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We have had lots of lovely comments about our teaching packs and lesson resources. Here is what some of our members have said:

  • The Early Morning Activity Pack is brilliant! Completely transformed my early mornings. Thank you SO much. (Su)
  • Love the site - especially the Early Morning Activities. I plan on using them as Free Writing prompts! (Mary)
  • I home school so I cannot tell you how valuable the resources you provide are to me! (Kate)
  • Finally got round to joining. The Early Morning Pack is going to come in very handy! (Zoe)
  • Love the audio stuff! Such a simple but clever idea and they sound really professional too. (Christina)
  • Your resources have made my life a whole lot easier already – thank you so much! (Kate)
  • Absolutely amazing and informative resources! (Caroline)
  • Fantastic Pirates Pack - we are really enjoying it! (Mona)
  • Wow. You have saved me so much time! (Jackie)
  • The Pirates book is fab – a really good resource. The glossary is one of the best seen and in really good child-speak language. (Jo)
  • Thank you so very much.These are BRILLIANT resources. Passing on your knowledge in such a child friendly way makes learning 'HAPPY' for the 'little people'. Thanks sooooo much for ALL your effort! (Jackie)

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Dec 08, 2016 by C Holstein

This pack of resources works wonders in the classroom! very Informative and the children loved the colours, really livened up punctuation.
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Negative Numbers Pack

Dec 07, 2016 by Lesley Pegler

Thank you so much for the negative numbers pack. It is brilliant. My one Year 6 intervention group has really struggled with all aspects of negative numbers. Your PPT just seemed to do the trick. How fantastic to have six light bulb moments during one lesson. I have printed it off as A3 posters and they look great on my working wall.

Teaching Packs is the best subscription I have purchased so far. Keep up the excellent work.
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Reasoning Pack

Dec 04, 2016 by Imogen Warren

Really useful ideas and resources. It is always great to find quality resources that get you thinking in a different way. Absolutely terrific. Thanks.
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Time and SEN

Dec 01, 2016 by Deborah

Great resource that I have used with students with special needs. resources are very colourful and clear. We have used the activities to play a pairs game and used it for looking at what time of the day does this happen. The train timetables have been great for learners to work out time which helps them transfer this to real life situations. Some of it too tricky for my learners - what time is it in 8 minutes time but easy to adapt and use the idea.
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Amazing Pack

Nov 30, 2016 by Suzanne

Absolutely loved this pack - there was almost too much for my class to use. I love that everything I need is in one place and it saves me having to trawl through the internet finding stuff that may not be very accurate. I particularly like the posters as they are informative and child friendly. Thanks again for a great resource.
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The Victorians - Fabulous!

Nov 22, 2016 by June

So good to have your new Victorians Pack. I have renewed my membership for the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. I think the packs are excellent value for money. The save so much time. I have used quite a few packs over the last 12 months and each time a new pack is released I am eager to peruse it so that I know where to find quality teaching and display resources when I need them. Thank you for all the hard work your team puts into producing these packs. I must also add that I have have found your 'chat' link extremely helpful and your staff member 'Mark' has been so friendly I don't feel at all worried or fed up when I need to contact the team.

Keep up the great work!!
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3 d shapes

Nov 20, 2016 by Julie Marston

I love this pack! It has something for all levels. The follow me cards are especially brilliant as I have been trying to make these for ages now having used something similar years ago. However time short and brain addled, it was taking me forever so these were a lifesaver! I would have liked some more challenging nets but otherwise can't fault anything.
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Excellent resource

Nov 19, 2016 by Lesley

I've used this pack for 3 different history homework assignments- it's gives an excellent overview of Ancient Egypt and includes lots of facts for kids!
Thank you! ?
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Value for Money

Nov 14, 2016 by Darryl Antonio Gouchez

Fantastic resource. It is very informative with loads of excellent examples. It includes all key teaching points which are essential for children to gain a sound understanding. Very colourful and appealing to children. The writing is in child friendly language and is easily understood. Complete with great activities to help enhance children's understanding further. I highly recommend this pack. Another quality product from a team you can trust.
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Maths time resources

Nov 13, 2016 by Daniel

This is a great resource. It includes real world problem solving activities. Resources are suitable across key stage 1 and 2. There are a lot of good resources for display and providing children with reminders. Mark was kind enough to adapt one of the resources for me to use.Thanks very much!
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Instruction writing pack

Nov 10, 2016 by Shelley Potter

I love this pack ! I have some of the posters on the wall along with the kids published instructions for making Banana cake. this kids found the visual posters a great help. I found this site by accident and love it because i have a new baby and just returned to work and i dont have the i used to, to sit and create resources for my classroom.
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Instructions vs. Explanation

Nov 08, 2016 by Morris McCormick

So I was apprehensive about submitting a review on writing resources, since this is such a topic of debate here in the U.S.A. From a purely standards-based p.o.v., these two packs fall into what we call "Informational Writing." Of course, after reviewing them I realized how important a distinction needed to be made in regards to the two sub-genres.

