The Egyptians Pack - Teach your children about this fascinating period of history with our eBook, activity sheets and display resources!

Our Egyptians Pack is bursting with teaching resources to help your children to learn about Ancient Egypt. Download our child-friendly eBook, activity sheets and eye-catching display materials!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • One Thirty-Nine eBook - A downloadable eBook, using child-friendly language and clear images to illustrate the information shown. Includes information about different aspects of life in Ancient Egypt, fascinating facts to discover and a glossary that explains the meaning of key vocabulary linked to the topic. Teachers can print the pages of the eBook to use with their class or share the PDF on a large display to use it as a whole-class teaching tool!
  • Ten Story StartersA set of ten exciting images, linked to Ancient Egypt, that can be used as writing prompts.
  • One Pyramid Template - A printable net so that your class can make their own pyramids. Use them for Art activities, as part of Maths lessons or as a way of recording interesting facts about Ancient Egypt!
  • Two Hieroglyphics SheetsA set of resources that your children can use to write their own hieroglyphics!
  • One Egyptians Quiz - Read our Egyptians book and answer the questions in this quiz!
  • One Egyptians Vocabulary Challenge - Will your children be able to write definitions for these Egyptians words?
  • Two Crosswords - Use these handy printable resources to review your children's knowledge of Egyptian vocabulary.
  • Two Wordsearches - Can your children find the Egyptian words in the grid? Could they explain what each word means as they find it?
  • Twelve Display Banners - Printable banners to decorate your classroom displays when your children are learning about the Egyptians!
  • Eleven Cartoon Display Posters - A collection of cartoon posters to decorate your classroom as part of your Egyptians topic!
  • Seventeen Pages of Vocabulary Labels - Word labels, linked to every word in the eBook's glossary, that can be used on your classroom displays or for Egyptian vocabulary challenges! Also includes a blank set so teachers (and children) can make their own.
  • One set of 'The Egyptians' Display Letters - A set of printable letters that spell out ‘The Egyptians’. Perfect to add to your classroom displays!

Preview the Resources...

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The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack

The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack

The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack The Egyptians Pack

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Average rating:  
 26 reviews
by Essie on The Egyptians Pack
Egyptian Pack

My son was doing Ancient Egyptian in Year 4. This pack helped him grasp what life was like in Ancient Egypt. The amount of resources in the pack was invaluable and kept him busy for the whole 6 weeks or learning about the topic. Thank you for making my life easier as a parent.

by Cindi Niehaus on The Egyptians Pack
Ancient Egypt

I teach 5th grade in South Africa and found the Ancient Egypt pack extremely useful. I turned the booklet into posters which I displayed on the wall. Many a lunchtime found the learners exploring the topic and proudly informing me of what they had discovered. It turned out to be a powerful learning tool. Thank you!

by Shannon Eshleman on The Egyptians Pack
Egyptians Pack

I teach middle school social studies and used this packet as well as others to reinforce cultures taught in our 6th grade curriculum. The materials are colorful and reinforce vocabulary as well as other concepts 6th graders learn. It was a great supplemental pack to use with materials which sometimes bore students.

by Emily on The Egyptians Pack
Egyptian pack

I used this pack when teaching a topic on Egyptians to a mixed Year 3/4 class. I particularly found the e-book extremely useful - clearly laid out, child-friendly and good illustrations. Thank you!

by Kathy Turley on The Egyptians Pack
Egyptian pack

I used this pack with a year 6/7 class. It was fantastic. The information pages I copied and put into booklets. The students really enjoyed using them to assist their research. Helped with my programming. Another excellent resource. Thank you!

by Lesley on The Egyptians Pack
Excellent resource

I've used this pack for 3 different history homework assignments- it's gives an excellent overview of Ancient Egypt and includes lots of facts for kids!
Thank you! ?

Egyptian pack

I used this pack with 3rd and 4th classes last school year. Beautifully presented with great information . looking forward to using the Ancient Greece pack this week

by TJ Hatch on The Egyptians Pack
A brilliant pack!!!

This is a fantastic and informative pack! My son loves history and he found out that he will be learning about the ancient Egyptians this year, so i printed the book out and he absolutely loves it!!!! i will be printing more of this pack very soon!! Thank you teaching packs 🙂

by Marie Lowry on The Egyptians Pack
Topic for the term

This coming term we are studying Ancient Egypt as the topic across the key phase (LKS2). Fab resource, made planning for the term fun and simple. Looking forward to using it with the class.

by Silvia on The Egyptians Pack
Egyptologist in the making

My 7 years old daughter is homeschooled and she has great affinity towards Egyptian studies and paleontology. We spent an entire week focusing on Egypt and this pack was exceptional. Other than a couple of errors in the crosswords that confused us a bit (first crossword - 1 Down was missing the first white box. 2nd crossword, 17 down has The Sun God as Re instead of Ra) we had a lot of fun going through the kid friendly material, completing the quiz and wordsearch. The wordsearch was a great way to quiz my daughter's understanding of each word by asking her to define it and the crossword gave her an opportunity to learn how to find the necessary answer in the lesson pack if she couldn't remember or didn't know. Thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to using the next pack.

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