The Winter Olympics Pack

Use this exciting sports event as the starting point for a range of educational activities! Our Winter Olympics Pack includes a Powerpoint topic guide, writing prompts, event posters, Maths challenge activities and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Winter Olympics Guide – A full guide to the Winter Olympics, based on the 2022 Games in Beijing in China. Includes information about the events, China and more!
  • One Winter Olympics Video Guide – Learn about the Winter Olympics by watching our animated introduction video! A transcript of the video’s text is also available.
  • Two Winter Olympics Video Review Sheet – What did your children see and learn by watching the video guide? What would they like to find out next?
  • One Winter Olympics Video Comprehension Task – Review your children’s knowledge of the Winter Olympics video guide.
  • Three Winter Olympics KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about the Winter Olympics? What do they want to learn? What have they found out by the end of your topic?
  • Fifteen Winter Olympics Events Posters – Posters that can be used to teach your children about the events that athletes take part in during the Winter Olympics.
  • Fifteen Writing Prompts – High-quality images with an accompanying prompt to give your children an exciting start point for their writing. These cover narrative writing, instructions, persuasive writing, letters, diaries and more.
  • Ten Winter Olympics Picture Word Banks – Look at the image and think of words and phrases to describe it. Then use your vocabulary to build a sentence or paragraph!
  • Five Sets of Winter Olympics Problems – Sets of questions based on the results of events from the Winter Olympics at Sochi in 2014. The sets vary in difficulty and answers are included for teachers / self-checking.
  • Forty Winter Olympics Maths Challenges – A set of Maths challenges based on data from Winter Olympics events over the years. Includes an answer sheet for children to record their answers on and a full set of answers for teachers.
  • One China Flag Outline – An outline version of the Chinese flag for your children to decorate.
  • Four Sportsperson Biography Templates – A set of writing templates that children can use to write a biography of their favourite sportsperson.
  • Five Winter Olympics Drawing Activities – A set of drawing challenges for your children to try. Can they design some new Winter Olympics medals, a new mascot for the next Games or an Olympic torch? Also includes a South Korean flag to colour and a map of the country to label.
  • Ten Winter Olympics Colouring Pages – A collection of pictures that your children can decorate in different ways.
  • One Winter Olympics Word Search – Can your children find the names of the Winter Olympic events on this word search?
  • One Winter Olympics Banner – An eye-catching banner to use as part of your ‘Winter Olympics’ displays!

The Winter Olympics Pack


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The Winter Olympics Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Rowan
Most useful!

A very good collection of resources indeed. The images are really striking. There's history, geography, English, Art and Maths, all covered in excellent ways. I'm especially pleased to see a comprehension on China, since I live and work here!

 by Veronica
Great topic

This was also a fun topic to explore with some EAL students, especially in 2018 with the Winter Olympics in South Korea. It helped them put Asia on the map and learn more about that part of the world. As we live in a country with many winter sports, we had fun learning about them in English. They loved the graphics and were excited to learn.

 by Claire
Thank You

Thank you so much for the time and effort you and your team have put into this Olympic Mini Pack. As per usual, this resource is of very high standard and will help me put together an engaging unit of work for my class.

 by Jessie Harwood
Winter Olympics Pack

This pack is very timely. It is always good to be able to include current happenings into our teaching. This makes it more real for our students. Thank you for this pack. It makes it so easy to incorporate current events into the school day.

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