The Resilience Pack

Help your children to develop their resilience by exploring our topic guide, activity resources, and display materials! This enormous pack includes a video overview, comprehension questions, reference mats, spelling challenges, and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 19 Page Resilience Guide – A comprehensive overview of this topic, explaining what resilience is, sharing examples of resilience, and providing strategies and tips to help children overcome their difficulties.
  • One Resilience Video Guide – Learn about resilience by watching our video overview!
  • Two Resilience Video Review Sheets – What did your children discover by watching the resilience video guide? Ask them to make notes on this template.
  • One Resilience Video Comprehension – A set of questions to assess your children’s understanding of the resilience video guide.
  • Three Resilience KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about this topic? What do they want to know? What did they learn at the end of the topic?
  • One Resilience Glossary – A set of words and definitions linked to the topic of resilience.
  • Five Pages of Resilience Vocabulary Labels – A collection of printable labels to display and discuss.
  • Eleven Resilience Tips Posters – A set of posters that share tips to help your children improve their resilience.
  • One Resilience Tips Mat – A handy reference mat showing a variety of resilience tips.
  • One Set of Resilience Tips Bookmarks – Remind your children of these resilience tips by giving them a bookmark!
  • Twenty ‘Think of a Time…’ Cards – These cards share a variety of scenarios that your children may have experienced. Can your children explain how they reacted? Can they think of another way to respond?
  • One 24 Page Resilience Image Pack – Use these posters as the starting point for discussions about resilience, or on a display board. How are these people showing resilience?
  • Two ‘What is Resilience?’ Templates – What do your children think about resilience? What helps them when they are having problems? Ask them to write or draw their thoughts on these differentiated templates.
  • Two ‘Reframing Our Thoughts’ Activities – Can your children change these negative thoughts into more positive ones?
  • Four ‘My Strengths’ Templates –  – What are your children’s strengths? Which of their skills would they like to make even stronger?
  • Twenty Resilience Quotes Posters – A collection of quotes about resilience to inspire your children.
  • Twelve Resilience Scenario Cards – How would your children respond in these different situations? Which of our suggested responses would be the most resilient action to take?
  • Three Resilience Vocabulary Sorting Activities – Read these stories and think about how the characters are feeling at different points.
  • One Em- and En- Prefixes Sheet – A spelling activity based on words linked to resilience.
  • One -ment Suffix Task – A spelling activity that helps your children explore words with the suffix -ment.
  • One Abstract Nouns Activity – What do your children know about abstract nouns? Can they sort the abstract nouns into the sentences in the correct places?
  • One Resilience Acrostic Template – Make an acrostic poem about resilience using this template.
  • One Resilience Word Search – Can your children find these topic words in a word search?
  • Three Display Banners – A selection of banners to use on a display board about resilience.

The Resilience Pack


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The Resilience Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by TC
Think of a time….

Think of a time…. These cards are a good lead in as a starter - use for talk partners or to stimulate discussion just using one of the prompts.

 by Karen
Another hit!

I printed the resilience tips earlier this week and have been discussing them with my pupils. Acknowledging that difficulties will be encountered by all of us is helpful and then the suggestions given to manage them and move forward are helpful reminders. In particular, I have noticed children are being very hard on themselves at the moment so the poster about that is especially helpful. I think this set of posters will be displayed in my room for the foreseeable future. Thank you once again for responding to current trends.

 by Tina

This pack fits in well with our school - it is one of the Core Values.
Would be great to develop others - Care - Respect - Collaboration -

 by Rowan
Excellent Pack!

This Pack is very welcome in these times of covid, online learning and other social difficulties. I think that learning about resilience, in a supportive and positive way, is a great thing for children. And it won't do the teachers any harm either!

This Pack does a great job. The video and the Guide are, of course, fully informative and contain everything needed, in clear and engaging forms. I'm interested to see such a lot of little features in this Pack. What a good idea, including grammar exercises to learn about Resilience words! The Image pack is really engaging. I like how the "brains" theme echoes the Growth Mindset Pack.

Lots of great activities - stories, choice cards, "think of a time" cards.

Excellent! A real boon to teachers in these troubled times!

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