The Great Fire of London Pack

Learn about the Great Fire of London with our fantastic resource pack. Use our topic guide, report templates, timeline, comprehension activities, vocabulary labels and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • A Ten Page Great Fire of London Guide – A comprehensive guide to the Great Fire of London. Share the PDF / Powerpoint on a large display or print it as a reference resource.
  • One Great Fire of London Topic Mat – A printable mat that shows the names of the people and places involved, along with other related vocabulary.
  • Ten Pages of Timeline Posters – A set of posters (as well as an editable list) that show the main dates and events linked to this topic.
  • Five Pages of Vocabulary Labels – A collection of labels that your children can use to learn the names, places and vocabulary linked to the topic.
  • Four Newspaper Report Templates – Four different templates that could be used to write a newspaper report about the Great Fire of London.
  • Three Comprehension Activities – A summary of the Great Fire of London with related comprehension questions. Available at three different levels of difficulty.
  • One Great Fire of London Banner – A display banner to use as part of your ‘Great Fire of London’ topic displays!

The Great Fire of London Pack


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The Great Fire of London Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Ruth
Great Fire of London

My 6-year old was really keen to learn more about the Great Fire of London. As with all of the Teaching Packs we have downloaded so far, we opened up the Guide and my son read the presentation aloud, which not only helped build his vocabulary but also aided discussion about the topic.

The topic was easy to understand and engaging; it had the right amount of information and imagery to engage a six-year-old, triggering lots of questions about life in 1666 and the reality of London burning down. It also had some humour as well - who knew that Samuel Pepys went to such lengths to protect his expensive parmesan cheese!

We used the simplest Comprehension Exercise - there are varying levels of difficulty depending on the learning ability of your child - and found the questions well thought out. My son would be in year 2 at school and he found them challenging yet achievable.

We wanted to explore the topic further so went online to read excerpts of Samuel Pepys famous diary before using the Teaching Packs Timeline to help us write our own diary from Samuel Pepys’ perspective. The idea of London burning was intriguing to my son - how did it burn down so quickly? We decided to run our own science experiment to investigate why, building a replica Pudding Lane out of sticks and straw in our fire pit / barbecue, making sure we kept the houses close together as the Teaching Packs Guide had discussed. We set our bakery alight and watched as the fire swept down our row of houses, stopping at the stone house we had built to represent Samuel Pepys home. My son loved the experiment - what kid doesn’t like setting stuff on fire - and it cemented many of the facts from the Guide and Comprehension Exercise: why thatch and wood buildings were part of the problem; the proximity of the houses and why many of the sturdier brick buildings in London did not suffer the same level of damage.

The Great Fire of London Pack was a great introduction to a fascinating topic.

 by David
Essential Pack!

This is a great resource. I used it when I had 5th class last year and they loved all the displays, PowerPoints and printouts that are available here. I learned a lot about this topic from using this pack! Great resource - thanks a lot

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