The Coronation Pack

Celebrate the coronation of King Charles III with our bumper pack of teaching, activity and display resources. It includes a topic guide (in a variety of formats), comprehension tasks, design challenges, writing activities and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 12-Page Coronation Guide – Learn about the life of King Charles III and find out about related people, places, objects and events. This guide is available in PDF and PowerPoint formats.
  • One Coronation Video Guide – Introduce your children to this topic with this video guide.
  • Two Video Review Sheets – What did your children learn about the coronation by watching the video guide?
  • One Video Comprehension Task – A set of comprehension questions related to the comprehension video guide.
  • Three KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about this topic? What would they like to learn?
  • Three Biographies – Differentiated texts that give information about the life of King Charles III.
  • Four Biography Comprehension Questions – Differentiated comprehension questions linked to the biography text in this pack.
  • Two Biography Templates – A set of writing templates that your children can use to write their own biographies of King Charles.
  • One King Charles III Timeline – A timeline (with related questions) showing the main events in Charles’ life.
  • Two Cloze Procedures – Can your children put the missing words in the correct places?
  • Ten Coronation Picture Word Banks – Look at the images and think of relevant nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Then use these to make a sentence or paragraph!
  • One Coronation Story Generator – Roll a die and use the results to create a story with a royal theme!
  • Ten Writing Prompts – A collection of story starters and writing ideas based on this topic.
  • One 18-Page Charles III Image Pack – Use these posters on a classroom display, or as the starting point for discussions about Charles III and the coronation.
  • Ten Quotes Posters – A selection of posters that show quotes by Charles III.
  • One Anagrams Activity – Challenge your students to rearrange the letters to make words based on this topic.
  • Five Sets of Coronation Bookmarks – Decorate the bookmarks as part of your coronation celebrations!
  • Two ‘A Portrait of King Charles’ Pages – Can your children copy the picture of King Charles inside the picture frame?
  • One King Charles Colouring Page – A colouring page that your children can decorate in different ways.
  • Two ‘Complete the Picture’ Pages – Finish the other half of this picture of King Charles III.
  • Three Party Invitations – Use these templates to make invitations to your coronation party!
  • Two Party Plans – A handy template that your children can use to plan their own party!
  • Four Coronation Card Templates – A selection of printable pages that can be used to send a card during the Coronation.
  • One Colour the Crown Task – How will your children colour these crowns?
  • Two ‘Design a Coronation Stamp’ Activities – A selection of pages that challenge your children to design their own special stamps.
  • Four ‘Design a Crown’ Pages – Blank crown outlines to decorate in various ways.
  • Three ‘Design a Carriage’ Challenges – Can your children design a new carriage to carry King Charles?
  • One ‘Design a Coronation Coin’ Task – Create a special coin to commemorate the coronation!
  • Five ‘Design a Coronation Emblem’ Sheets – Challenge your children to a commemorative royal emblem to help King Charles III celebrate his coronation.
  • Two ‘Design a Coronation Orb’ Tasks – Design a new orb to use during the coronation!
  • One Coronation Word Search – Can your children find the topic vocabulary in this word search?
  • Twenty-Six Coronation Paper Templates – A variety of templates to use for drawing and writing activities!
  • One Set of Bunting – Hang this bunting in your learning environment to celebrate the coronation!
  • Seven Pages of Vocabulary Labels – A selection of words linked to this topic, with related images and definitions.
  • Two Coronation Banners – Display banners to add to your boards!

The Coronation Pack


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The Coronation Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Anthony Evans

This is so helpful and such a time saver. As one would expect the quality is high and I'd be happy to see these resources on whiteboards and walls across my school. When we talk about workload this resource is a great example of workload reduction as it saves teachers creating from a google search and powerpoint. Love it

 by Mary @ebd35
Really Useful and what a time saver!

This will be so useful and be a great timesaver for me! Finding resources for the Coronation was on my To Do list for tomorrow so huge thank you for saving me this job!
As always these are perfect for my class!

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