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I use the Teaching Packs resources all the time and have told many teaching friends about the site and the great resources. The knowledge organisers are really useful and I use them as reference guides for the children throughout the topic. I have been teaching for 18 years in the primary sector and I look for good quality, engaging resources that are useful for the children and aid their learning journey – this is what you get from Teaching Packs every time. I have been a member since the first few packs were created!


Teacher, UK

I find the teaching packs very bright and attractive to use with children in my class. They are very informative and give good visuals to help children understand why things happen or why we use certain strategies.


Primary Teacher, UK

As a home educator of three (and ex-primary school teacher) the teaching packs are extremely useful. I can use them for a topic across the ages, and my children find them bright and colourful. They enjoy the layout of the worksheets and the games that are included. This is my third year of subscribing and it won’t be my last.


Home Educator, UK

As a home tutor I find the teaching packs invaluable as I can select what I need for each individual student. The packs are superbly produced with fantastic content and brilliant illustrations.


Home Educator, UK

These are brilliant packs that work really well in my special needs classroom! The information is always presented in clear sections with illustrations to support all level of readers. A subscription which should be in every trainee and NQT’s ’virtual bag for teaching’.


Primary Teacher, UK

My work takes me across the South East of England and I work with individual students, groups and teachers, SLT and teachers in training. Every day is very different and I need resources that I can quickly adapt to suit the purpose (this can sometimes be less than 10 minutes). Your resources allow me to engage students with minimal planning and I have seen the instant impact on learning. The design, breadth and professional look of your resources are exceptional.

So thank you for another year of wonderful resources and for getting back to me, taking suggestions and asking us all what we’d like next!


Specialist Educationalist, UK

I tutor Maths and English both at my centre and online. I highly recommend Teaching Packs and have been a big fan since I started my business in 2016. These packs are so useful for teaching and reinforcing concepts. I particularly love the ‘Fractions’, ‘Telling The Time’ and ‘Angles’ packs. The presentations and guides are brilliant for using with my online students. I use the PDF sheets both online and at my centre, so kids all over the world are benefitting from these wonderful resources!


Tutor, Ireland

We Home Educate and we really love the Teaching Packs resources! The topics always cover a variety of subjects, which is great because that’s how we prefer to learn. It always makes teaching easier when you can print all of the worksheets and information in one pack, rather than having to search for different worksheets and putting them together yourself. The packs are always bright and colourful and easy to read, which makes them appealing to the children. I am looking forward to using the Knowledge organisers, as they look like a great!


Home Educator, UK

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Here are the latest reviews that have been posted by our wonderful members:



What a good idea! A lovely, pre-made, ready-to-go display.

Very useful!

A great idea, and will be most helpful for teachers of young children. A few things recycled from the Early Years Pack, but mostly original, and a great assortment of things to draw and cut and follow.

Just what we need!

We were having a PSHE lesson on friendship just yesterday! A load of very nice resources here, and I especially like the Friendship Envelope.

by The Purple Penguin Tutor on The Maths Fact Folder Pack
Maths Fact File

Great resource, thanks so much. My students each have their own and are encouraged to add anything to the file they want for reference. They are so good for stop, check, go activities.


Another really great resource for time-pressured staff.
Lovely ideas and you can always find something that little bit different.
Really like this, Thank you!

by Gill on The Bunting Pack
462? Wow!

For goodness sake, I've already taught for 40 years, just how many more will I need to teach to be able to use all of these lovely ideas!
Seriously, this is an absolutely superb pack which will brighten any classroom, corridor or display area. Really great, guys, a real time-saver too. Thank you!

This do BEE great!

A really good resource for these days when talking about building self-esteem, developing confidence, acknowledging positives in others as well as ourselves. But the best thing (well, almost the best thing) is that the posters offer the option of 'BE' as well as 'BEE'. Thank you, will be using this from Monday morning !

Awesome resources

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