The Vikings Pack - Learn about the adventures and achievements of the Vikings with our resource pack.

Explore the Viking period with our child-friendly eBook, activity materials and display resources! Includes a huge range of information and activities for your children to explore as part of this History topic.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Fifty Page Vikings eBook – Learn all about the Vikings using our child-friendly eBook. It’s full of interesting information, fascinating facts and clear, labelled diagrams so that your children can use it for independent research. Teachers can also use it as a whole class teaching tool by displaying it on a large screen (e.g. interactive whiteboard). The eBook also includes a comprehensive glossary that children can refer to throughout their Vikings topic!
  • Three Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of this topic by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • One Vikings Vocabulary Challenge – Can your children write definitions for the different Vikings terms?
  • Seven Vikings Design Challenges – What will your children’s own Viking longboat, shield, meal, helmet or clothes designs look like?
  • Three Vikings Runes Resources – A poster showing Viking runes, a Viking Runes challenge sheet and large Runes cards to use on display boards or for your classroom activities.
  • Ten Vikings Story Starters – Inspiring images that can be used as the starting point for writing.
  • Four Wordsearches and Crosswords – Differentiated wordsearches and crosswords to help your children review their knowledge of Vikings vocabulary.
  • Five Display Posters – Large posters to add to a display board, including a Viking warrior, ship, family and more!
  • Eleven Display Banners – Add eye-catching titles to your classroom displays with our printable banners.
  • Eight Pages of Vikings Vocabulary Labels – Printable labels showing different Vikings vocabulary. Also includes a blank set so that you (and your children) can write on your own words.
  • One set of VIKINGS Display Letters – Print our display lettering to add a bold title to a classroom wall!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Vikings Pack.


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The Vikings Pack
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by S Hirons
Fantastic, engaging resources

We love teaching packs resources for our home education study. This Vikings pack really captured the imagination of my daughter and we were kept busy for a while month! We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comprehensive and engaging resource pack about the Vikings.

 by Colin
Vibrant, Valued, Viking Pack

The Vikings are an important part of Irish and British history. It is a topic that opens students imagination and this pack gives them the tools to become detectives and inquiry based learners. To reinforce the students understanding of the Vikings, the viking thinking challenges can be used to encourage Project Based learning where students can work together to find out information and present their information using various software. I genuinely found this pack to be useful and it got my students to think outside the box, rather then just being spoon fed. The whole pack enables teachers to tie in all subjects in a themed based learning approach. In English the students can explore diary entries using the story starters or even fiction. Overall, a huge 👍

 by Clare Carroll
Amazing Resource

Very informative resource. Used with my 3rd class children and they couldn't get enough of the Vikings. I gave each group of children a number of slides on different Viking topics which they used for research to create a project. Would highly recommend.

 by Edith Everest
Great support aids

Taught Vikings this term and these resources have been very helpful. Children used the vocab cards when writing Viking poems, used the Viking text for reading comprehension and fact finding in Topic and they enjoyed using the Viking Runes word mat when writing their names on their wooden Kubb stick which he wittled before playing with them.

 by Nicola

Fantastic, informative and engaging for both adults and the children!

 by Gill
Very Viking

This was the first Teaching Pack resource I ever used... Not sure when I joined, as having an email change has made me a newbie, but there are so many excellent resources in this pack that I quickly became hooked and have used this resource more than once. This pack is great for creating quick, colourful and informative display. The ebook - good for everyone, but it is also really good for those children who need a little extra support. Thank you!

 by Sharon bailey
Fantastic resources!

We just love Teaching Packs! This Viking pack for example has a great amount of information, presented so well and attractively for children, clear, not overwhelming but not thin on the info either.
We find the range of resources on teaching packs to be excellent, and the communications, ease of use, and responsiveness of Mark and Helen is just brilliant.
Thanks Teaching packs I’ve just renewed so we can continue using your lovely resources!

 by Veronica

Thank you for a great teaching pack! I am a home Ed Mum in Kenya. We don’t have access to libraries and for resources I rely solely on the internet and what I can find in bookshops. We have just started doing the Vikings and I am so impressed with the way the information is presented. It’s appealing to my 7 year old, colourful, and the vocabulary is detailed but understandable for her. We are thoroughly enjoying the subject. Thank you again.

 by Fiona Kennedy
The Vikings Pack

All of this pack is good- we are short of books and computers in our school so research can be "challenging". Your information is always easy to follow ,accurate and informative. I added the story starters to the children's morning free writing and they are loving it. Have to prise them away to do other things sometimes.,

 by Maria Sky
The Vikings Pack

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for this very informative pack about the Vikings. I am a home-educating mum to four children and this resource really helped to teach the children about the history of the Vikings. It is a very colourful presentation with alot of detail and information which helped the children to grasp the history well. The whole pack with the added printables were a very big help. Teaching is fun but it is so much better with such amazing resources like these. I have used TEACHING PACKS for awhile now and they have never failed to deliver a very informative, educational lesson which my children have always enjoyed, and we look forward to new resources in the future! Thanks again 🙂

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