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We have had lots of lovely comments about our teaching packs and lesson resources. Here is what some of our members have said:

  • The Early Morning Activity Pack is brilliant! Completely transformed my early mornings. Thank you SO much. (Su)
  • Love the site - especially the Early Morning Activities. I plan on using them as Free Writing prompts! (Mary)
  • I home school so I cannot tell you how valuable the resources you provide are to me! (Kate)
  • Finally got round to joining. The Early Morning Pack is going to come in very handy! (Zoe)
  • Love the audio stuff! Such a simple but clever idea and they sound really professional too. (Christina)
  • Your resources have made my life a whole lot easier already – thank you so much! (Kate)
  • Absolutely amazing and informative resources! (Caroline)
  • Fantastic Pirates Pack - we are really enjoying it! (Mona)
  • Wow. You have saved me so much time! (Jackie)
  • The Pirates book is fab – a really good resource. The glossary is one of the best seen and in really good child-speak language. (Jo)
  • Thank you so very much.These are BRILLIANT resources. Passing on your knowledge in such a child friendly way makes learning 'HAPPY' for the 'little people'. Thanks sooooo much for ALL your effort! (Jackie)

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Internet safety

Aug 25, 2016 by GAYLE

Looking forward to using this resource as it is a high priority these days. I can only commend those that develop these resources as each and every one has been much appreciated. Keep up the good work and thank you for staying current. Gayle
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Aug 23, 2016 by Lynda Vernon

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Aug 20, 2016 by Stormie

This will save me so much time looking for suitable, quality images. Love the fact there is a contents page in each section so you can record what you've done. Some of these activities will also be good for creative writing. Another quality resource, thank you!
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Just what I've been looking for!

Aug 20, 2016 by Stormie

I've been looking for activities like this for ages, but anything else I've found hasn't been quite right. This is perfect for me, a PSA or a supply teacher to do with the class (and will also be good for older learners with specific issues in listening/following instructions)and it has everything, even down to a sound file with the instructions! The fact it's the computer, not the adult reading the instructions will really force the children to listen, as there can be no 'oh, can you just tell me number 3 again?' A brilliant resource, thank you.
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Topic for the term

Aug 16, 2016 by Marie Lowry

This coming term we are studying Ancient Egypt as the topic across the key phase (LKS2). Fab resource, made planning for the term fun and simple. Looking forward to using it with the class.
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Growing Minds

Aug 13, 2016 by Melissa Schmersahl

This pack is wonderful! The posters are fun and helpful in reminding students to stay positive and keep working hard. The activities also are great for the beginning of the year to help set a positive tone in the classroom.
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Aug 05, 2016 by MARIA SKY

Really great resource. As a home-educating mum to four children ages 12, 10, 9 and 7, I am always looking for resources that will me with the overall education of all the age groups, and this resource is proving to be a real asset. The posters are clear, the audio quizzes are awesome, and basically the whole pack is bright, colourful and cheerful. We love using all the resources available here, and will continue to use them. Thanks so much! :-)
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Time saving display

Aug 03, 2016 by Lorraine

Excellent time saving posters. Very helpful and the children love them too.
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Great for SLDD Learners

Aug 03, 2016 by Anna Guest

I am planning to use this pack for my age 16+ Special Needs (SLDD) learners for their tutorial hours.
The pack has enough information and activities to cover at least 6-8 hours of Entry Level lesson time, possibly more if you recap areas and use the work produced to create a display.
I am impressed by the differentiation of the question cards and scenarios, some may be unsuitable for specific learners however most are suitable for all.
I am particularly looking forward to using the 'What would you do?' cards as a game ... to be fair I think my own knowledge and commonsense may be tested a little too!
Thank you for this resource pack, it is incredibly important to teach about Internet Safety to low level learners and you have made my planning so much easier.
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Comprehension pack

Aug 02, 2016 by Jeannette

I love all the packs on this site, they save me time as a busy teacher and well worth the money. The latest one I have been using is the comprehension pack- especially the 'what can you see infer' and 'what do you know infer'. My class were awful with Inference and I used one of these every morning at the start of the day and by the end of the first two weeks my children showed so much progress with inference - fantastic resource thank you!
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Internet Safety

