The Toys Pack

Learn about toys with our comprehensive teaching, activity and display resources! This pack includes a PDF / PowerPoint / video guide, reference materials, posters, worksheets and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 11 Page Toys Guide – An introduction to the topic of toys, with information about different types of toys and images of old toys to discuss.
  • One Toys Video Guide – Learn about different toys by watching our video!
  • One Toys Word Mat – A handy mat that your children can refer to when they are learning about different toys.
  • One 40 Page Toys Image Pack – A set of posters showing old and modern toys. Use them on a classroom display board, as a reference resource, or as a starting point for discussions with your children.
  • Forty Toys Image Cards – A smaller set of cards showing a variety of old and new toys.
  • One ‘History of Toys’ Text – Learn about toys from the past with this introduction to the history of toys.
  • One Toys Timeline – A handy reference chart that shows the development of different toys throughout history.
  • Twenty Toys Story Starters – Prompts that your children can use as the starting point for stories about toys!
  • Eight Picture Word Banks – Can your children think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe these images, and then use their vocabulary to make a sentence or paragraph?
  • Two Toy Sorting Activities – Can your children sort the toys into different groups? Can some toys go into more than one group?
  • Ten Toys Writing Prompts – A selection of writing ideas based on the topic of toys.
  • Eight ‘Design a Toy’ Sheets – A set of templates that your children can use to design toys for different purposes.
  • Six Toys ‘Dot to Dots’ – A set of toy-themed dot-to-dot challenges at different levels of difficulty.
  • One ‘What Toy Am I?’ Resource – Can your children solve the clues to identify each toy?
  • Five ‘Build a Sentence’ Templates – A set of simple writing activities based on different toys, with word banks for reference.
  • Eight Toy Size Ordering Sheets – Can your children sort the different sets of toys in order of size?
  • Four ‘I Spy’ Resources – How many of each toy can your students find in these activity sheets?
  • Five Toy Tracing Sheets – Outline illustrations of toys that your children can trace and decorate.
  • Two Sets of ‘Toys A to Z’ Sheets – A set of handwriting exercises based on an A to Z of toys! Available in precursive and cursive fonts.
  • Two Pages of ‘Cut Out Puppets’ – A set of fun puppets to cut out, stick onto lolly sticks and use for your own puppet shows!
  • Sixteen Toys Colouring Pages – A large collection of colouring pages, at different levels of complexity.
  • One Toys Word Search – How many different toys can your children find in this word search?
  • One Set of Toys Bunting – A set of brick-themed bunting to hang in your classroom when your children are learning about toys.
  • Two Banners – Two toy-themed banners to display in your learning environment.

The Toys Pack


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The Toys Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Hlystan
Looks Good

I've just downloaded this so haven't used it yet but it looks very promising. It would have been even better however, if there were some reading comprehension texts added as this would be a great, engaging way to hook reluctant readers.

 by Rowan

A very nice pack indeed! I remember teaching the Toys topic to Year 1 some years ago. If I had had this Pack, it would have been a great advantage. Children will really love the big, bright, high-quality images; the video is very well made, with interesting questions; and there are lots of very good activities suitable for children from Early Years to lower Key Stage 2. A great set of resources for a fun topic!

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