The Phonics Pack

Support your children’s reading skills using our enormous phonics teaching resource pack! It includes printable activity materials for your children, handy reference resources and display goodies to enhance the learning environment in your classroom.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Sixty-Nine Phonics Posters – A huge set of posters that include different letters / sounds and a related image and word. All posters are available in a smaller card format and with a range of fonts (including precursive and cursive).
  • Sixty-Nine Phonics Posters with Related Words – Printable posters that include a list of words related to each letter / sound. Use them as part of whole class teaching, group discussions or on a classroom display. These posters are also available in a smaller card format and in a variety of fonts.
  • Three Phonics Mats – Handy reference mats showing different letters / sounds and picture prompts. Blank versions are also available, on which your children can write related words or draw their own pictures.
  • Sixty-Seven Phonics Activity Cards – A set of printable cards showing different letters / sounds. Use them as part of your small group and independent phonics activities! Available with three choices of fonts (including precursive and cursive).
  • Sixty-Four Pages of ‘Alternative Spellings’ Resources – A huge collection of printable posters and cards that show the alternative spellings for different sounds. Use them on your classroom displays, as reference materials on children’s tables or cut them up for use as part of sound sorting / matching activities.
  • Eighty-Two ‘Kung Fu Phonics’ Pages – Use these printable pages as fun reading challenges for individual children or as simple games for two players! The templates can be used to play noughts and crosses (OXO / Tic-Tac-Toe) but before marking Os and Xs on the grid, children have to read the word in their chosen space.
  • Six ‘Pan-Dah’s Space Adventure’ Challenges – Can your children help Pan-Dah to get back to Earth? He can only travel to planets with real words on them. Challenge your children to read the words and find the correct route!
  • Nine ‘Road Sign Phonics’ Activity Sheets – Ask your students to make words using the sounds in front of Pan-Dah’s car. Each word should then be written on a road sign, to help him work out where he’s going! Also includes a blank set so that you can choose the sounds that you would like your children to practise.
  • Two High Frequency / Common Words Lists – Handy lists of the high frequency words and next 200 common words. These printable pages are available in a variety of formats, with a choice of fonts for each (including precursive and cursive).
  • Three Hundred High Frequency / Common Words Cards – A collection of cards (with a Lego border) that show the 100 high frequency words and next 200 common words, with a variety of font choices. Use them for practical activities with individuals and groups, or build your own class display board with them!
  • Fifteen Pages of High Frequency / Common Words Labels – Sets of word labels showing high frequency / common words. Use them as flashcards, sentence building, spelling challenges or as display resources. These are available in three different fonts.
  • Fifteen High Frequency / Common Words Wordsearches – Vocabulary activities that include high frequency and common words. Will your children be able to find them all? Includes answers for teachers.
  • Four Phonics Certificates – Four printable certificates to reward your children for their amazing phonics work!
  • Six Display Banners – A collection of banners to add to your classroom display boards.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Phonics Pack.


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The Phonics Pack
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Alison Kilkenny on The Phonics Pack

This resource pack is essential. It took all of the hard work out of what I needed to do with the kids, allowing me to concentrate more on what I should be doing - teaching. Thank you so much for making these fabulous resources available. Worth every single penny, and more xxx

by J Jons on The Phonics Pack
Very Useful

This resource is fantastic.
It provides you with all the tools your students need to practice their phonics and helps them to grow as readers! Also excellent and useful for working one to one and in small groups for intervention.

by The Purple Penguin Tutor on The Phonics Pack
Phonics Pack

Thank you for this amazing resource. The mats per phase were exceptionally useful and the Kung Fu phonics mats have already been used many times including one of my students creating his own to learn syllables using the 'king fu' sound effects. I would have like to have more activity pages but this pack has excellent resources for consolidation and for those that need visual stimulus.

by Catherine on The Phonics Pack
Saved my life

With a new diagnosed daughter with Dyslexia and having to take her back to the basic phonics - this was a life saver, all the required phonics, blends and sounds in one file.

by DaisyGirl on The Phonics Pack

The Kung Fu phonics are amazing, the children love them and make up their own games using the resource. A firm favourite.

by Alison on The Phonics Pack
Phonics Pack

Very helpful. It will be very useful.

Thank you

by Alice on The Phonics Pack
Phonics Pack

Phonics PackAnother great pack. A huge amount of material which is also very colourful for younger children. Will keep us busy for ages!

Thank you for another great pack.

by Ruthie on The Phonics Pack

Our school uses Read, Write, Inc scheme to teach phonics - this is not the same, but I find that it helps to add variety and cover some of the sounds which are not explicitly taught. By changing up the visuals I have on display, the children are reminded to check the working wall to help themselves. AND, because I have a subscription it is all available at the click of a button - no trawling the internet to find what I need! x

by Michael Willmore on The Phonics Pack
Huge colourful phonics pack

Another great pack. A huge amount of material which is also very colourful for younger children. Will keep us busy for ages!

Thank you for another great pack.

by Mark Gould on The Phonics Pack
Phonics Pack

I'm really impressed with this pack. I especially like how the materials are provided in pre-cursive & cursive fonts as well as a regular font. There are just a few suggestions that I think would make this a five star pack. I would really like to see a section for Phase 4 too. Continuing with the panda theme it would be great to have certificates to congratulate the children for being able to read each set of the phase words and maybe even the high frequency words.

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