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We love making new Teaching Packs and educational resources! To help you stay up to date with our latest additions, here is a list of the latest changes…

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December 2022

  • A large number of new resources were added to the Christmas Pack.
  • A new survey was published to let our members share ideas for packs that we can make for you in 2023!

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March 2019

  • The Rocks and Soils Pack was published.
  • The Leonardo da Vinci Pack was also added to the site.
  • A new set of 365 Wonderful Words was added to the Wonderful Words Pack.
  • An overview document was created for our members, listing the packs available on Teaching Packs and the dates they were last updated. This can be used to keep a record of the packs that members have downloaded, so they always have an up to date copy.
  • A new Easter Bunny template was added to the Easter Pack.

February 2019

January 2019

December 2018

  • The following resources were added to our popular Christmas Pack:
    • Twelve Christmas Around the World Cards,
    • Christmas Follow Me Cards,
    • ‘Shopalot Christmas Gift Shop’ Challenges,
    • ‘Christmas Headlines’ Resources,
    • Christmas ‘True or False?’ Activity,
    • Christmas Crafts Instructions and Templates,
    • ‘Santa’s Christmas Travels’ Challenges.

November 2018

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December 2016

  • The following resources were added to our Christmas Pack:
    • Christmas Story Dice
    • Christmas Story Generator
    • Christmas Colouring Pages
    • ‘Letters to Santa’ Templates
    • Christmas Sudoku Challenges
    • Maths Challenge Cards
    • ‘Christmas Picture Coordinates’ Resources

November 2016

  • We added another new History pack to our collection… The Victorians Pack!
  • The Negative Numbers Pack was added to our set of Maths resources.
  • Three new resources were added to our Goody Pack… a Noggle Maths display activity, mindfulness colouring pages and some Hidden Pictures inference printables.

October 2016

  • A Newspaper Reports Pack was added to our collection of English packs.
  • Ten new ‘Christmas’ themed sets of letters were added to the Display Letters Pack. Three ‘Newspaper’ styles were also added, along with four ‘Candy’ themed styles.
  • Our TV Guides resource (in the Telling the Time Pack) was updated to include sets of questions that refer to timings using words (e.g. twenty minutes to three).

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016

  • Our HUGE Comprehension Pack was added to Teaching Packs!
  • A set of Euro 2016 Challenge cards was added to the Goody Pack. Thanks to our member Grant for this suggestion!

May 2016

April 2016

  • The Coordinates Pack was added to our set of teaching resource packs.
  • A new history pack was added to our collection too… The Ancient Greece Pack.
  • We created additional versions of the resources in the Decimals Pack that use the term ‘Ones’ instead of ‘Units.
  • Thirteen new sets of letter styles were added to the Display Letters Pack.
  • The following new resources were added to the Number Pack:
    • Negative Number Lines and Number Squares,
    • Negative Number Activity Sheets (Inputs and Outputs, Top 30 and Secret Trails),
    • Millions Activity Sheets.
  • Four certificates were added to the Phonics Pack.

March 2016

February 2016

  • We completed the Display Letters Pack. It now includes 250 different sets of letters, but we’re happy to accept requests for new styles from our lovely members!
  • Our fortieth resource pack, The Growth Mindset Pack, was added to our collection!
  • We created a new, exclusive Facebook group for our members.
  • The following resources were added to the Goody Pack:
    • 3D Shape Foldable
    • A Balanced Diet
    • Area and Perimeter Pictures
    • Be… Display
    • Calculation Strips
    • End of the Day Prompts
    • How did you travel to school? Posters
    • In This Classroom, We…
    • Learning Reflection Posters
    • Letter Jumbles
    • Maths Follow Me Cards
    • Maths Vocabulary Jigsaws
    • Number Bond Mazes
    • Prepositions Challenges
    • Story Endings
    • Story Starters
    • Super Sentences
    • Tangrams
    • The more that you read…
    • They’re, There and Their Posters
    • Thinking Skills Posters
    • Wash Your Hands
    • When to use a capital letter
    • Where do we read?
    • World Map Jigsaws
  • New ‘square numbers’ posters and cards were also added to the Number Pack.

January 2016

  • We redesigned the site a little, in order to cope with the increasing number of resource packs! The Member Dashboard also got a new look.
  • The Space Pack was also published for our wonderful members.
  • An editable set of Letter Jumble resources was added to our Goody Pack.
  • We also added the 3D Shapes Pack to our resource collection and started a new Display Letters Pack.

December 2015

  • The following resources were added to our popular Christmas Pack:
    • Christmas Present Maths
    • Christmas Tree Angles
    • Christmas Present Nets
    • Design a Christmas Jumper
    • Christmas Story Starters
    • Christmas Co-ordinates
    • Missing Presents
  • A set of Viking Thinking Challenges were also added to our Vikings Pack.

