The Chocolate Pack

Learn all about chocolate with our chocolate teaching resources! Our pack includes a comprehensive topic guide, display resources, writing prompts, maths challenges, activity resources and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Chocolate Guide – Learn about chocolate with this PDF and Powerpoint guide. It includes information about the history of chocolate, chocolate production, chocolate manufacturers, Fairtrade and more.
  • One Chocolate Key Facts Presentation – A simpler version of our Chocolate Guide for younger readers.
  • One Chocolate Video Guide – Learn about chocolate by watching this handy video guide!
  • Two Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of this topic by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Seven Pages of Chocolate Vocabulary Labels – An enormous collection of vocabulary labels with images and definitions of each word.
  • Two 14 Page Chocolate Production Image Packs – Sets of posters that show the stages of chocolate production. Two different versions are available for lower and higher ability readers.
  • Three ‘How is Chocolate Made?’ Comprehension Tasks – Ask your children to answer the questions relating to the report about chocolate production.
  • One Chocolate Manufacturing Matching Activity – Can your students match the images, pictures and descriptions of the stages of chocolate production?
  • Two Sets of Chocolate Anagrams – Challenge your children to rearrange these sets of letters to make chocolate-themed words!
  • Ten Writing Prompts – A set of amazing images that can be used for different types of writing.
  • Seven ‘Order by Size’ Activities – Can your children put these chocolates in order of size? These are available at different levels of difficulty.
  • Three ‘Count and Colour’ Resources – A simple counting activity for younger children. Can they could the chocolates in each box and then colour them?
  • Four ‘Chocolate Addition’ Sheets – A set of chocolate-themed Maths challenges that ask your children to add the chocolates together!
  • Four ‘Chocolate Subtraction’ Challenges – Review your subtraction skills using these chocolate printables!
  • Four ‘Chocolate Cake Instructions’ Resources – A set of instructional resources based on how to make simple cakes. Can your children put the jumbled instructions into the correct order? Can they add text to the recipes?
  • One Cupcake Recipe – An example text that shows a recipe for some delicious chocolate cupcakes.
  • Two Fairtrade Resources – Learn about the Fairtrade Foundation using this text. It also comes with a matching cloze activity and a set of comprehension questions.
  • Two ‘The History of Cadbury’s’ Resources – Teach your children about the chocolate manufacturer Cadbury’s and try the related cloze activity and comprehension challenge.
  • Six ‘Design a Chocolate Box’ Tasks – A set of printable design challenges that ask your children to create their own chocolate boxes and bars.
  • Seven Chocolate Box Nets – A collection of nets for 3D shapes that your children can use to create some chocolate boxes.
  • Eight Colouring Pages – A collection of colouring pages linked to this topic, at different levels of complexity.
  • One Crossword – Review your children’s knowledge of the topic with this crossword!
  • One Word Search – Can your children find the chocolate words in this hand word search?
  • Five Display Banners – Add these to the display boards in your classroom when your children are learning about chocolate!
  • Three Sets of Bunting – A collection of chocolate-themed bunting to decorate your learning environment.

The Chocolate Pack


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The Chocolate Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Nimmi

Great resource to know all about chocolate. Lovely pictures and illustrations, colourful, appealing to children. I can use for different age groups too so very versatile.

 by Sinead
Great resource!

A great resource which covers a topic which is of huge interest to many!! Great springboard for practical ideas and tasting classes too 🙂
It's not your typical topic which I love, as it gets pupils interested and motivated!! Keep these great topic packs coming!!!

 by Gilly
Need an excuse for chocolate?

A brilliant set of resources covering so many areas - with the added bonus of practical learning opportunities!

 by Cheryl Hallier
Chocolate Pack

What an awesome pack. There are so many children who dont celebrate Easter, but there is always chocolate around us, and everyone loves chocolate. My children loved finding out about the History of chocolate interspersed with fun activities, and ending with a chocolate cupcake baking session and decorating competition. Thank you for doing the hard work for us.

 by Karen Brogan
Chocolate PAck

This pack is the perfect complement to our class novel' Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl. it comprehensively encompasses the various literacy components in a visual manner which lends itself effortlessly to differentiated instruction and total pupil engagement with the writing genres, comprehension, vocabulary, numeracy and SESE. The colourful images lend themselves to the teaching of Irish. THE perfect companion resource to our novel which allows for effortless and meaningful cross-curricular literacy integration using the novel as a springboard. This is a resource that will be used continuously and treasured. Thank you Mark.

 by Rowan
100% pure cacao!

I've taught the chocolate topic before, and may well be teaching it again next year, so I think I'm in a good position to evaluate this Pack.
It's just what we need! All the chocolatey resources produced in other packs gathered here. Lovely exercises in maths and English. Beautifully illustrated guides and classroom displays. I especially love the Writing Starters - very funny ideas that the kids will love ("Design a chocolate pizza!")

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