The Angles Pack

Teach your children about angles with our enormous resource pack! Includes child-friendly teaching and reference materials, engaging activities and eye-catching display resources to use on your Maths display boards.

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • A Fifteen Page Guide to Angles - A collection of fifteen posters that you can use as whole class teaching tools, covering different types of angles, how to use a protractor, interior angles of triangles / quadrilaterals and more! Share them on an interactive whiteboard, print them for use with small groups or add them to a classroom display board.
  • One Angle Birds Game - Will your children be able to get the birds to fly into the targets by estimating and measuring the correct angles? Includes instructions, scorecards, answers, four differentiated game boards and two blank boards (so that your students can add their own targets).
  • Two Angles Mats - Printable table mats showing different facts and vocabulary related to angles. Why not print them back-to-back so that your children can refer to them during their lessons?
  • Twenty Spot the Angles Posters - A collection of twenty eye-catching images that your children can explore. Can they identify, estimate, classify and measure the angles shown in the pictures?
  • One Hundred and Twenty Angles Cards - A set of cards that show the images, names and types of forty different angles. Cut out the cards and use them for a range of sorting, matching and classifying activities!
  • Two Pages of Angles in Triangles and Quadrilaterals Challenges - Ask your children to investigate the total interior angles of triangles and quadrilaterals with our handy printable pages!
  • Four Pages of 'Acute, Obtuse or Reflex?' Challenges - A range of angles that your children can classify. Are they acute, obtuse, reflex or right angles? Includes answers for teachers / self-checking.
  • Five Pages of 'Measure the Angles' Challenges - Sets of angles that your children can estimate and then measure! Includes a selection of acute, obtuse and reflex angles (with answers).
  • Three Pages of Missing Angles Challenges - Ask your students to calculate the missing angles on these activity sheets. Includes questions based on angles on a straight line, angles in triangles and angles in quadrilaterals.
  • Four Pages of Angles Vocabulary Labels - Four pages of printable vocabulary labels. Use them on a classroom display board... or challenge your children to think of definitions for each word.
  • Five Display Posters and Banners - Enhance your Maths display boards with our printable resources.

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The Angles Pack The Angles Pack The Angles Pack The Angles Pack

The Angles Pack The Angles Pack The Angles Pack The Angles Pack

The Angles Pack The Angles Pack The Angles Pack The Angles Pack

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 10 reviews
by Emma Tyler on The Angles Pack
Great resources

Currently covering angles in yr5/6 and I was not looking forward to using protractors with those that struggle. However, I looked at the resources and saw a protractor on an A4 page and I suddenly had a brainwave to help teach how to use one - give each child a protractor sheet and two different coloured highlighters - they then colour in the bottom left and the correct scale in one colour and the bottom right and associated scale in another - an instant reference! Maybe, as a suggestion, it would be great if the resource included a reverse of the scales for use with protractors that have the opposite scaling. I haven't checked mine yet... Thank you though, for the brainwave! Feeling braver.

by Donna Pentony on The Angles Pack
Excellent Pack

This made teaching angles so straight forward with activities for all abilities. The children really love the birds angles game. Well done - wouldn't be without these maths packs to get ideas and the guides are always so useful.

by Nicola on The Angles Pack

Decent enough pack but spelling errors that can't be changed and more challenging questions, angles within a pie chart maybe?

by Dimi on The Angles Pack
Covers Every Angle!

This pack is absolutely fantastic!! I am a high school teacher and I use this pack for low ability Year students.
The love the images and fun nature of the presentation of the topics.
This is certainly a winner!!!

Keep them coming and remember as high school teachers we need resources like these too

by nikki on The Angles Pack
Life Saver

Don't you just love it when you think you have hours of planning and finding resources a head of you, only to find that a few clicks later you are presented with excellent, thoughtout resources. Worksheets which can make great diplays, games for the children as well as appropriate worksheets. The Angle pack has it all ~easily adaptable to suit individual classes/children. Thank you.

by Josie on The Angles Pack

This pack is amazing! It has really helped to teach my class about angles!!!!

by Lorraine on The Angles Pack
Angles Pack

The Angles pack has proved invaluable to me as a class teacher. Lots of eye catching posters and resources to help support my children. Has saved me a load of preparation time again!! Thank you!

by Kerry on The Angles Pack
The Angles Pack

Definitely a fantastic, easy to use resource that is easy to use and implement within the classroom. I have used it on a number of occasions and children of all ability levels enjoyed using it and made good progress. Please add the vocab rotation, transition and reflection

by Dimi on The Angles Pack
Extend the vocab

This is a fantastic resource. Quite comprehensive. I would like to see a little addition in the vocab section, would like to see the words
Reflection and translation introduced

by Glenda Seymour on The Angles Pack
The Angles Pack

I was excited to see the release of yet another fabulous pack yesterday. I am new to Teaching Packs UK and honestly don't know how Mark and Helen do it. They have contacted me so many times and answered all my questions. They are simply amazing.

But, back to this pack. I teach a group of Grade 8 maths students of extremely varying abilities in Cairns, Australia. Yesterday I attempted to show them co-interior and alternate angles and chaos reigned supreme. They just didn't get it. No matter how hard I tried and I have been teaching a fair while.

So today I took in 25 beautifully laminated ANgles pack desk mats and left one on each desk. They were intrigued. We first wrote out everything so I knew the students had actually "read" the work as a number of them have literacy issues. Then we chanted each panel, followed by watching a YouTube song "the angles song with Dr Seuss " (a must see) and then they calmly, quietly, effectively calculated more than 40 angles in an hour. Really, really impressed. With them, and the resource. My teacher aide worked with four students needing remediation from the same angles mat and my extension kids sat out under a tree and worked independently with it. I love that you can differentiate so easily with these clearly written, perfectly sequenced resources. Try them. You won't regret it.

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