The Fact and Opinion Pack

Learn about the differences between facts and opinions with this teaching, activity and display pack! It includes a comprehensive topic guide, an interactive Powerpoint quiz, printable worksheets and classroom banners.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 8-Page Fact and Opinion Guide – A helpful guide to the topic that explains the differences between facts and opinions (with examples), examples of reliable and unreliable sources, opinion words and phrases, and much more!
  • Two Fact and Opinion Reference Mats – Differentiated pages that give an overview of the topic. Let children refer to them during their work or use them on a classroom display board.
  • One 20-Slide Quiz – An interactive PowerPoint quiz that challenges your children to decide whether each sentence is a fact or an opinion.
  • Two ‘Fact or Opinion?’ Tasks – Can your children sort the sentences in the correct columns in the table?
  • Five ‘Find the Facts and Opinions’ Sheets – Read the texts and find three facts and three opinions.
  • Twelve Fact and Opinion Picture Prompts – Can your children think of three facts and three opinions based on the images provided?
  • Two Sets of Fact and Opinion Cards – A collection of sentences that can be used for sorting activities with your children.
  • One Set of Fact and Opinion Follow Me Cards – Share the cards out amongst the children in your class and ask one of the questions. The child with the matching answer should then it and then ask the question on their card. Continue until you have answered all 32 questions!
  • One Fact and Opinion Certificate – A certificate to give children when they have successfully completed this topic. This is available as a PDF and as an editable Word document.
  • Four Fact and Opinion Banners – A selection of display banners to use when your children are learning about facts and opinions.

The Fact and Opinion Pack


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The Fact and Opinion Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Very useful!

Looks great! This is always an interesting point for children to learn, so this will be very useful! Love the certificate!

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