The Similes and Metaphors Pack

Encourage your children to use super similes and marvellous metaphors in their writing with our resource pack. This includes a helpful topic guide, a reference mat, display banners and a wide range of classroom activities to explore!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Eight Page Guide to Similes and Metaphors – A guide to similes and metaphors that you can read with your class. Includes lots of examples to discuss together.
  • One Similes and Metaphors Reference Mat – A handy table mat that your children can use to remind themselves about similes and metaphors. Also includes examples that can be used in their writing.
  • Three ‘Improve the Sentences’ Resources – Can your children improve these sentences by using similes or metaphors (or both)?
  • One ‘Match the Meanings’ Activity – What do these similes and metaphors mean? Can your students match them to their meanings?
  • Thirteen Pages of Similes and Metaphors Image Prompts – Can your students come up with creative similes and metaphors to describe the people, places and objects shown in these images?
  • One ‘What am I?’ Resource – A set of poems that include similes and metaphors. Ask your children to work out what they are describing. Can they find the similes and metaphors too (and then make up their own poems)?
  • Three Similes and Metaphors Banners – Three banners to use on classroom displays when your children are learning about similes and metaphors.

The Similes and Metaphors Pack


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The Similes and Metaphors Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Christine WILKINSON
Great mini pack with attractively illustrated guide

I have used this teaching pack with several of my Key stage 2 pupils. The power point clearly explains similes and metaphors using attractively illustrated slides. There are a selection of worksheets which encourage the children to write their own similes and metaphors. My pupils really enjoyed the poetry activity.

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