The Christmas Maths Pack

Enjoy a wide range of Maths topics during the festive season with our bumper pack of resources. It includes games, activities, logic problems, challenge cards, display resources and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Three ‘Christmas Counting’ Challenges – Can your children count how many of each item have been used to decorate the Christmas tree? Available at three levels of difficulty (with answers).
  • Two Christmas Count and Colour – Ask your children to count and colour the Christmas objects on these activity sheets.
  • Four ‘Christmas Addition’ Sheets – A set of simple addition challenges for younger children.
  • Four ‘Christmas Subtraction’ Sheets – A set of different subtraction tasks that your children can complete around the festive season.
  • Four ‘Christmas Height Ordering’ Resources – A simple activity for younger children that challenges them to place the Christmas trees (and elves) in order of height.
  • Two ‘Christmas Patterns’ Activity Sheets – Can your children complete the patterns of coloured baubles correctly?
  • Three Colour by Number Sheets – A simple colouring activity to help younger children identify numbers.
  • One Symmetrical Snowflakes Task – Can your children complete the missing sections of these snowflakes?
  • Five Christmas Symmetry Challenges – Can your children complete the other sides of these festive pictures to make them symmetrical?
  • Five Christmas Coordinate Drawings – Find the correct coordinates on these grids and join them together to complete the Christmas pictures!
  • Three Maths Mazes – Review your children’s number bonds to 50, 75 and 100 by finding the correct way out of the Christmas maze!
  • Two ‘Present Pile Up’ Games – Let your children practise multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 with this festive game.
  • Seven ‘Reindeer Rescue’ Games – Help the baby reindeer reach his parent by rolling a die and answering Maths questions along the way! Seven differentiated sets of questions are available.
  • Four Sets of ‘Shopalot Christmas Gift Shop’ Challenges – Ask your students to use the information in this online shop to solve the differentiated Maths questions. Available at four different levels of difficulty, with answers for teachers too.
  • Two Sets of ‘Santa’s Christmas Travels’ Challenges – These distance-time graphs show Santa’s distance from the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Can your children use the graphs to work out the answers to our questions? Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Three Christmas Logic Problems – A set of differentiated logic problems with a Christmas theme. Can your children use the clues to complete the table at the bottom of each page?
  • Thirteen Pages of ‘Christmas Tree Tables’ – Can your children review their knowledge of different multiplication tables by filling in the baubles on the Christmas tree? Includes sheets for every times table from 1x to 12x with a blank version, so that you can add others too!
  • Four ‘Christmas Number Box’ Activity Sheets – Challenge your students to work out the values of the Christmas pictures in these differentiated Maths challenges!
  • Eight Christmas Dot to Dots – ‘Dot to dot’ pictures with a Christmas theme. Available at a variety of difficulty levels.
  • Four Christmas Sudoku Challenges – A set of differentiated Sudoku challenges for your children to try!
  • Forty Maths Challenge Cards – A collection of festive Maths challenges that your students can explore.
  • Four ‘Christmas Picture Coordinates’ Resources – Four festive images with a coordinate grid printed on the top. Can your children make up coordinates problems using them?
  • Four Christmas Present Maths Activity Sheets – Can your children calculate the area and perimeter of these rectangles and compound shapes? Includes answers for teachers.
  • One Christmas Tree Angles Challenge – Ask your students to estimate / measure the indicated angles on this Christmas tree!
  • Four Pages of Christmas Co-ordinates – Create four Christmas pictures by colouring the correct spaces on the grid! Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Four Pages of Missing Presents Activities – Santa has lost the presents at different locations on the grid. Can your children find them for him? Includes answers.
  • Six Special Deliveries Maths Challenges – Can your pupils help Santa to colour his map, by following the different mathematical clues? Six differentiated maps are available with lots of related challenge cards. A blank one is also included so you and your pupils can make some too!
  • Ten Christmas Gift Shop Maths Problems – Challenge your pupils with our Christmas Maths problems. Three different sets of questions are included for different ages and abilities with questions using pounds, dollars and euros. A blank version is also included so you can set appropriate questions… or the children could create questions for each other!

The Christmas Maths Pack

If you’re looking for other festive resources, make sure that you download our Christmas Pack and Christmas Crafts Pack!


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The Christmas Maths Pack
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Alison Walters
Amazing Value!

This is the best Christmas Maths Pack I have ever used and is well worth the value of the Teaching Pack subscription alone! The highlight of the pack is the Reindeer Rescue Game which all my pupils love from Years 1-8. It’s so popular that I am still playing it in February.
A fantastic Maths revision resource in one game.

 by Martin
Outstanding Resources

Honestly, some of the best resources around. Superb quality and well differentiated throughout! Thanks!

 by Em
Fab resources

Just had a look at the resources and I am so very grateful. These will fit perfectly for the last few days of term and recapping maths they have already covered this year in a fun, festive way. Thank you.

 by Andrea
Great Pack

I love this pack, it will be great over the Christmas Holidays to keep my son engaged and learning (homeschooled). Plan to use into the new year too, thank you!
Have a fabulous Christmas!

 by Ann Hopkins
Christmas pack

Thanks so much for these. It's always difficult to know what to do for those last few days leading up to the Christmas break. I will be creating a Christmas work book for my class using these. What a time saver!

 by Paula
just what I needed for the last two weeks of term

Fantastic range of resources for the last two weeks of term. Normal planning is on hold due to Christmas Show rehearsals but there is something for everyone here. I'll be using the co-ordinate activities and angles worksheet as a little assessment of what the children remember from earlier in the term - the differentiated sheets and activities are ideal for a composite class. I'm also looking forward to using the challenge cards, Christmas number boxes and logic problems (I loved those myself as a child) - perfect for the children in my class that want more of a challenge. I'm sure reindeer rescue will be a hit with everyone too. So many good ideas, that I'm not sure I have enough time left to use all of them 🙂

 by Rowan
Wow! Just what we need!

It was a great idea to create a special Christmas Maths Pack. All the old favourites are here, and they are reinforced with some absolutely wonderful games and activities. I especially love the Y1-6 questions for the Reindeer Game. At this time of year, where concerts and parties are causing havoc in lessons, it's great to have some special festive activities to keep children learning and having fun too!

 by Steph

Some of the best material in the market. Congratulations.

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