The Authors Pack

Teach your children about authors by downloading our enormous resource pack. It includes information about what it means to be an author, profiles of fifteen different authors, a wide variety of activity sheets, display resources and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 46 Page Authors Guide – Learn about a wide variety of authors with our enormous PDF / PowerPoint topic guide. It also includes a slide that explains what an author is.
  • One Authors Video Guide – A helpful video overview of this topic.
  • One Authors Video Comprehension Task – A set of comprehension questions based on the Authors video guide.
  • Two Authors Video Review Sheets – What did your children learn by watching our Authors Video Guide? Ask them to make notes on this handy template.
  • Three Authors KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about authors? What would they like to find out? What did they learn by the end of your topic?
  • Six Pages of Authors Vocabulary Labels – A set of words, definitions and images linked to this topic. Use them on a classroom display or as the starting point for classroom discussions.
  • One Authors Glossary – A helpful glossary of words related to authors and writing.
  • Two ‘What is an Author?’ Texts – Differentiated texts that explain what authors do and how to become one.
  • One ‘What is an Author?’ Cloze Procedure – Can your children identify the missing words from this text about authors?
  • Four Author Profile Templates – Choose your own author and write a biography using these differentiated templates.
  • Six Book Review Templates – What is your favourite book? Use these templates to write your own review!
  • One ‘Authors around the World’ Task – Can your children place the authors in the correct location on the map of the world?
  • Two ‘Match the Author’ Tasks – Challenge your students to match the authors to the book they have written!
  • One Authors Clue Cracker Game – Play this two-player game and try to identify the authors by solving the clues provided.
  • One Author Interview – Comprehension questions and differentiated texts based on an author’s responses to interview questions.
  • One Author Jigsaw – Piece the jigsaw together by matching the authors and books.
  • Two Authors Word Searches – Can your children find the authors’ names in these word searches? Available at two levels of difficulty.
  • Fourteen Writing Tips Posters – A large collection of posters that show writing tips from popular children’s authors.
  • One ‘What is your Favourite Book?’ Poster – Use this poster in your reading area or library and get children to think about their favourite books!
  • One ‘Who is your Favourite Author?’ Poster – Use our ‘Who is your Favourite Author?’ poster in your reading area.
  • Two ‘Author of the Week / Month’ Posters – Use this poster on a classroom display when your children study an author each week / month.
  • Sixteen Display Banners – A large collection of banners to use when you are studying authors with your children.

We have tried to include a variety of authors from different places in this pack and would love to add more in the future. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

The Authors Pack


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The Authors Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Vicki Eadie
Fantastic for World Book Day

I love the resources in this pack and have printed some of them out to use as a display for World Book Day. Great variety of imaginative content thank you so much.

 by Rowan
Good stuff

It's quite nice! A lot of it is stuff we've seen elsewhere in the Bonus Pack, but it's good to have it all gathered together. Certainly nice to inspire the children with famous authors they have read or may read.

Thanks for your review, Rowan. A number of these resources came from existing packs, as they were also relevant to this topic. However, 80% of the pages in this pack are brand new and have been created especially for this new Teaching Pack.

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