The Maps Pack

Help your children to learn about maps and navigation using our comprehensive teaching pack! It includes a topic guide, a video guide, comprehension tasks, activity resources, display materials and much more.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 21-Page Maps Guide – Teach your children about different types of maps, the history and features of maps, and much more, using our comprehensive topic guide!
  • One 21-Page Maps Key Facts Guide – A simpler version of our maps guide with easier text for your students to read.
  • One Maps Video Guide – Learn about maps by watching our video introduction! A transcript of the video’s text is also available.
  • Two Maps Video Review Sheets – A template that children can use to record their thoughts while watching the Maps Video Guide.
  • One Maps Video Comprehension – What do your children remember from the maps video guide? Test their knowledge using this set of questions.
  • Three Maps KWL Sheets – What do your students already know about this topic? What would they like to learn?
  • One Maps Glossary – A helpful list of words, linked to this topic, with their definitions.
  • Eight Pages of Maps Vocabulary Labels – Labels that can be used on a classroom display, or as the starting point for discussions about this topic.
  • Six ‘Me on the Map’ Templates – Decorate the different circles to represent the town, county, country, continent and world you live in. Then join them together to show how those places form your world. Alternative versions using the terms village, city and state are included.
  • Six ‘Coordinates Treasure Hunt’ Resources – Can your children find the different items on these coordinate grids? A blank version is also included so that you can make your own challenges!
  • Two ‘Town Map Directions’ Tasks – Can your children answer the questions about this simple town map, and then come up with questions of their own?
  • Nine ‘How Do I Get There?’ Sheets – Help your children to learn how to use maps by following these instructions, looking at our fictional map and answering the differentiated questions provided.
  • Two ‘Map Projections’ Activities – Differentiated texts (with related comprehension questions) that show how and why maps are shown in different ways.
  • Three ‘Make a Map’ Templates – A set of printable templates that children can use to make their own maps! These are available at three different scales.
  • Two ‘Compass Points’ Activities – Can your children cut and stick the labels in the correct places around the compass?
  • Two ‘Atlas Questions’ Quizzes – Can your children use an atlas to find the answers to these Geography questions?
  • Six World Map Jigsaws – A selection of world maps to cut, jumble and stick together again!
  • Twenty Map Outlines – A range of outline maps to decorate and use for labelling activities.
  • Ten Weather Maps – Coloured maps that can be used as part of a weather forecasting activity and for other Geography tasks.
  • Fourteen Maps Colouring Pages – A variety of colouring pages that show maps and objects related to maps.
  • Two Sets of Maps Page Borders – A variety of drawing and writing templates for map themed borders.
  • Two Maps Banners – Banners to add to your Geography display boards.
  • Two Sets of Maps Bunting – Hang this bunting in your learning environment as part of your maps topic.

The Maps Pack


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The Maps Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Claire

I home school my daughter and I found this pack really useful as we are doing a topic on Europe and Famous Explorers. This teaching pack gave my daughter inspiration to create her own maps and learn more about the history of map making. The resources on this site are fantastic , thank you for all your hard work .

 by Rowan
A good Pack.

This is a good Teaching Pack. It does contain many useful resources, and any teacher from, I'd say, Years 2-8 who is teaching mapping skills will find many useful resources here. some of it we have seen before, from the Coordinates Pack, but there are new resources as well. I think, though, that there is room for improvement in this Pack. Maps - geography itself - are full of wonder and amazing things, and yet they are often seen as being boring. I was hoping that the Maps Pack would inspire children to explore the world and see the amazing things in it. There are some good touches in this regard - the ppt, pdf and video Guides contain some wonderful images and link to a number of interesting topics, including latitude and longitude; and I especially like the colouring pages. I think it would be nice if this Pack could show how maps can show the wonders of the world.

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