The Tangrams Pack

Explore tangrams with your children by using our topic guide, printable templates, challenge ideas and more! How many of the animals, people and objects will your children be able to create?

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 6 Page Tangram Guide – What are tangrams? What pictures can you make with them? What rules should you follow when making new shapes and pictures? Find out in this handy guide!
  • Four Tangram Templates – A set of printable tangram templates (with and without colour) that your children can cut out and use to make different shapes and pictures.
  • Twenty-Four Tangram Posters – Posters showing different animals, people and objects that can be made using tangrams!
  • Twenty-Four Tangram Cards – How many of these designs can your children make using a set of tangrams?
  • One Set of Tangram Challenge Ideas – Not sure what to make using your tangrams? Try some of the ideas on this list!
  • Two ‘Build Your Own Tangram’ Tasks – Can your children use a ruler to connect the lines carefully and create their own tangram?
  • One Tangram Area Challenge – What are the areas of the smaller shapes inside a tangram? Try this challenge sheet to find out!
  • One Tangram Fractions Activity – Review your knowledge of fractions (and percentages) while learning about tangrams!
  • One Set of Tangram Page Borders – A large collection of writing and drawing templates with a tangram-themed border!
  • One Set of Tangram Bunting – Colourful bunting to hang in your classroom during your tangrams topic!
  • One Tangram Banner – A bright banner to add to your display boards.

The Tangrams Pack


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The Tangrams Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Karen
I like this!

A great addition to the packs available. I intend to use it at one of my outdoor summer workshops with mixed age children. Will be good for teamwork, collaboration and to develop a deeper understanding of shape. The younger children will probably “play” with the shapes (and incidentally learn a great deal but I won’t tell them that until afterwards!). For the older children, the information provided will be a wonderful extension of their understanding and therefore makes this pack useful across the age range. You have saved me HOURS of preparation once again and I’m sure the children will love the activities - THANK YOU!

 by Rowan

I like it! I mean, I have seen tangrams used before, they were using them in the maths club at my school just last week. But now, if I ever decide to teach a lesson on tangrams, I am VERY well equipped. I'm genuinely impressed by the quality here. It's not just rabbits and foxes and so on - the tangram examples are really varied and interesting, the guide is most informative. It takes the "do a pretty maths jigsaw" idea and really expands on it into a seriously good series of lessons. Thanks!

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