!

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