The Early Number Pack

Help your children to develop their early number skills with our huge collection of teaching activities, display materials and printable games!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twenty Number Posters – A set of posters that show the numbers 1 to 20 with spots for children to count. You could also print these at a smaller scale for use as number cards.
  • Twenty Number Posters with Photos – A collection of display posters showing numbers to 20 with photos of different animals and objects.
  • Ten Number Posters with Words and Tallies – Posters showing numbers up to 10 with the number shown in digits, pictures, words and tallies.
  • Ten Numbers to Decorate – A set of numbers (from 0 to 9) that your children can decorate. Could they add different ways of showing each number (e.g. words, figures, tallies, pictures of objects)?
  • Ten ‘Write the Numbers’ Tasks – Printable sheets that let children practise their number formation skills.
  • Two Sets of Bingo Cards – Collections of bingo cards so that you can play a game of ‘Bingo’ with your children. A set of matching cards are also included so they can be used as an independent matching activity. Challenge your children to find the matching digit / number of spots… or find the matching number that gives a total of 10 or 20.
  • Twelve Pages of Number Strips – A collection of printable ‘strips’ that include the numbers 1-10, 1-20 and 1-50. Use them for counting, recognising numbers, identifying numbers before / after and more!
  • Twenty Pages of Number Lines – Ten sets of number lines (with numbers from 0 to 10) that your children can refer to during Maths activities. Themes include superheroes, rainforests, football, robots and more. A blank version is also available.
  • Eight ‘Missing Numbers’ Challenges – Can your children write in the missing numbers? Available in two versions (from 1-10 and 1-20).
  • Six ‘Build a Number Line’ Tasks – Cut out the number cards and use them to build number lines. These are available from 0 to 10 and from 10 to 20, at different levels of difficulty.
  • Four Number Jigsaws – Cut out the number cards and then cut them again along the diagonal lines. Can your children match the pieces of each number together again?
  • Forty ‘Peg It’ Cards – Can your children put pegs next to the matching numbers (and words) on these printable cards?
  • Ten Counting Jigsaws – Cut out these jigsaws and ask your children to put them in the correct order using the numbers at the bottom.
  • Four ‘Number Prints’ Pages – Ask your students to put the correct number of fingerprints in the boxes on these printable sheets.
  • Ten ‘Number Hunt ‘ Activities – Can your children find all of the numbers that are hidden in these grids?
  • Four ‘Cut and Count’ Tasks – Cut and stick the numbers in the correct places on these grids!
  • Two ‘Shining Stars’ Games – Roll a die and colour the stars with the matching numbers. This activity is available as an individual task and as a two-player game.
  • One ‘Missing Wings’ Activity – Complete the ladybirds by matching the numbers on their wings!
  • Eight Counting Mazes – Can your children find their way through the maze by counting numbers up to twenty?
  • Fifteen ‘Colour by Numbers’ Sheets – Colour the picture by finding the correct numbers in the key. What pictures will your children create?
  • Eight ‘Colour by Calculations’ Resources – A more challenging ‘Colour by Numbers’ activity which requires children to solve simple addition and subtraction calculations.
  • Eighty-One ‘Star Number’ Resources – A collection of printable pages that help your children to understand different ways of writing numbers up to twenty (and the numbers that come before and after each one).
  • Twenty ‘Can You Draw?’ Tasks – Challenge your children to draw the correct number of items (up to 20) with these printable activities.
  • Twenty ‘Writing Numbers’ Activities – A collection of pages that let your children practise writing numbers.
  • Ten ‘Number Mix and Match’ Pages – Cut out these cards and match the numbers, words, marbles and tallies!
  • Two ‘Spotty Dogs’ Activities – Ask your children to draw the correct numbers of spots on these cute puppies.
  • Five Sets of ‘Part Part Whole Caterpillars’ – Can your students complete these part part whole caterpillars to review their addition skills?
  • Thirty-One Counting Printables – Use these activities to help your children improve their counting skills!
  • Forty Addition Activities – Review your children’s addition skills with this collection of addition sheets.
  • Eighteen Subtraction Activities – A collection of resources to help your children practise their subtraction skills.
  • One ‘Chocolate Chip Sharing’ Task – Ask your children to share the chocolate chips equally on the cookies!
  • Five Number Games – A selection of printable games that children can play to review their counting, addition and subtraction skills.

The Early Number Pack

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The Early Number Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Linnea Fields
Early Numbers

Being a substitute teacher, teaching grades pre school thru seventh grade, I have found that often teachers are not planning to miss school. Thus no lesson plans! I always carry samples of early numbers in my bag in order to ensure I have not only relevant material, but material that will add interest to the children's learning! Without the early learning material, I fear I would be lost! The material is relevant, balanced and informative in addition it is interesting for the children, Recently we used the spotted dog material, the children in addition to using the material, named their dogs! Keep up the GREAT work!

 by Kym
So many resources!

I have used many of the resources in this pack to reinforce the early number concepts we have been developing in class using hands on materials. I particularly like the counting and addition activities, as well as the colour by number worksheets. As the students I work with cannot read and are English language learners, the pictures and clear instructions without the need to need allow the students to independently complete the tasks without continually asking for help. Thanks 🙂

 by Margaret
Early Number Pack

Super resources to use with children who are really struggling and need lots of practical games and reinforcement. Thank you!

 by Isabelle
My Salvation!

Next year I will be teaching Year One after years teaching year 6. I think that these resources are really great and they will be very useful. Mannah from heaven. 🙂

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