The Times Tables Pack

Improve your children’s knowledge of their times tables with our audio quizzes, classroom activities and display resources!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twenty-Six Audio Times Table Quizzes – Download our MP3 files and challenge your pupils to solve the times tables questions (covering every times table up to 12×12 with a range of mixed quizzes). Includes a question sheet for pupils and answer sheets for teachers! Listen to a preview.
  • Seven Differentiated Missing Multiplication Activity Sheets – How quickly can your children fill in the missing numbers on the multiplication grids?
  • Fifteen Multiplication Challenge Sheets – Solve the multiplication questions as quickly as possible! Includes a sheet for every multiplication table up to 12 x 12, with three sheets of mixed questions too. Also includes answers for teachers, or for self-marking by children.
  • Twelve Times Tables Posters – Display the multiplication tables in your classroom with our printable posters. Alternative versions are also available with blank answer spaces!
  • Three Sets of Toady Times Tables – Can your children identify the correct times tables cards and put them into Toady’s pond?
  • Twelve ‘Pyramid Products’ Sheets – Complete the multiplication pyramids and then make matching multiplication and division calculations.
  • One Multiplication Square Jigsaw – Cut out the pieces of this jigsaw and then put them together to make a 10×10 multiplication square.
  • Two ‘Times Tables Magic Maths’ Activities – Solve the times tables calculations to complete the genie’s Magic Maths challenges!
  • One ‘My Multiplication Square’ Card – Give children one of these handy multiplication squares to refer to during their Maths activities.
  • Twenty-Four Editable Times Tables Certificates – A set of certificates that you can print and give to children as they master each of their multiplication tables!
  • One Multiplication Sign Cartoon Posters – An A3-sized poster of a cartoon multiplication symbol to use on your classroom displays.

   The Times Tables Pack


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The Times Tables Pack
Average rating:  
 28 reviews
 by Joanne
Terrific times tables pack

Hi everyone, I personally love the mp3 times tables quizzes. I have used these with my class in Australia regularly as a weekly Maths test and there are worksheet and bright posters to help learn these individual times tables. We practice them aloud, as well.
Thanks Mark!
Love this pack!!!!!!

 by Rowan
Not bad!

This certainly fills a gap, and it's good to have it. I see that most of these resources have already appeared in other Packs, principally the Multiplication Pack. But it's good to have them all here for all times tables, and there are a number of new resources, including the fun Frog game.

 by A Taylor
Times Table Pack

A great pack to use for teaching times tables. Lots of sheets and activities that can last you the whole year!

 by Emilooxx
Time saver

I permanently have a stash of these resources in case I ever have a spare five or so minutes in class. With the new year 4 multiplication tests, it's always good to have a fun short challenge to get them to practise so thank you.

Teaching Pack Math

I notice on the audio pack, there is an error on the PDF: 11x5 = 50 instead of 55

Hi Shirlin,Many thanks for letting me know about this. I have just updated the answer sheet with the correct answer. Mark

 by Aisling Barr
The times tables pack

I love this pack. Quizzes and activities really help improve recall. The audios are fabulous! Thank you!

 by Louise Clarke
Great pack, I use it all the time

Love this pack, so many different and fun resources. Had been looking for a complete pack like this for a while.

 by Karen
Times Table Pack

My students enjoy all of the audio quizzes and activities which are really helping them to recall their tables. I particularly like the audios. I would love to see audios for division facts included in this pack.

 by Vicki Watson
Fabulous resource

Thank you so much for this updated pack. We have used the audios every morning for the last month in Y4 and the children's times tables have improved beyond belief. They are enthusiastic and keen to do the quizzes - in fact they often remind me to start our maths lesson with them. They have seen their scores rise on the weekly school tests and often comment on how these audio quizzes have helped. Thank you - Brilliant!

 by Elaine Lingard
Terrific Times Tables Resource pack

This pack is great to use with various age groups. I use the audio tests regularly when testing individual pupils on tables they have been working on to improve recall of facts. The variety of sheets are fantastic and motivating for the kids. I love the fact that they are not too 'young' looking so I can use them with my older students who still struggle with multiplication facts.

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