The Playdough Mats Pack

Download a HUGE collection of printable playdough mats to support your children’s understanding of letters, numbers, colours, shapes, feelings, time and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Fifty-Two Letter Mats – Two sets of letter mats showing each letter of the alphabet (in precursive and cursive fonts). Can your children make each letter using playdough?
  • Seven Pages of Alphabet Animals – A selection of animals that begin with every letter of the alphabet. Can your children create each one using playdough and use them for vocabulary or story telling activities?
  • Five Sets of Story Characters – Challenge your children to create different characters and use them to retell famous stories.
  • Twenty Number Mats – A set of number mats (with numbers up to 20). Challenge young children to create each number in playdough and complete the matching number task!
  • Eight Shape Pages – A set of 2D shapes that your children can recreate using playdough!
  • Three Sets of Clocks – Can your children tell the time on the analogue and digital clocks by adding playdough hands / numbers?
  • Eight Playdough Challenges – A set of challenges for your children to complete. Can they make monsters, animals, cars, pirate ships and more?
  • Two Colour Mats – Add the correct coloured blobs of playdough to the spaces on the mat!
  • One Rainbow Template – Use the outline to create your own playdough rainbow!
  • Ten Printable Faces – A variety of faces to decorate! Can your children add eyes, a nose, a mouth and other facial features?
  • Six Feelings Mats – Use these mats as a starting point for discussions about different types of emotions, or to find out how your children are feeling each day.
  • One Plate Template – Can your children create a delicious meal on this handy plate template?
  • One World Map Template – Can your children use recreate the map or use small pieces of playdough to mark different places?

The Playdough Mats Pack


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The Playdough Mats Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Jane
Great Ideas!

What a super resource and not just for early years. I have a child with poor motor skills in KS2 who loves playdough so this would be a great focus for him. Also, the inclusion of the world map would be great for any age as they are not good at recognising countries. I will also be using this with my grandchildren!

 by Rowan
Good idea!

I think this is a great thing to do. Expanding resources for younger classes is a good move for TeachingPacks, and this will mesh well with the Early Years Pack materials.

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