The Comprehension Pack

Extend your children's comprehension skills with this enormous teaching and activity resource pack! Includes a range of quality texts with differentiated questions that challenge your students to find, summarise, make inferences and deductions, predict and more!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • One Ten Page Comprehension Guide - A handy guide to different comprehension skills that you can share with your children. Includes information about reading skills, making connections, asking questions, checking the text, visualising, summarising, inference, deduction and more! Display this resource on an interactive whiteboard or print it our for reference / display purposes.
  • One HUGE list of Comprehension Questions - A collection of example questions that you can use as prompts when discussing texts with the children in your class. Students could also use these to come up with their own comprehension questions about a text that they have read.
  • Nine Sets of Comprehension Challenges - A wide variety of texts with related comprehension questions. Each text / answer sheet is differentiated three ways with answers for teachers.
  • Twenty Puzzling Pictures - Twenty intriguing images with a variety of question prompts to encourage your children to look closely, interpret the situation and make connections and inferences.
  • Twenty 'What can you see, infer and ask?' Image Prompts - A set of twenty pictures for your children to explore. Ask them to look carefully at each image and then identify what they can see, what they can infer and then think about what they would like to ask to find out more information.
  • Twenty 'What do you know? What can you infer? What would you like to ask?' Challenges - Read each passage of text and ask your children to identify what they know, what they can infer and what they would like to ask. Twenty different passages are available.
  • Twenty 'What Happens Next?' Prompts - A useful set of resources to support your children's prediction skills. Can they work individually or together to use the information in the images / text and identify what might happen next? Different versions are available with space for one prediction... or with spaces for three. Which of these do your children think is most likely to happen (and why)?
  • Four 'My Prediction Chart' Resources - Printable tables that ask children to record their predictions for a text (in the form of images or text) with separate spaces to describe what actually happened.
  • Four 'Comprehension Review' Templates - A handy resource that challenges your students to think carefully about the texts that they are reading. Can they identify the characters / settings and summarise the plot? Can they find and define any new / unfamiliar vocabulary? Can they relate the text to other stories or experiences in their life? What questions would they like to ask about it?
  • Ten Storygram Activities - Help your children to visualise what they are reading with our Instagram-themed activity! Ask your students to read the text and draw an image that represents what they have just read.
  • Thirty-Six Fiction Question Cards - A set of question cards that you can use to discuss different aspects of a fiction text with your children. Also available as a single list of questions for teachers.
  • Five Summary Templates - Help your children to identify the main events in stories and other texts using our five different templates.
  • One Comprehension Certificate - Reward your children for their comprehension skills with our certificate.
  • One Set of Comprehension Bookmarks - A collection of bookmarks that your children can refer to when they are reading. Includes a range of questions to encourage them to analyse the text in different ways.

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The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack

The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack The Oly Comprehension mpics Pack The Comprehension Pack

The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack

The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack The Comprehension Pack

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 22 reviews
Teaching Packs

Thank you for the great work you're doing to help teachers have appropriate resources to teach all school subject, myself I've used your English pack, History pack, Science and Maths packs.Really hats offGhania

English pack

I'm an English teacher from Spain. My kids are learning a lot using the English packs in class, although I miss some materials to work with interactive notebooks.

by Michelle Hicks on The Comprehension Pack
Comprehension Pack

Just love the extent of activities in this pack, especially the inferring pictures which really make the students realise that we read and comprehend when we look at images!! We are focussing on comprehension strategies and this pack gave us so many differing ideas and new ideas. Thanks so much! Highly recommended!

Fab resource

Love the what can you see, refer and ask resource.

by Graham Jeffers on The Comprehension Pack
Great filler

I have used this pack mainly for fill in lessons following initial instruction and guided reading sessions. They are not overly complex but certainly help to challenge a student to think about text, something which is becoming harder and harder to do.

by Gill Evans on The Comprehension Pack
Great Ideas for Enhancing reading

This is a great pack - full of ideas to teach as a whole class and in groups in Guided reading. Presentation is great and the subject matter appeals - the different levels on the same topic are also excellent

by Anne-Marie Carroll on The Comprehension Pack
Comprehension Pack

I absolutely love all the puzzling pictures and the 'What can you see/infer' resources. I have been using these weekly with my Y4s and their ideas and thoughts are becoming much more mature and interesting.
I really like resources where children have to think, so thank you for all these!

Thanks for new ideas

I have been looking for new resources and suggestions to practice comprehension skills. I was tired of my old activities and teaching resources. These look great and I am looking forward to fresh ideas..

This pack is so useful - it has helped me in so many ways!!

Excellent resources

The comprehension packages covers an extension range of materials. It is especially helpful for 1st timer who has no experience in coaching their kid. The comprehension guide is excellent!It certainty give me an insight in guiding my child. Thank you!

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