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We have had lots of lovely comments about our teaching packs and lesson resources. Here is what some of our members have said:

  • The Early Morning Activity Pack is brilliant! Completely transformed my early mornings. Thank you SO much. (Su)
  • Love the site - especially the Early Morning Activities. I plan on using them as Free Writing prompts! (Mary)
  • I home school so I cannot tell you how valuable the resources you provide are to me! (Kate)
  • Finally got round to joining. The Early Morning Pack is going to come in very handy! (Zoe)
  • Love the audio stuff! Such a simple but clever idea and they sound really professional too. (Christina)
  • Your resources have made my life a whole lot easier already – thank you so much! (Kate)
  • Absolutely amazing and informative resources! (Caroline)
  • Fantastic Pirates Pack - we are really enjoying it! (Mona)
  • Wow. You have saved me so much time! (Jackie)
  • The Pirates book is fab – a really good resource. The glossary is one of the best seen and in really good child-speak language. (Jo)
  • Thank you so very much.These are BRILLIANT resources. Passing on your knowledge in such a child friendly way makes learning 'HAPPY' for the 'little people'. Thanks sooooo much for ALL your effort! (Jackie)

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Sep 21, 2016 by Arsia

I love the pants poster!!! The children in my class love it and laugh so much. Cant wait to use the grammar pack it is so useful. Love these resources they are so unique and very very child friendly couldn't ask for more. Thank you!
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Comprehensive comprehension materials

Sep 21, 2016 by Fiona

I was particularly looking forward to this set and it certainly didn't disappoint . Inference and interesting materials for the children to work with are always challenging. Biggest challenge now is to select the specific materials needed for each lesson. Our photocopying and printing budget is severely limited. Yes I live in Austerity Britain!!!
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The Coordinates Pack

Sep 19, 2016 by Tina Ivamy

This pack was great for children to practise plotting points. Great for Multi level groups as targeted the needs of individual students within a group. Children really enjoyed using this resource.
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Egyptian pack

Sep 18, 2016 by Mary

I used this pack with 3rd and 4th classes last school year. Beautifully presented with great information . looking forward to using the Ancient Greece pack this week
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Area & Perimeter Review

Sep 18, 2016 by Sandy Tyndall

This is a very useful Pack. I love your characters - so clear - the students also relate to them. The use of a farm and its various characters gives this pack great practical applications. The many activities are very useful. This Pack is useful for Primary and struggling Lower-Middle Secondary classes.
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Great starting point!

Sep 17, 2016 by Mrs P O Harding-Smith

The children love the inspirational sayings and bright pictures. They all join in when someone says, 'I can't do it!' The rest call out, 'YET!'. I use it alongside the Class Dojo videos.
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The Space Pack

Sep 15, 2016 by Emma Thompson

An informative pack, allowing for differentiation.
Students loved using it, excellent pictures and learning objectives
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Sep 15, 2016 by Amy Pritchard

Really useful time saver and some creative and interesting ideas - I especially love the puzzling pictures and the inference ideas - gets them to realise that comprehension is an every day activity and they are doing it all the time. Thanks.
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Sep 15, 2016 by Amy Pritchard

A brilliant pack, perfect for display - bright, fun, informative and clear. Good for form time or PSHE discussions, my pupils have enjoyed learning and thinking about their brain, thanks.
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Fantastic Resource

Sep 14, 2016 by Ashlea Branov

The Human Body pack was an amazing resource to use during our inquiry unit. The students loved the displays and we're really engaged in the information provided.
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Sep 13, 2016 by A Newman

This is the best time saving resource I have ever used. Displays now take half the time and each display is individual.My displays have never been so co-ordinated.Fabulous.
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Area and Perimeter Pack

Sep 12, 2016 by Marian

What an inspiring start to the week! I have just downloaded the Area and Perimeter Pack. The illustrations are great fun and transform what can be a confusing area for children into delightful learning! I shall be revising some of the less familiar concepts myself, as I haven't used these since my own school days. With your clear guidelines, I shall now feel confident to teach this complete subject area. Thank you once again, for a delightful source of teaching inspiration!
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Area and Perimeter

Sep 11, 2016 by Michele

Just downloaded this pack and it's fantastic. Big, bright colourful graphics with clear explanations. Love it.
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A brilliant pack!!!

Sep 09, 2016 by TJ Hatch

This is a fantastic and informative pack! My son loves history and he found out that he will be learning about the ancient Egyptians this year, so i printed the book out and he absolutely loves it!!!! i will be printing more of this pack very soon!! Thank you teaching packs :)
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Grammar Pack

Sep 04, 2016 by Nickie Beal

I laminated and used all the banners on the wall throughout the year, referring to them on a daily basis. The children got used to looking for the 'grammar gremlin' which I moved around to to different banners depending on which skill we were practising. The children found them very appealing and they really made a difference year. Thank you!
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Great pack

Sep 04, 2016 by Rainbowsend

This pack was just right for my class in terms of knowledge and interest value. I printed the pack as booklets for them to read and answer questions. They not only enjoyed reading about the Human Body but learnt lots from it and were able to recall the information and explain the functions of major organs well. The diagrams are clear and easy to use.Thanks.
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Vibrant detailed resource

Sep 04, 2016 by Margaret Heffernan

A great resource for teaching the Romans to first year secondary school students(Ireland). Covers all the topics they are expected to know for their Junior Cert- housing, food, clothing, burial customs etc. Colourful and eye-catching. I would definitely recommend this pack- would be great to have this in ppt format too.
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Love lettering!

Sep 04, 2016 by Julie Bayley

My classroom is looking so lovely with the great variety of lettering available here! Well done Teaching PACKS.

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First Steps Resource; Recount Writing

Sep 02, 2016 by Paula Lehane

An excellent resource to use with the First Steps approach to writing. The resources here use and explain the key terms very effectively. The differentiated levels for the texts are also very useful for ensuring that all children are able to access the features of this writing genre. The checklists are very useful for the kids as well!
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Sep 01, 2016 by missbee

I'm incredibly fussy about displays, and hate generic display banners...this pack has made me so happy :)
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Co-ordinates Pack

Aug 27, 2016 by Anna Low

I was browsing for some interesting end of term co-ordinates resources for a mixed age class and came across your site. The activities are interesting, differentiated and of high quality - saved me a lot of time and the children loved them. Have already got place value pack activities planned in for new school year. Thank you.
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Suggestions for graphs

Aug 25, 2016 by Lesley McFarlane Welsh

Just signed up and SO impressed by the outstanding quality, creativity and the range of differentiation in all of the maths packs. May I suggest a couple of ideas? The four quadrant graphs need zeros at the intersection of the axes, co-ordinates don't need equal signs just A(4,7) and the x and y labels are usually placed at the right hand and top of the axes. Looking forward to using all the maths packs. Thank you for superb resources!
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Internet safety

Aug 25, 2016 by GAYLE

Looking forward to using this resource as it is a high priority these days. I can only commend those that develop these resources as each and every one has been much appreciated. Keep up the good work and thank you for staying current. Gayle
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Aug 23, 2016 by Lynda Vernon

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Aug 20, 2016 by Stormie

This will save me so much time looking for suitable, quality images. Love the fact there is a contents page in each section so you can record what you've done. Some of these activities will also be good for creative writing. Another quality resource, thank you!
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