The Paper Templates Pack

Download this bumper bundle of printable classroom paper templates! It includes lined paper, graph paper, postcard templates, handwriting sheets, outline maps, manuscript paper, checklists and much more.

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • English - Lined paper, dotty paper, handwriting sheets, alphabet lines, postcard templates, phonics cards, newspaper templates, shape poem outlines and more!
  • Maths - Coordinate grids, graph templates, pie charts, Venn / Carroll diagrams, hundred squares, multiplication squares, number lines, shape nets and pages filled with analogue clocks!
  • Computing - Blank keyboard templates, digital footprint templates and website review forms.
  • Geography - Including outline maps of different continents / countries and trip reviewer templates.
  • History - Timelines, coat of arms templates and diary templates!
  • Art - Includes a range of comic strip templates and mosaic paper printables!
  • Music - Print your own keyboard templates and manuscript paper.
  • Others - Checklists, Christmas cards, mind map templates, page borders and many more!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Paper Templates Pack.

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 7 reviews
The Paper Templates PAck

FABULOUS!I am always looking online for a template for lined paper as I get my kiddies to write their edited writing genre piece on lined I need not look anymore, it's here. WheyHoo!!!Thank you for your dedication and terrific work you all do to help us teachers through....You deserve many Stars:)

The Paper Templates Pack

What a huge timesaver! No more time wasted searching for templates. I use them in Google Slides and Google Drawing too - so not just for printing. Thanks team!

by Lisa Naylor on The Paper Templates Pack
So useful

Such a useful pack! Saves such a long time searching the internet or trying to create your own! Thank you! 🙂

Paper templates

I always come back to your website again and again to find high quality resources. This particular resource has all the essential templates that a class teacher can possibly need. Thanks again, Mark and Helen!

The Paper Templates Pack

I’ve just looked at your newest pack and it is possibly the best pack you have produced so far! This is saying something when I love your other packs, especially the Maths packs (I am a primary Maths tutor and I used to teach Maths to Year 6 children!). Thank you for all your hard work. Long may it continue!

by Norma Cassin on The Paper Templates Pack
Paper Templates

Amazing paper templates that will cover all subjects. Saves so much time and accessible for all students. Thank you 🙂

Paper Templates

I really love the paper templates pack- I can copy and paste these on the Smart Notebbok and we can write over the top of them- without having to print it out. I love the idea of these as they also provide with simple yet effective templates that can be used for brainstorming and at the beginning of the units- eg: venn diagrams. A job well done!

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