The Inventors and Inventions Pack

Explore the amazing world of inventors and their inventions with our bumper resource pack! It includes a comprehensive topic guide, printable biographies, activity resources, writing templates, vocabulary challenges, display materials and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 46 Page Guide to Inventors – A PDF / Powerpoint guide to different inventors and their inventions. Use it as a whole class teaching resource, as a shared reading / reference document or as posters for your classroom display boards! This resource is also available as a simpler ‘Key Facts’ guide for younger / lower ability readers.
  • Fifteen Inventor Biographies – Printable (and differentiated) texts that give information about inventors’ lives.
  • Seventy Inventors Posters – A set of 70 posters that give information about famous inventors and their inventions. Use them to make a classroom timeline of inventions throughout history, as an independent reading resource or as the starting point for your discussions about the topic.
  • Two Inventor Matching Activities – Can your children match these people to their inventions / discoveries?
  • One Robot Rescue Game – Challenge your children to answer the questions about famous inventors and inventions and be the first to complete this exciting game!
  • One Inventors Clue Cracker Game – Which of your children will solve the clues about these inventors and score the most points?
  • One ‘Inventors around the World’ Activity – Can your children add these inventors to their birthplaces on the map of the world? Blank labels are included too, so that you can add your own suggestions.
  • Four Inventor Profile Templates – Ask your students to write a profile of their favourite inventor on one of these four templates… or make up a profile for an imaginary inventor of the future!
  • Four Invention Review Templates – Can your children analyse their favourite invention and use these templates to record their thoughts? These could also be used as a place for children to design their own incredible inventions!
  • Five ‘Crazy Inventions’ Labelling Activities – Can your children add labels to these amazing inventions? What does the invention do? How does it work? What are the different parts?
  • Ten ‘Crazy Inventions’ Writing Activities – Pictures of some wonderful inventions that can be used as the starting point for report writing, newspaper reports, persuasive adverts and more!
  • One Invention Generator – Roll a die to generate ideas for your next amazing invention!
  • Ten Inventors Story Starters – A collection of writing prompts (covering a range of different text types) that are based on inventors and inventions!
  • One Inventors Wordsearch – Can your children find the names of fifteen inventors in this wordsearch?
  • One Display Banner – Use this as the title for a classroom display board about your topic!
  • One Set of Bunting – Hanging decorations to use as part of your ‘Inventors and Inventions’ topic.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Inventors and Inventions Pack.


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The Inventors and Inventions Pack
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Gillian Bowmer
Inspiring Inventions

Many thanks for creating this amazing resource. I have used it with several of my pupils to support their school projects. There is so much to inspire the students and it has enabled them to develop a much better understanding of the timeline and geographical breadth of inventions.

 by Linden
Profiles and Reviews

Thank you for producing another great resource! I love the stories in the inventor and inventions guide as they show how 'normal' people coming up with ideas. The theme of perseverance shines through, great as this is a common value in primary school mottos. The text for the inventors work nicely with the profile templates, different reading levels help cater for classroom differences. Well done.

 by RhondaL
Terrific in so many ways!

This pack got me very excited about the possibilities for my Year 5 class! This is a terrific pack that matches very well with STEM activities and Science curriculum. The creative writing component provides inspiring opportunities, as well. I really like the international aspect including inventors from around the world. The information on each inventor is accessible by students and there are so many inventors that the information/posters could be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. .

 by Laura Etherington

The inventor pack was emailed to me at a perfect time as we had been using a card came to learn about inventors so this excellent pack means we can take our learning even further. My only negative is I would love to see more inventors such as Florence nightingale, George Stephenson, Edward Jenner and Alexander Graham Bell.

Hi Laura. Thanks for your fantastic review. There are a number of references to George Stephenson, Edward Jenner and Alexander Graham Bell in this pack, so let us know if you need help finding them. We also have a dedicated resource pack about Florence Nightingale at , so we didn't include her in this one. We hope that this pack is useful to you!

 by Rowan4C
Very nice!

What a nice surprise to wake up to! The Inventors and Inventions Pack will be very well received by my class, I'm sure. It's full of interesting facts, with text and pictures. It could be very useful in a number of topics I teach, including Electricity and Helping the Planet.
In many ways, this Pack seems to be a companion to the Explorers Pack. It has many of the same features - the inventor/explorer profiles, the board game, the map. I also particularly like the Invention Generator and the Clue Cracker. Well done, Mark and Helen!

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