The Statistics Pack

Explore the wonderful world of statistics with our enormous resource pack! Teach your children with our comprehensive topic guide, review their understanding with the activity resources and create eye-catching classroom display boards with our printable posters and banners!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Eighteen Page Topic Guide – Help your children to learn about different types of charts, graphs and tables with this guide. Use it as a whole class teaching tool on an interactive whiteboard or print the pages for use as reference materials (or on your classroom display boards).
  • Nine Pages of Statistics Vocabulary Labels – Nine pages of labels that show the definitions of words linked to statistics. Each label also has a related picture / example to illustrate the concept.
  • One Statistics Glossary – A handy list of ‘statistics’ vocabulary with related definitions.
  • Five Tally Challenges – These printable pages let children practise their counting and tallying skills.
  • Ten Survey Forms – A set of ready-made templates that your children can use to carry out their own surveys. Five blank templates are also included so that your students can choose the topic!
  • Eight ‘Complete the Graph’ Challenges – Can your children use the data provided to create pictograms, bar charts, line graphs and pie charts?
  • Fifty Data Sets – Different sets of data, covering a wide range of subjects and topics. Use these for sorting and data analysis activities or make your own graphs and charts with them.
  • Five Sets of Graph and Chart Problems – A collection of different types of graphs and charts, with sets of related questions and problems to solve.
  • Forty Statistics Challenge Cards – A collection of different challenges that your children can complete. These include tallying, interpreting graphs, creating graphs, sorting Venn / Carroll diagrams, averages and more!
  • Four ‘Martian Money’ Resources – Can your children convert these alien currencies using the conversion graphs provided? Four different versions are available, at increasing levels of difficulty.
  • One Distance-Time Graph Matching Activity – Can your children match these distance-time graphs to the descriptions of what they show?
  • Two Distance Table Challenges – Ask your students to use the distance table to find the distances between places in different countries. Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Twenty Nine Paper Templates – A huge collection of printable paper templates, including graph paper, pie charts, squared paper, dotty paper, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams.
  • Eleven Display Banners – Make ‘statistics’ displays with our downloadable banners!

The Statistics Pack


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The Statistics Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Bianca

I must say it was very helpful for my son who is a visual learner. Well done, keep up the good work!

 by SarahStrahan

This resource was so helpful - the posters are informative and easy to read. The students were engaged and loved seeing examples. Great for visual learners.

 by Diane

A great resource with useful posters and activites, however the focus at my school is a little different and uses some different terminology. Having said that, it has still been very helpful.

 by SShaw
Statistics Pack

A really great variety of resources that proved very useful with LKS2. Really liked the inclusion of different sizes of graph paper, saved having to find it elsewhere on the Internet to print off. Challenge cards were also particularly useful for extending more able children who finish tasks more quickly; they could simply choose a challenge card to complete independently, which kept them occupied while also extending their thinking! Saved a great deal of time sourcing activities elsewhere or creating them myself, thank you.

 by MMac
Statistic pack

I really like the differentiation in this pack. As always clear and concise. It would be great if you could have an editable version of the block graph.
For small cohorts survey forms great idea and time consuming.

 by Linden Davies
The Statistics Pack

I was impressed with the data sets.These pages provide a great variety of topics to get the children to create their own graphs (line, pictographs, bar/column etc). They are also ideal for discussions to interpret information and generate their own data based on similar topics. The complete the graph section is also a good addition as the children have to write in the missing labels and can see the relationship between the table and the graph.I'm so glad you added the survey forms this saves a lot of time where the children prepare their own forms Thank you.

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