The Video Comprehension Pack

Challenge your children’s comprehension skills with our video comprehension sheets! These are based on a range of delightful animated movies and our own explainer videos about different science, geography and history topics!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twenty Animated Video Comprehensions – Enjoy a number of short, animated movies and then review your understanding with our comprehension sheets. Each video has two differentiated sets of questions.
  • Twelve Information Video Comprehensions – Introduce your children to a variety of topics with our animated explainer videos. Simply click on the link (or scan the QR code), watch the video and then answer our matching comprehension questions!

The Video Comprehension Pack


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The Video Comprehension Pack The Video Comprehension Pack The Video Comprehension Pack The Video Comprehension Pack
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The Video Comprehension Pack
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
 by Karen
Video comprehension pack

Absolutely brilliant! Used this pack to help teach inference. The children loved the videos. Thank you.

 by Karen
A great resource!

My tuition pupils just love these videos. Following the lockdowns, I have several pupils who have lost a great deal of confidence. Comprehension is NOT their favourite activity usually but these videos engage them and they often ask to see another one. I started by asking the questions and discussing answers with them but now they are happy to complete them in writing. The favourite one so far is Dustin, closely followed by Hey Deer. Another inspirational resource - thank you!

 by Karen Brogan
Video Comprehension Pack

As with all packs produced by Teaching Packs, the Video Comprehension Pack is easy to use, well laid out and lends itself to differentiation with ease. The videos included in the pack are exactly the right length for use in the classroom, bright, colorful and with high production values. They include both factual and fictional content, with appropriate comprehension questions and a choice of layouts. I have used this pack to teach comprehension but have also used it in a cross-curricular manner to teach topics in science , history and geography. It was particularly useful when teaching the writing genres of recount, narrative and explanation as it allowed me to cater for and support all abilities in my class. It goes without saying that the children absolutely love the videos, as do I. It is incredibly beneficial to have access to this excellent pack and all the other fab packs produced by Mark and Helen. Teaching Packs truly is my 'Go-To' teaching resource.

 by Sue
Attention Grabber

I loved using this pack. What a gem! Thanks team! I first discovered this pack when I was in lockdown. The kids loved it, they found the activities easy to understand and they were keen to do comprehension once again. Yay! I had many requests for topics and I found that your topics covered a wide range. The history ones were particularly popular. Once back at school I included them in my weekly lessons. I would love some more when you have a chance as I have the same kids again this year so I know they are going to ask about them. This was just an incredibly fun way to learn and use comprehension strategies. I too would love some that hone in on the main areas of comprehension e.g. main ideas, reorganisation, inferencing, evaluating to name a few. This is one of my favourite packs 😍

 by Tracy mc allister
Video comprehension pack

A usable pack- particularly for use in a support setting as there are visual and audio resources.

 by Barb Lambeth
Comprehensive and Connected

This pack is most definitely up there for me. I teach older students, some of who have quite comprehensive learning needs in literacy. The differentiated learning pack enables both gifted and strugglers an opportunity to succeed on a really engaging platform. It also provided intensive scope to add my own twist to tasks and take each video further if needed. Top rate resource!!

 by Cathy Mills
Video comprehension pack

I used some of these with the children and they were hooked. It was wonderful for teaching the skill of inferencing. They seemed to be much more in tune with using this skill through watching a video than reading a book.

 by Patricia
Wonderful resource pack

Fabulous resource. My students engaged fully and prefer comprehensions presented this way. Concentration and vocabulary improved and I could freeze the videos and discuss each question and how to structure their thoughts. Great for visual learners.
Thank you. You have once again produced a wonderful resource which saves time and my students love.

 by Mairéad
Request for text

Hi, thanks again for a wonderful resource. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a text file with each document showing the complete text from each video. I have some pupils who struggle with spellings and it would help them answer the comprehension questions independently if they had a sheet with the text to support them.

Keep up the great work. I love your teaching packs.


Thanks for your wonderful review, Mairéad. This is definitely something that we can add in the future.

 by Glynis Martin

Dear Mark and Helen

I think I must be one of the most fortunate teachers around! I am introducing my Grade 8s to Listening Comprehension because this skill is an assessed skill here in South Africa. I have been hunting for suitable resources, especially since I have pupils whose abilities vary from low to high. I was thrilled, therefore, to find this resource in my inbox because you have done the slog for me (yet again you have saved my hide!) The fact these are video comprehensions does not impact the way in which the lesson can be done - I can simply read the text aloud off the screen to them.

The range of topics also means that I am spoiled for choice!

Thank you, yet again, for another fantastic resource! (I might just extend this exercise all the way up to my Grade 12s!)

Thanks for your wonderful review, Glynis. We're really pleased to hear that this pack will be useful to you!

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