The Halloween Pack

Celebrate this spooky time of year with our teaching resource pack! It includes a Halloween topic guide, a range of cross-curricular activity resources, display materials and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Guide to Halloween – A Powerpoint / PDF guide to Halloween covering the origins of the festival, how it is celebrated today, ‘trick or treating’, Halloween symbols and traditions, fascinating facts and more!
  • Twelve ‘Halloween Around the World’ Cards – Find out how Halloween (and other festivals of the dead) are celebrated in different countries with these printable cards. Use them as a reference / comprehension resource or add them to your classroom displays.
  • One ‘Vampire Escape’ Game – Learn about Halloween celebrations around the world with our printable game! Who will be the first to escape from the vampire and get back to Granny’s cosy cottage by answering questions about Halloween?
  • Twenty Halloween Early Morning Activities – Different activities that you can use at the start of the day (or as tasks for early finishers). These include a range of English topics, Maths activities, design challenges and more!
  • One Halloween Word Mat – A helpful mat that shows a range of words related to Halloween. Use this as a reference resource during your writing and other activities!
  • One Halloween Word Bank – A collection of Halloween-themed words, sorted into nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. This resource is also available in a ‘jumbled’ format so that your children can sort the words themselves.
  • Twelve Halloween Picture Word Banks – Explore these spooky pictures together and think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs related to them. Then, use those words in descriptive sentences and paragraphs.
  • Twenty Spooky Starters – Use these introductory sentences and paragraphs as inspiration for your own Halloween-themed writing!
  • Six Sets of Halloween Story Dice – Roll the dice and use the pictures as the starting point for your own Halloween stories! They include a variety of spooky characters, settings and objects.
  • One Halloween Acrostic Template – Write an acrostic poem about Halloween with this handy template!
  • Four Halloween Picture Puzzles – Challenge your children to solve the Maths calculations and then colour the grid to make a Halloween picture!
  • Eight Halloween Dot to Dot Puzzles – A collection of ‘dot to dot’ puzzles that challenge your children to create a Halloween picture by drawing lines between the numbers. Available at a range of difficulty levels.
  • Six Halloween Mazes – Can your children find their way through these creepy mazes?
  • Six Halloween ‘Spot the Differences’ – Can your children find the differences between the spooky pictures in these puzzles?
  • Twenty Halloween Colouring Pages – A set of pictures showing spooky characters and settings (at a variety of complexity levels) that your children can colour.
  • One Halloween Crossword – Can your children use the clues to solve this Halloween-themed crosswords?
  • One Halloween Wordsearch – Review Halloween vocabulary with this printable wordsearch.
  • Three Sets of Halloween Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom at spooky times of the year!
  • Two Halloween Banners – Banners to add to your spooky classroom display boards.

The Halloween Pack


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The Halloween Pack The Halloween PackThe Halloween Pack The Halloween Pack
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The Halloween Pack
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Rachel

I love this pack! My class will be so excited to see all the Halloween themed work. I love the fact that you have Halloween around the world - makes it more than just about getting candy!

 by Michelle Noonan
Halloween Mini Pack

Fantastic. Love this pack, engaging and informative! Loads of fun to be had! 🙂

 by laura avery

We are loving this pack great fun. The story cubes have been a great source of amusement, and the colour by numbers maths art sheets are very enjoyable!

 by Nique

Wow, I'm impressed. Great package again. Thank you. I can use this right away. Even for my Adult classes 🙂

 by Lee
Great Variety

This pack is great! I love the bite sized history lessons and the variety of activities. We'll have fun with this one. 🙂

 by Karen

Fantastic resources. Great images and information as always!

 by Rowan
The Halloween Pack

That is really cool! I was talking to some of the teachers at my school just the other day about how we were looking forward to doing some Halloween fun! What a nice present to get. Now, let's look inside...

* Lots of things! This is a big size for a minipack!

* A lovely selection of banners and posters! "Day of the Dead" too!

* Wow! A beautiful guide, posters around the world, puzzles and games, maths exercises, English exercises, poetry exercises - this is terrific! I really think you might want to upgrade this from MiniPack to TeachingPack!

* And all beautifully presented as well! Really nice artwork. Well done!

Comments and suggestions? Well, if you must...I suppose anything can be improved. Maybe some spooky stories to tell, or some Halloween jokes - or perhaps some ideas for making costumes?

Terrific work! Five stars!

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