The Human Body Pack

Learn about the human body with our child-friendly eBook, activity resources and display materials! They’re full of fascinating facts, clearly labelled diagrams and interactive features to help your children to learn all about their bodies!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • A Forty-Eight Page eBook – Our downloadable eBook can be shared on a large display and used as a teaching tool, displayed on mobile devices for independent research or printed and used for reference on classroom walls or during activities. Covering a wide range of topics, including the skeleton, muscles, the heart, body systems, staying healthy and much more!
  • Three Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of this topic by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Four Pages of Vocabulary Activities – Help your pupils to remember the meaning of lots of topic words by studying our child-friendly glossary and completing the related vocabulary challenges.
  • Seven ‘Match the Body Parts’ Posters – Can your children match the illustration, the name and the description of each body part?
  • Seven Body Systems Posters – A set of seven posters describing some of the body’s systems. Use them on a classroom display or cut them up and ask your children to match the illustrations, the labels and the descriptions.
  • Twenty Human Body Diagram Activities – Ten diagrams of the human body with spaces for children to add labels. Two alternative versions are included for each diagram, so that your children can write the name… or the name and a description of the body part.
  • One Set of True or False Cards – Can your children sort these statements about the body and decide whether they are true or false?
  • One Set of Follow Me Cards – Give a card (or two) to each child in your class. Ask one of the children to read out their question. The person with the correct answer reads it out and then reads their question. Continue like this until all thirty-two questions have been answered correctly!
  • Fourteen Display Banners – Decorate your classroom displays with our display banners, covering a wide range of ‘human body’ topics.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Human Body Pack.


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The Human Body Pack
Average rating:  
 41 reviews
 by Christine
The Human Body Pack

I have recently used this pack with my home educated children and we have thoroughly enjoyed using it. The diagrams and explanations in the Guide are so clear and easy to follow, we could all (aged 5 - 40) use it together and the activities really help to reinforce what we've learnt. We especially enjoyed the Follow Me cards and it was fun to attempt the True/False questions before we worked through the Guide, and then again after to see the improvement!

 by Rachil Jones
The Human Body Pack

What fantastic resources, visually so interesting for the children and small sections making it easy for the children to follow, will be downloading more resources soon.

 by Karen Hobson
The Human Body Pack

What a fantastic resource pack this is! The colourful diagrams and fun tasks made teaching this unit so enjoyable to both myself and my students. This pack contained everything I needed to make lessons fun and interactive and my notice boards were fantastic!

 by Maria Sky
The Human Body Pack

I am totally amazed how much this pack has helped me to teach my four children about the human body, which to be fair, can be a difficult task, but this pack with all its colourful diagrams and understandable task, matched with what we already had researched, made for a perfect few weeks of study. This is indeed an excellent resource, one of which I would seriously recommend - very clear descriptions with detailed diagrams and the follow-up quizzes are just what any educator needs for their teaching. As home-schoolers we have loved using Teaching Packs and will continue to do so...I will be sad when the day arrives when we do not need to use this library of resources. Thanks you so much/Diolch yn fawr 🙂

 by Violet
Wonderful Pack

Everything important in one place.
My daughter is very curious, especially when it's about biology. She wants to be a doctor so Biology subject is her favourite.
This pack contains everything that the book about human body should have.
Thank you very much for creating such a good resource of knowledge.

 by Mrs Lindsay Manns
The Human Body

I'm a homeschooling Brit Mum living in the States. My daughter is starting First Grade this year and Teaching Packs have become an invaluable resource for me.

 by Julie Greve
Human Body

A great pack with excellent resources. Teaching packs are invaluable to home educators. Thank you !!! Thankyou for all the new packs you have been adding they are also great.

 by Andrea
The Human Body Pack

As we home-school this is a great pack for helping teach my 9 yo this subject. The Quiz and Follow Me Cards are a great way for him to learn and absorb the information.

 by Doriette

Teaching Packs are a must-have for educators. These valuable resources do not only offer good value for money, but they also help create the sort of challenging learning environment all teachers aspire to.

 by Karen Chaffins

I use the Packs to support content gaps with students that need additional academic support. I teach a variety of academic abilities and contents within the same class. The Packs work well as an additional academic resource.

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