The Algebra Pack

Build your children’s confidence with algebra using our huge resource pack! It includes a topic guide and a large collection of activity and display resources to use in your classroom.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 16 Page Algebra Guide – Help your children to explore algebra with our topic guide. It covers basic concepts, when we use algebra, topic vocabulary, simplifying expressions, solving equations, using brackets, patterns, inequalities and more!
  • Five Sets of ‘Match the Expression’ Cards – Can your children find the matching sets of expressions on these cards? Available at five different levels of difficulty.
  • One ‘Write an Expression’ Sheet – Ask your students to write algebraic expressions that represent each statement! Answers are included.
  • One ‘Simplifying Expressions’ Resource – Challenge your children to combine the terms and simplify the expressions on this algebra sheet.
  • Five ‘Expression Maker’ Activities – Use the cards to make algebraic expressions and then work out the values of the expressions that you have created!
  • One ‘First to 50’ Resource – Who will be the first person to evaluate all fifty algebraic expressions in this table?
  • One ‘Spot the Mistake’ Activity – Ask your students to find the mistakes in the algebra calculations!
  • Two ‘Missing Measurements’ Resources – Can you work out the areas, perimeters and other missing measurements on these shapes?
  • Forty Algebra Challenge Cards – Printable cards that test your children’s knowledge of a wide range of algebra concepts!
  • Two Algebra Jigsaws – Can your children use their algebra skills to match the sides of these jigsaws?
  • Six ‘Secret Numbers’ Resources – Challenge your students to work out the secret numbers in these number puzzles! For an additional challenge, ask them to write algebraic expressions that represent the clues too. Available at six different levels of difficulty.
  • Twelve ‘Function Machines’ Activity Sheets – Can your children work out what each ‘function machine’ is doing to the inputs and then calculate the correct outputs? These resources cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at a variety of difficulty levels.
  • Eighteen ‘Find Y’ Challenges – Can your children work out the value of y in each expression? A number of versions of this resource are included, covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and more.
  • Seven ‘Evaluate the Expression’ Activity Sheets – Challenge your students to work out the value of each expression!
  • Six ‘Solve the Inequalities’ Resources – Can your children solve these inequalities challenges?
  • Two Algebra Banners – Display banners to use on the boards in your classroom.
  • One Set of Algebra Bunting – A set of bunting that can be used to decorate your classroom when your students are studying algebra!

The Algebra Pack


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The Algebra Pack
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by maria miller

Really handy with good explanations.

 by Gillian Bowmer
Amazing Algebra Pack

It’s often hard to find the right resources for teaching algebra. I work with pupils ranging in age from 7 -15 and the Algebra Pack has proved invaluable. The explanations are clear and the activities motivating. Yet another brilliant resource, many thanks.

 by Lois
Brilliant resource!

My son has really enjoyed learning Algebra through this resource! There's so many different learning materials. The best bit I found was the algebra guide because it really explains how algebra is used in real life, which makes it much more relatable to children and therefore they are more likely to want to learn it. Another great resource from Teaching Packs, thank you!

 by Christine
Algebra games & puzzles!

I've already printed several copies of the algebra flashcards, games and puzzles. I know my Resource Teacher at our high school will be setting-up her classroom next week, and will appreciate these activities, all ready for our students!

 by Julie Fetting

Just Brilliant!!!!!

 by Perrin

Algebra is generally one of the trickier maths concepts to grasp and to teach, so this new Teaching Pack is very welcome! I can see that beginners in algebra will find it extremely useful, and their teachers too. I especially like the Challenge Cards!

 by Grant Whitaker
Making sense of Algebra

Another quality resource from Teaching Packs. A pack full of innovative ideas to stretch and challenge pupils learning about algebra. I can't wait to use it with my Year 5 and 6 classes. I particularly like the Secret Number challenges. Well done you guys!

 by Jan
The Algebra Pack

At last a comprehensive step by step resource for teaching my students basic algebra. So many KS2/3 resources jump too quickly for some of my younger 11+ clients. This is going to be my ‘go to’ resource from now on . Well done you guys!

 by Lucy
Another amazing pack!

Another fabulous pack, and so versatile. I have just used this to support a full two week unit on the introduction of algebra. As with all teaching packs the cute characters and interesting fonts really capture interest and the explanations are always clear and concise. Thank you for saving me hours of work once again.

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