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We have had lots of lovely comments about our teaching packs and lesson resources. Here is what some of our members have said:

  • The Early Morning Activity Pack is brilliant! Completely transformed my early mornings. Thank you SO much. (Su)
  • Love the site - especially the Early Morning Activities. I plan on using them as Free Writing prompts! (Mary)
  • I home school so I cannot tell you how valuable the resources you provide are to me! (Kate)
  • Finally got round to joining. The Early Morning Pack is going to come in very handy! (Zoe)
  • Love the audio stuff! Such a simple but clever idea and they sound really professional too. (Christina)
  • Your resources have made my life a whole lot easier already – thank you so much! (Kate)
  • Absolutely amazing and informative resources! (Caroline)
  • Fantastic Pirates Pack - we are really enjoying it! (Mona)
  • Wow. You have saved me so much time! (Jackie)
  • The Pirates book is fab – a really good resource. The glossary is one of the best seen and in really good child-speak language. (Jo)
  • Thank you so very much.These are BRILLIANT resources. Passing on your knowledge in such a child friendly way makes learning 'HAPPY' for the 'little people'. Thanks sooooo much for ALL your effort! (Jackie)

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Time saver!

Aug 12, 2017 by Donna Pentony

Another great pack from Teaching packs. So much included, a great guide to get discussion going in class and lots of excellent resources to support teaching and learning. This is one of the best teacher support sites, the packs are so well researched and include all you could need. Thanks so much, they save me a lot of time.
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summer pack

Aug 01, 2017 by Helen Jane Williams

Could not print off properly needed a conversion???
Could only use part of pack,
Otherwise it was lovely
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Aug 01, 2017 by Dimitra

LOVE LOVE LOVE this pack

My teacher's son was away for much of this topic, I was able to print this off and go through it with him.

He ended up sneaking it into bed to read through as he found it fascinating, well presented and easy to follow

Thanks a million
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Aug 01, 2017 by Dimitra

Love this pack

I have utilised this pack for low ability/IM 12-14 year olds. I simply reduce the size so the kids do not realise it is a primary school resource.
They feel that they can achieve the work. It builds their confidence which then allows me to introduce harder aspects of the topic
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Great Ideas for Enhancing reading

Jul 18, 2017 by Gill Evans

This is a great pack - full of ideas to teach as a whole class and in groups in Guided reading. Presentation is great and the subject matter appeals - the different levels on the same topic are also excellent
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The Money Pack

Jul 16, 2017 by D M

Hi Helen and Mark,
I just finished teaching The Money Pack to my 5 years old daughter who I homeschool. I wanted to say it is fantastic resource and my daughter loved it and she had fun learning about it. All your resources are always brilliant and looking forward to your future Packs.Thank you so much. much loved resources.
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This is fun

Jul 13, 2017 by Johnny

This actually makes the act and art of handwriting doable. It has been quite difficult to find a uniform font that works and as my children's handwriting is terrible, it has been a great help. My children use it as an aide memoir and we refer to it often.
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Fantastic Resource!

Jul 06, 2017 by Lisa

Appropriate texts prove very difficult to find for a topic on News Reports, so this pack was perfect! We also had a lot of fun creating captions for the pictures in the pack- I cut them up and we used it as a carousel.

A very versatile and useable pack! Thankyou!
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Mental maths

Jul 05, 2017 by Caroline Wright

Loads of great resources. Quick practice sheets for independent pupil practice, posters for class lessons/display, challenge sheets that I'll use for parental engagement with homework and applied skills. Fantastic. I love the flexibility your resources offer.
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Negative Numbers Pack

Jul 02, 2017 by Gertie Wetsteijn

Fantastic for my Year 8s who were struggling to understand negative numbers.
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Jun 29, 2017 by Aislinn

Thank you so much for this very useful resource. I am teaching in a multi-class setting and found this resource most beneficial. With this resource I was able to teach the topic to the whole class and then differentiate the activities. I found the worksheets very beneficial to assess the pupils immediate understanding of the concept before progressing to other problem solving activities. The worksheets were very clear for pupils in my class who were finding the new concepts difficult. It gave them the opportunity to repeatedly practice the concept. It gave them a real sense of achievement and confidence. Thank you.
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Growth Mindset

Jun 27, 2017 by Gaëlle P.

