The Transport Pack

Learn about transport and vehicles with our bumper pack of teaching, activity and display resources. It includes PDF / PowerPoint / video guides, comprehension tasks, vocabulary resources, banners, posters and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10-Page Transport Guide – Learn about different types of transport with this overview of the topic, available in PDF and PowerPoint formats.
  • One Transport Video Guide – Teach your children about transport with this video overview.
  • One Transport Video Comprehension Task – A set of questions to review your children’s understanding of the Transport Video Guide.
  • Two Transport Video Review Sheets – A helpful recording sheet that children can use to make notes while watching the video guide in this pack.
  • Three Transport KWL Sheet – What do your children already know about transport? What would they like to learn? What did they learn by the end of your topic?
  • One Transport Glossary – An editable list of words and definitions linked to this topic.
  • Two Transport Timelines – An overview of the history of transport, available in PDF and Word formats.
  • Eight Pages of Transport Timeline Cards – A set of cards showing the history of transport. Use them for sorting activities and as the starting point for discussions with your children.
  • Thirty-One Pages of Transport Vocabulary Labels – Sets of vocabulary labels (with and without definitions) to use on a classroom display.
  • Two ‘At the Airport’ Texts – What happens at an airport? Read this text with your children, and then try the matching comprehension questions.
  • Two ‘Record-Breaking Train Stations’ Texts – Learn about train stations around the world and then test your knowledge with the comprehension sheets.
  • Five Transport Writing Prompts – Use these images as the starting point for fiction and non-fiction writing.
  • One Transport Sorting Task – Can your children sort the images into air, sea and land vehicles?
  • One ‘What Am I?’ Challenge – Solve the clues to identify the different types of vehicle.
  • One Transport Then and Now Activity – Which types of transport were used in the past and which are in use today?
  • One 42 Page Transport Image Pack – A large collection of images to use as the starting point for discussions with your children, and on a display board in your learning environment.
  • Twenty ‘Draw the Vehicles’ Sheets – Use the grid to draw the different types of vehicles.
  • Twelve ‘Dot to Dot Vehicles’ – Draw lines to join the numbers and create pictures of vehicles.
  • Five Pages of Transport Tracing – Trace the vehicles and then write their names!
  • Three ‘Spot the Difference’ Sheets – Can you spot the differences between the vehicles on these activity sheets?
  • Four Transport Mazes – Follow the mazes to reach the goals in these transport-themes puzzles.
  • One Transport Anagrams Sheet – Can you identify the different types of transport by rearranging the letters in each anagram
  • Five ‘Build a Sentence’ Pages – Use the word banks provided to write sentences about each type of transport.
  • One Transport Checklist – How many of these different types of transport have your children ever seen or used? How many can they name? Use this checklist to mark the results.
  • Eight Pages of Handwriting Sheets – A simple set of handwriting tasks (with precursive and cursive fonts).
  • Forty-Two ‘Transport Headlines’ Sheets – A set of newspaper templates (with wide and narrow lines) that your children can use to write an article about transport.
  • Three Transport I Spy Tasks – How many of each type of vehicle can your children count in the grids?
  • Thirty Transport Colouring Pages – A large collection of colouring pages based on the topic.
  • Two Transport Word Searches – Challenge your students to find the vehicle names in these differentiated word searches.
  • Four Transport Banners – A set of display banners linked to this topic.

The Transport Pack


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The Transport Pack
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