The Easter Pack

Celebrate Easter with our enormous collection of teaching, display and activity printables! This Teaching Pack includes a range of cross-curricular resources that your children can use over the Easter period.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One ‘Bunny Box’ Template – A printable template that can be used to make a simple bunny box.
  • Ten Easter Story Starters – A selection of images that can be used to give children inspiration for their Easter writing tasks.
  • One Easter Story Generator – Roll a die to choose the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ for your own Easter stories.
  • One Easter Pairs Activity – A selection of cards that can be used to play ‘Matching Pairs’ at Easter.
  • Two Easter Number Hunts – An Easter-themed activity sheet that challenges younger children to find numbers from 1-10 and 11-20.
  • Two ‘Easter I Spy’ Activities – How many of each egg can your students find in the field?
  • Five Easter Egg Tracing Challenges – A selection of tracing activities with an Easter theme.
  • One Easter Anagrams Activity – Can your children work out the jumbled words on this activity sheet?
  • One Easter Egg Box Template – Ask your children to use this template to make their own box for an Easter egg.
  • One Bunny Outline – An outline of an Easter bunny to use for colouring and craft activities. You could also use them to make bunny bunting!
  • One Set of Easter Eggs Page Borders – A large collection of writing and drawing templates that children can use for different Easter activities.
  • Four Sets of Easter Bunting – A selection of bunting to hang in your learning environment at Easter!
  • Twelve Easter Story Posters – Posters that tell the events of the Easter story. Use them as a shared reading resource in your classroom or on a display board. Also available as a smaller set of cards.
  • Three Sets of Easter Story Storyboards – Printable storyboards that retell the Easter story. These include blank spaces where your children can add their own images or text.
  • Two Sets of Easter Story Picture Cards – A set of twelve picture cards that show the events of the Easter story. Use them to retell the story or to order the main events.
  • Two ‘Easter Days’ Resources – A poster that explains the special days and times throughout the Easter period. A blank version is also available so your children can add their own text.
  • One ‘Easter Days’ Matching Activity – Can your children match the images to the descriptions of the special Easter days and events?
  • Three Sets of Easter Story Outlines – Two pages that show the main events of the Easter story. Space is included for your children to write a description of the events (with and without lines for writing support).
  • Twelve Easter Around the World Posters – Resources that give information about how Easter is celebrated in different parts of the world. How are they similar / different? Could your children make a similar poster for their own (or a different) country? Also available as a smaller set of cards.
  • Twelve Easter Picture Word Banks – Easter themed images with spaces for children to write related nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. There is also a blank box so that your children can use their words to produce a sentence or paragraph about the image.
  • Six Easter Story Dice – Get your children to tell or write their own Easter-themed stories using the images on these dice as a starting point. Roll a die and try to include the image shown in your story… and then roll again! This could be an enjoyable independent / shared activity.
  • Three Easter Acrostic Templates – Can your children write an Easter themed acrostic poem on one of these templates?
  • Twelve Sets of Eggy Maths Challenges – Twelve sets of addition and multiplication grids with an eggy theme. Can your children work out the missing numbers and write them on the blank eggs? Answers are also provided for teachers and for self-marking.
  • Three Easter Logic Problems – Differentiated sets of puzzles with an Easter theme. Can your children use the clues to work out the answers?
  • Seven Sets of Easter Gift Shop Problems – Differentiated Maths sheets that are based on the prices of items in an Easter gift shop. Available in Pounds, Euros and Dollars and a blank version is also included so that you can set your own questions!
  • Five Easter Cards – Printable cards that your children can decorate and send to their family and friends at Easter.
  • One Easter Bunny Template – Cut out and decorate this template and then print a photo of your face. Then put it all together to turn yourself into the Easter bunny!
  • Fifteen Easter Eggs to Decorate – These are available at a variety of complexity levels and a blank version is also included so that your children can create their own designs.
  • Six Easter Characters to Colour – Different Easter-themed characters that your children can colour.
  • Sixteen Easter Colouring Pages – Colouring pages at a variety of difficulty levels that your children can use at Easter!
  • Five Easter Mazes – Can your children find their way through these Easter-themed mazes?
  • Five Easter Spot the Differences – Challenge your children to find the differences in these Easter pictures!
  • Five Easter Dot to Dots – Challenge your children to complete the Easter-themed pictures by counting up and drawing on these printables!
  • Three Easter Crosswords and Wordsearches – Vocabulary challenges to test your children!
  • Five Easter Display Banners – A set of banners to decorate your classroom displays at Easter!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Easter Pack.


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The Easter Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Maria

What a fantastic variety of activities. My TA needs to cover the class for a Parent meeting and I can leave her some excellent challenges to keep my class happy, motivated and busy. Thank you as always - you have saved me hours.

 by KJ
Great pack

Lots of great activities to use in the run up to Easter.

 by corrina
Easter Great!!!!!!

Thank you for adding in Christ! There is not to many packs or activities that will do this now. This is the meaning of Easter!!!!!

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