I am a French ESL teacher and we're not used to teach methods like growth mindset because we have so many other things to teach, but I was very interested by this pack, and the kids loved it!
It's really fantastic to engage students as learners, and to show them that any mistake is but a step towards success.
It takes time but when you do it on a, maybe not daily but weekly, basis, it has some positive effects on students!
Another good point : the graphics, they're funny and attractive!
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instructions pack

Jun 21, 2017 by Ellie

As a new teacher, so glad I found this website. The instructions pack is brilliant... all the pieces of the puzzle I need as I embark on my new career.
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The Reasoning Pack

Jun 19, 2017 by Ann

Loved some of the activities in this pack. Made great use of the (1) 'What's wrong?' set of questions as they were across the range of ability for my third class and some were challenging enough for my stronger kids (2) Also loved the 'Always/Sometimes/Never' activity as it leant itself to small group work and much discussion when we came to the answers. It started a debate about whether "zero" was an even number or not - talk about switched on to lateral thinking in maths!
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Great Resource

Jun 18, 2017 by Vasanti Sima

Has been really helpful for the introduction of persuasive writing. Lots of ideas that I would not have thought of. The children enjoy the variety. Thanks for saving me so much time.
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Wonderful resources!

Jun 18, 2017 by Petra Turner

I absolutely love these packs! Teaching Ideas create such eye-catching, helpful resources across a diverse range of categories. Really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making each pack.
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Jun 16, 2017 by Michelle

Excellent resource. The children found it much easier to annotate texts using your key vocabulary sheets. The examples were great and really influenced our reports on Beowulf. Thank you.
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Jun 11, 2017 by C Holstein

The children loved these! They were used in their morning activity packs and they asked for more and more!
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Wonderful Words!

Jun 11, 2017 by C Holstein

Absolutely fantastic at prompting creative vocabulary from the class! Really makes them think about what they are writing!
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Plants Pack

Jun 11, 2017 by M.Willmore

I have a 4.1/2 year old grandson who loves gardening when he visits us. Everything we see regards wildlife in the garden we find a download on the computer and then put it in his 'special' folder for gardening and wildlife.
This plants pack is just great for him to learn even more and the photographs/charts are great for showing and explaning all about the plants side of gardening.
Along with his forest school, this pack, and his ability to work with nature outside in the garden or woods makes him very aware of what goes on around us today. Kids love nature and getting dirty given the opportunity to do so, everyone should be given this chance no matter how young.
Download this pack and start the kids off on an adventure with nature and the great outdoors. You will love it and so will they.
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Mayan Surprise

Jun 06, 2017 by jackie lucraft

Teaching the Maya for the first time was quite difficult as there are not many resources available as there are for other topics.
imagine then my surprise when using this resource- fabulous display about the time line of events- this was used as a visual stimulus for the children to create their own timelines, we discussed the events- each pair chose a date/event researched it some more and in their own words presented it to the rest of the class. All the children learnt tons without having to do all the work and it was an enjoyable way to start off The Mayans. The pictures of the Gods were also enthralling for the class, they decided which ones they liked/disliked and then tried to find associate gods/ demons on other religions which seemed similar, we also discussed the rituals and ideas the Mayans believed in which created another in depth lesson surrounding rights/ beliefs and rituals. we also linked this to our own RE lessns and discussed how their beliefs could have interjected with ours!
Another fabulous display was used surrounding the calendar of the May- the children found it hard to understand the differences but we made our circular calendars and put the pictures around the edge with a split pin they could rotate them easily, looks great surrounding the Mayan display board!
Great work has been produced from using all these resources.

The teaching guide was by far the most useful resource for me as teacher; I could read up and learn before each lesson, enjoy and gasp in disbelief at some of the rituals but again very informative. Thank you- you made it so much easier to teach this subject.
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Phonics Pack

Jun 04, 2017 by Alison

Very helpful. It will be very useful.
Thank you
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Excellent Pack

Jun 03, 2017 by Donna Pentony

This made teaching angles so straight forward with activities for all abilities. The children really love the birds angles game. Well done - wouldn't be without these maths packs to get ideas and the guides are always so useful.
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Phonics Pack

May 23, 2017 by Alice

Phonics PackAnother great pack. A huge amount of material which is also very colourful for younger children. Will keep us busy for ages!
Thank you for another great pack.
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explanation pack

May 21, 2017 by helen

I liked the variety of activities offered
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