The Early Morning Activity Pack 3

Download another HUGE collection of classroom activities in our third Early Morning Activity Pack. These are perfect for your children to complete at the start of the school day… and many of our members use them as early finisher activities too!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • TWO HUNDRED Early Morning Activities – This comprehensive collection of activities covers a range of English topics (spelling, word classes, sentence writing, homophones, compound words and subordinate clauses), Maths topics (number bonds, number facts, patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), Science, Computing, Geography, History and much more! The activities are split into four files and each file has a contents page that shows an outline of each activity. Teaching Packs Plus members can download editable Powerpoint versions of the files to edit the activities to meet the needs of their students.
  • One Early Morning Activity Pack 3 Checklist – A handy checklist that you can use to mark the activities that you have already used with your children.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Early Morning Activity Pack 3.


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The Early Morning Activity Pack 3
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Aileen Easton
Love it!

I love the new layout of this pack. I have used packs one and two as morning starter activities and as fast finishers and the children were always very engaged with them. I love the fact that there is a checklist for each set and that there are a wide variety of different tasks to do in each set.

 by Marianne Garety

This is a superb pack. It has a great variety of activities to suit the interests of all. Many of the activities can be differentiated to use with different ages and abilities which makes it even more versatile. With the Early Morning Packs no educator will ever run short of interesting activities to start the day and engage /wake up pupil brains, or for 'fillers' as needed. It is great that it can be printed/laminated for individual or small group work, or used as a powerpoint on the Smartboard to be used with a larger group. Many of the activities encourage teamwork which is an added bonus. Thankyou!!!

 by mary mcevoy
early morning activity pack 3

Excellent resource for any class to start the day. Children love to have something to do as soon as possible, this is easy to organise in stations / groups and change these each day, in that way they have something new and different to challenge themselves with each day

 by Mark Laing
Early Morning Activities 3

Another Early Morning Pack that my pupils love to use. Often an option for a quick 'wake me up' activity or an extension activity for other lessons, I use this regularly with my Primary Three class. The teachers list identifying which resources you have already used is invaluable as it avoids reintroduction of the same tasks. Clear, bright and often funny these resources are an excellent addition to my classroom learning. This is my fourth year with Teaching Packs and the options of resources just keeps growing and growing.

 by Audrey McCarthy
Early Morning Pack

This pack is absolutely excellent. Well done team. I am a Teaching Principal and often times I am called out of the class in the morning. But having this pack allows me to know that my pupils are engaging their brains, thinking, working and creating solutions to problems which is something that is so important for pupils and children these days. Too often kids want the easy answer, the short cut, the quick solution and we need to train our brains to think and to solve.

 by Rowena

I think that this is the BEST pack yet, I love that it is in Powerpoint. I am always trying to find new things to stimulate a class and these hit the button!...I am currently doing Relieving/Supply as I have moved back from Australia to New Zealand, so the timing is perfect. I have regularly used the previous EMA Packs, and they were very popular. So glad to have renewed membership. Thanks

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