Aug 01, 2016 by Anthony Evans

This is an online safety resource that is up to date and relevant to what our children are using on their tablets or mobile devices. As usual Mark has fully researched his topic and consulted users on what they want. I could use this tomorrow with upper Key Stage 2 and lower years. The themes in the pack about online appearance and identity haven't been covered in anything I've seen and Mark puts these across far better than I could. This pack will be very useful in preventative online safety teaching.
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Aug 01, 2016 by Ruthie

Our school uses Read, Write, Inc scheme to teach phonics - this is not the same, but I find that it helps to add variety and cover some of the sounds which are not explicitly taught. By changing up the visuals I have on display, the children are reminded to check the working wall to help themselves. AND, because I have a subscription it is all available at the click of a button - no trawling the internet to find what I need! x
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Jul 27, 2016 by Anne Brown

Love this pack. Great difffentiation lovely images. I use them in Guided Reading sessions.
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Highly worthwhile

Jul 24, 2016 by karen millward

I have found the Comprehension Pack very worthwhile. It is cleverly put together with the critical thinking skills necessary for Reading comprehension and it applies to many year levels. the posters are beautifully produced and highly engaging. The powerpoint is succinct and spot on. I have printed this out for ready referral during class time. Very worthwhile like all the teaching packs produced by this company.
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A great teaching pack!!

Jul 23, 2016 by Daniel

This is a great pack. I am preparing for September and finding lots of useful resources. It has saved a lot of time!Thank you
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Persuasively Great Pack

Jul 19, 2016 by Jennifer Thompson

Excellent resources for creating helpful display and check sheets for the children to use when writing a letter to persuade their parents to get them a pet. Children said they liked the structured help form the pack. Thanks
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Punctuation pack/Instructional writing pack

Jul 18, 2016 by Deborah Bradley

I found this pack and the instructional writing pack really useful in my secondary science classroom. The punctuation pack was used to enhance our literacy in science walls. The instructional writing pack was used very effectively with our SEN students when we required them to write/plan an investigation. Now looking forward to using the Science vocabulary pack.
Thank you.
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Super Narratives

Jul 18, 2016 by Sue Hall

What a wonderful resource.
The Narrative Writing pack is just wonderful. The posters are so creative and colourful. I love the way you have done posters for both the younger students and the older students, that helps us our so much.
My class just loved using the opening and having the posters to refer to and remind them.
Thank you :-)
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Thinking Skills Pack

Jul 17, 2016 by Lou

The school that I am currently at is hoping to gain Thinking Schools status and I think the Thinking Skills pack, with its varied activities, is a super resource. I like the way in which the activities have been organised; there is a link to Blooms/Andersons revised Taxonomy. Applying the Thinking Hats and certain of the Thinking Maps to the wonderful variety of activities can easily be achieved. Another brilliant pack, thank you.
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growth mindset

Jul 17, 2016 by Judy Fildes

This so absolutely fitted the bill at the time and were an added asset to the work I had already started. I found the posters great for display and also for classroom discussions. The children are still relating to growth mindset and I believe these colourful and easy to understand resources have helped. They also helped me to scaffold their understanding.
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Plants Pack

Jul 17, 2016 by Marian Logie

I've just had a REAL treat; downloading The Plants Pack! Your illustrations are beautiful AND you have covered every aspect of the learning which children need - truly inspirational!!!

THANK you SO much - can't wait to use it!
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explanation writing

Jul 15, 2016 by Claire Heduan

I really liked this pack, however I found that the checklists were too tricky for the lower classes. A very basic checklist would be useful.
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Persuasive Writing

Jul 14, 2016 by Natasha O'Leary

I loved this pack :) I have year 3 and found this a great resource for NAPLAN preparation and teaching the persuasive unit. A very well thought out and put together resource.
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Jul 13, 2016 by Tracy Hopewell

This is perfect timing for the Olympics inquiry we are doing in my year 5/6 class this coming term. The resources in this pack are extremely well presented and comprehensive. As busy teachers it's amazing to have this site for such high quality resources. It saves me so much time and inspires me with other teaching ideas within packs that I may not have thought of. Thanks team. Keep up the awesome work!
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The Romans

Jul 12, 2016 by Jayne Toyne

My year 1 class loved learning about the Romans - we especially enjoyed Roman numbers. We even used them to make art - designing different fonts for numbers and then combining them to make patterns. Lots of children were really interested in the life of Roman children. The resources are well made - colourful and informative even for younger children in Key stage 1.
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