The Adjectives Pack

Learn about adjectives with this enormous pack of resources. Explore the comprehensive topic guide, try the printable activity sheets and let your children learn from the handy display and reference materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 17-Page Adjectives Guide – Teach your children about adjectives with this comprehensive PDF / PowerPoint topic guide. It explains what different types of adjectives are and gives plenty of examples.
  • Two Reference Posters – A helpful reference resource to let children use when they are writing or for use on a classroom display board.
  • One Adjective Reference Table – Plenty of examples of adjectives sorted into groups.
  • Two Adjectives Vocabulary Mats – Differentiated vocabulary mats that children can use when they are writing.
  • Two ‘Find the Adjectives’ Tasks – Can your children find the adjectives in each sentence on these differentiated sheets?
  • Twelve ‘Adjective Spotting’ Sheets – Look at the pictures and think of adjectives that could be used to describe the items shown.
  • Two ‘Adjective Hunt’ Grids – Find all of the adjectives in these jumbled grids.
  • Four ‘Picture Adjectives’ Activities – Can your children write adjectives to describe the pictures shown in the middle of each table?
  • Two ‘Sort the Adjectives’ Pages – Sort the adjectives into different groups on the table provided.
  • Two ‘Improve the Adjectives’ Sheets – Look at each sentence and then think of different adjectives. How do your suggested words change the meaning of the sentence?
  • Two ‘Alternative Adjectives’ Activities – Think of other adjectives that could fit into the gaps in each sentence.
  • Two ‘Make a Sentence’ Tasks – Can you make interesting, exciting or amusing sentences that include the adjectives provided?
  • Two Adjectives Banners – Two display banners to use when your children are learning about adjectives.

The Adjectives Pack


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The Adjectives Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by MesoMeso
Adjectives pack

Amazing pack. Thank you.

 by Michele Gladden
Adjectives for High School

I am using the Adjective Pack for my English as a Second Language learners who are in High School. As it is aimed at Primary Schools, it is accessible for my students who are new to English. It gives them worksheets and information at a level that they can use to learn about the grammar of English.

 by Rowan

A very useful Pack. Learning adjectives is important for the children to uplevel their writing, so it's good to have these resources.

 by Zuriette du Plessis

Adjectives - is another great resource. I am looking forward to using it and helping my students get a better understanding as well as applying it successfully.

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