The Weather Pack

Teach your children about the weather with our teaching, activity and display pack! It features a topic guide, posters and mats to refer to during weather watching activities, weather monitoring templates, statistics challenges, writing prompts and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Weather Guide – A fantastic PDF and Powerpoint topic guide that includes information about what causes the weather, how people measure and monitor it, and the different types of weather that affect our daily lives. It also covers extreme weather and the various climates around the world.
  • One ‘Key Facts’ Presentation – A simpler presentation that outlines the key points related to this topic.
  • One Weather Video Guide – Learn about the weather by watching this handy video guide!
  • One Weather Glossary – A comprehensive collection of topic-themed words with their definitions.
  • Ten ‘Types of Clouds’ Posters – A set of posters (and smaller cards) that show different types of clouds. Use them on a classroom display or as a resource during your weather watching activities! These are also available as a set of display labels and as a reference mat.
  • Ten ‘Weather Instruments’ Posters – A helpful collection of posters (and cards) showing the different types of equipment that people use to measure and monitor the weather. A reference mat is also available.
  • One Weather Equipment Matching Activity – Can your children match their different types of weather equipment with their functions?
  • Ten Weather Maps with Symbols – A set of maps and symbols that children can use to produce their own weather maps! Use them to write or film an accompanying weather report too!
  • Six ‘This Week’s Weather’ Charts – A set of charts that children can use to record the week’s weather (over five or seven days). These are available with and without lines for writing.
  • Four Weather Observation Sheets – A variety of templates that students can use to record weather data over different periods of time.
  • Two Sets of Thermometer Readings – Can your children read the temperatures on these thermometers? Available in ºC and ºF (with answers).
  • Two Sets of Weather Data – Excel spreadsheets (which are also available as a PDF) that show different types of weather data from the UK and around the world. Use them for your Geography, Maths and Computing activities!
  • Five Weather Statistics Challenges – A set of differentiated challenges based on weather data. Can your children interpret the information in the tables and create their own line graphs too?
  • One Weather Image Pack – A set of posters (and smaller cards) that show different weather conditions. Use them as the starting point for discussion about the weather, as writing prompts or on a classroom display board.
  • Twelve Weather Colouring Pages – A variety of weather-themed colouring pages (at different levels of complexity) that your children can decorate in different ways.
  • Eight Sets of Weather Bunting – A large collection of bunting to hang in your classroom when your children are learning about the weather!
  • Four Weather Banners – A set of banners that you can use to make a display board about the weather.

The Weather Mini Pack


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The Weather Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Claire
Thumbs Up

Great resource for all levels of learners. I had to navigate some of the resources carefully to meet the needs of my learners but it has everything you need to cover the topic. Thank you so much for all your hard!

 by Glynis Martin

I wish I had had this pack in May, when I was teaching Weather to my pupils. I would have been spared a ton of time hunting for resources because everything I needed is in this pack. Next time round, teaching this unit is going to be infinitely easier because I now have everything I need in one place! Awesome pack! Thank you ever so much!

 by Rowan
A terrific addition

This is really nice! Honestly, it's even better than I expected. Such a lot of useful and exciting resources - they really bring the topic to life, and make it relevant and involving for the children. I especially like the maps, to show weather around the world, and the charts so children can record weather for themselves. Makes me want to teach this topic!

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