I appreciate that there are two iterations of the writing samples included in the Explanation Pack, as this makes for a great discussion on revisions. However, most useful was the connection my students were able to make when using the examples from each pack related to chocolate.

I think if I had any constructive criticism for improving these packs, it would be to have the packs make more connections between the content of the two packs. In this way, regardless of which writing style was covered first , students would have an immediate connection and background knowledge of the topic being written about.

The Water Cycle - How to Reclaim & Recycle Water;
How to Grow a Sunflower - Making Sunflower Seed Butter;
Life Cycle of a Butterfly - How to Plant a Butterfly Garden

All in all, I love these packs and the graphics make teaching of what is generally tedious work, more palatable.
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Good but could be imoroved

Nov 07, 2016 by Michelle

This is a very comprehensive pack including lots of really useful resources. However, it could be improved because the activity sheets have far too many questions on and don't have any element of challenge on them. Perhaps reduce the number of questions and include more challenge activities that allow the children to practise the skills taught.
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A Great resource

Nov 06, 2016 by Gill Stables

As an HLTA who has to be able to cover a class at no notice, this resource is invaluable! Some great activities for children in all classes. Makes my life so much easier for those hard to cover early morning sessions.
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A great way to start every morning!

Nov 04, 2016 by Lin

I love this activity pack!Even though my students don´t know english so well, they can look at the pictures and write to them. And when we have english lessons we look at the pictures to see if we can write something in english togheter.
A thankful teacher from Sweden.
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Excellent resource

Oct 24, 2016 by G D

Just downloaded the body pack and i am really surprised at how informative, creative, and easy it is for my child to grasp the concepts. She LOVES it. As a registered nurse, i enjoy teaching my child about the body and systems and this pack makes it a very lesson. Thank you teaching pack!
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Oct 16, 2016 by Beccy Read

What an amazing pack. I showed it to a colleague who had never heard of the site. She was really impressed as am I. The children loved the activities.
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Super Pack

Oct 16, 2016 by Linda Metcalfe

Just starting this topic and found sourcing appropriate materials a real issue, for the immersion phase of writing. This pack is great. Thank you
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Wet Play Pack

Oct 12, 2016 by Lynda

This is brilliant for the weather we have in this country. The children will love it.
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#D Shapes...

Oct 12, 2016 by Rowena Te Huia-Holmes

Just had a recap on Shapes both 2D and 3D and the powerpoint in this pack was fabulous...just what I needed!
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Telling the time

Oct 10, 2016 by Maria Sky

Teaching children how to tell time has a reputation for being a challenging endeavour. While not the easiest lesson to impart, it can also be endlessly rewarding, as time-telling skills can significantly increase a child's cognitive abilities. Thankfully, using your pack, which was fun, colourful and resourceful made guiding my youngest child towards time-telling mastery. It has made it alot easier by simply appealing to his innate creativity and interests. By incorporating this superb teaching pack aswell as my own resources which I taught my other three with, telling the time concepts were quickly grasped and understood. Learning about time can be easy and fun especially with excellent resources such as these to which I am very grateful to use.
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Telling the Time

Oct 10, 2016 by Jennifer Thompson

Excellent resource to use in my P6 classroom...great printable reminders on the basics of time both analogue and digital. Saved me a great deal of time creating my own. Thanks
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Coordinates Pack

Oct 10, 2016 by Kathy Turley

I loved this pack. It has saved me heaps of time in lesson preparation. The class loved the poster display that I was able to make using the pack. Great differentiation for all the class. Thanks for the pack - another great one!
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Amazing resources

Oct 09, 2016 by Michelle

I use this website a lot and direct other colleagues to it as well. Congratulations to the Teaching Pack Team on delivering high quality resources for the time poor educator. You do such an amazing job! Thank you!
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Listeniing skills

Oct 06, 2016 by Fiona Sabey

Thank you for some great resources. The fact that they have the audio track as well is an added bonus. I am using them for my Tutor group once a week as they have auditory memory problems. The variety of activities and resources is excellent value for money.
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