The Human Body Pack

Learn about the human body with our child-friendly eBook, activity resources and display materials! They're full of fascinating facts, clearly labelled diagrams and interactive features to help your children to learn all about their bodies!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • A Forty-Eight Page eBook - Our downloadable eBook can be shared on a large display and used as a teaching tool, displayed on mobile devices for independent research or printed and used for reference on classroom walls or during activities. Covering a wide range of topics, including the skeleton, muscles, the heart, body systems, staying healthy and much more!
  • Four Pages of Comprehension Activities - Quiz questions, linked to the information in the Human Body Book, to challenge your children's research and comprehension skills.
  • Four Pages of Vocabulary Activities - Help your pupils to remember the meaning of lots of topic words by studying our child-friendly glossary and completing the related vocabulary challenges.
  • Seven 'Match the Body Parts' Posters - Can your children match the illustration, the name and the description of each body part?
  • Seven Body Systems Posters - A set of seven posters describing some of the body's systems. Use them on a classroom display or cut them up and ask your children to match the illustrations, the labels and the descriptions.
  • Twenty Human Body Diagram Activities - Ten diagrams of the human body with spaces for children to add labels. Two alternative versions are included for each diagram, so that your children can write the name... or the name and a description of the body part.
  • One Set of True or False Cards - Can your children sort these statements about the body and decide whether they are true or false?
  • One Set of Follow Me Cards - Give a card (or two) to each child in your class. Ask one of the children to read out their question. The person with the correct answer reads it out and then reads their question. Continue like this until all thirty-two questions have been answered correctly!
  • Fourteen Display Banners - Decorate your classroom displays with our display banners, covering a wide range of 'human body' topics.

Click on the thumbnails below to view samples of resources from The Human Body Pack.

The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack

The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack

The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack The Human Body Pack

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 28 reviews
by sharon Douglas on The Human Body Pack
Super pack!

I am so happy to have found and joined Teaching Packs.
The Human body pack was the first pack i have used. i can not wait to use more. Simple and easy to follow. Thank you!

by Margaret on The Human Body Pack
The Human Body

Was looking at the Digestive System as part of a Science/SPHE lesson - found that Teaching Packs Human Body a fantastic supplementary resource to extend children's learning not only on the Digestive System but also on the Human Body. Children completed small group projects on the Body using this resource. They loved the images and found the information included easy to understand. A very worthy 5 stars.

by vonnie3440 on The Human Body Pack
Excellent informative resource

The Human Body pack is absolutely brilliant. The images are well made, good quality and so easy to use. My children particularly enjoyed matching the names, descriptions and body parts on the posters. I love the fact that the resources are easy to differentiate for different abilities. The booklet is also amazing and packs such a lot of information into it. Thank you so much for this amazing resource. You've succeeded again in making a resource that can be used again and again.

Excellent resource

Just downloaded the body pack and i am really surprised at how informative, creative, and easy it is for my child to grasp the concepts. She LOVES it. As a registered nurse, i enjoy teaching my child about the body and systems and this pack makes it a very lesson. Thank you teaching pack!

by Ashlea Branov on The Human Body Pack
Fantastic Resource

The Human Body pack was an amazing resource to use during our inquiry unit. The students loved the displays and we're really engaged in the information provided.

by Rainbowsend on The Human Body Pack
Great pack

This pack was just right for my class in terms of knowledge and interest value. I printed the pack as booklets for them to read and answer questions. They not only enjoyed reading about the Human Body but learnt lots from it and were able to recall the information and explain the functions of major organs well. The diagrams are clear and easy to use.Thanks.

by Maria Sky on The Human Body Pack
The Human Body Pack

I just want to express my thanks for such an amazing and informative resource teaching about the Human Body. I am a home-educating mum to four children and I have used this resource many times over the past year when we have discussed the body. The added activities and true/or/flash cards are a brilliant follow-up to the main resource which has truly helped my children to grasp the concept of the different areas of the body. Again, the colourful pictures and easy to read font all contribute to happy learning and understanding. I may not be a mainstream teacher in a school, but these kind of resources truly help me on a daily basis, and thanks for that.

Another Fab Pack

This pack is just perfect for my science topic this term! Saves me loads of time hunting for resources - well done once again Teaching Packs!

by Colette Johnston on The Human Body Pack
Really useful!

This pack has proved really useful for both introducing and revising the science topic of the Human Body with my EFL pupils.The illustrations and labelled pictures are great for revising vocabulary and the descriptions and texts are really clear.

by Rebecca on The Human Body Pack

I absolutely loved this pack! Not once did I have to go and find extra resources...everything I needed was in this pack and was aimed at children of all abilities! Thank you!!! Keep up the amazing work!

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