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015

  • Another new resource pack was added to the site – The Early Human History Pack!
  • Additional versions of the resources in the Narrative Writing Pack were created. These do not include the animal characters and are more suitable for older learners. Thanks to our members who suggested this.
  • Editable versions of the examples in the Recount Writing Pack were created, so that teachers can edit and improve them with their class. Thanks to Shirley for this suggestion.

August 2015

July 2015

June 2015

May 2015

April 2015

March 2015

  • We added our new Grammar Pack to the Members Area. This has been an extremely popular request!
  • The Punctuation Bookmarks (in the Punctuation Pack) were updated so that ‘capital letters’ and ‘full stops / periods’ were next to each other. Thanks to Val for her suggestion!

February 2015

  • Another new resource pack was created… The Human Body Pack.
  • We also added a new Teaching Packs Forum to the site, to enable our wonderful members to share ideas and ask for advice from each other.

January 2015

  • The twenty-seventh resource pack was added to the site… The Decimals Pack!
  • We created an answer key for the Final Challenge in the Punctuation Pack. Thanks to Ken for the suggestion.
  • We also made some editable Word of the Day posters for our Wonderful Words Pack. Thanks to Caroline for requesting these.
  • Some editable visual timetable cards and labels were also added to the Classroom Essentials Pack (as suggested by Kathy).
  • A set of new Classroom Warning Signs were added to the Goody Pack to inform visitors that learning /  teamwork / achievements are taking place in your class.

December 2014

  • The Wet Play Pack was published, offering educational resources and printable goodies for your children to explore during break periods when it’s raining outside.

November 2014

October 2014

  • A new resource pack was added to the site… The Shapes Pack!
  • We also updated our Shapes Pack, to include additional versions of the resources for those members who use the term ‘trapezoid’ instead of ‘trapezium’.
  • We added some WALT / WILF / TIB and WAGOLL posters to the Goody Pack. Thanks to Elisa for this great suggestion! Following other suggestions from our Facebook followers, we also added others based on the terms IALT, LI, LO, NS, SC and STP!
  • Our Classroom Rewards Pack now has editable versions of all of the certificates so you can add your own text inside the box on each page.
  • We added two new activity sheets to our Egyptians Pack… a quiz and a vocabulary challenge.
  • One of our wonderful members, Charlie Smith, shared some helpful contents lists for our Early Morning Activity PackEarly Morning Activity Pack 2 and Thinking Skills Pack!

September 2014

  • The Wonderful Words Pack was published for our members to use!
  • We also added another new resource pack… The Writing Prompts Pack.
  • A set of new Punctuation Checkers was added to our Punctuation Pack. Thanks to Ceri Reynolds, one of our members, for this suggestion!
  • We also updated the Mental Maths Tricks posters in the Mental Maths Pack with fourteen new pages. Thank you to Ushma Mahomed for sharing lots of her fantastic maths strategies with us!
  • A new option was also added to the Members Area, allowing existing members to renew their accounts using a debit / credit card payment.

August 2014

July 2014

  • We added cover / title pages to all of our resource packs (in a variety of sizes and orientations). These can be used as front covers for your own teaching resource folders or as title pages for children’s topic books.
  • A new ‘Star of the Day’ banner and a certificate were added to the Classroom Rewards Pack. Thanks to Alison for this suggestion!
  • Our Classroom Essentials Pack has also been updated with new resources that use the term ‘Computing’ (in addition to ICT / Technology) and ‘English’ (in addition to Literacy).
  • The Telling the Time Pack was also published!

June 2014

May 2014

  • One of our most frequently requested packs, The Egyptians Pack, was finished and uploaded to our Members Area.

April 2014

March 2014

January 2014

  • The Romans Pack was published to help you discover this exciting period in history with your class!
  • Three new sets of resources were added to the Goody Pack (Shape Grids, Maths Challenges, Word of the Day Posters and Similes Posters)
  • The forum was closed to enable us to spend more time making new resource packs.

December 2013

  • Some free Christmas challenges were shared on our blog.
  • The Members Area was also updated to make it easier for members to download our packs, change their passwords and share their feedback.
  • New servers were also set up to speed up downloads for our members!

November 2013

  • The Christmas Pack was added to help our members to prepare for the festive season.
  • The Teaching Packs site was also given a new design!
  • More resources were added to the Goody Pack (Flipbooks, Multiplication Square Challenges and Hundred Square Challenges).
  • We made personalised Christmas posters for all of our members.
  • We also celebrated the success of the site with an exciting giveaway!

October 2013

  • Another new Maths pack was published… The Fractions Pack.
  • New resources were added to our Goody Pack, including Finger Spaces pointers, Homophones posters and a set of 16 Learning Ladders.

September 2013

August 2013

June 2013

May 2013

  • The Maths Vocabulary Pack was published.
  • The Punctuation Pack was updated with alternative versions of the resources that use the terms speech marks and quotation marks.
  • The Goody Pack was created with lots of additional bonus resources for our members.
  • Our Teaching Packs Blog was created to share news and updates about the site and its resources.

April 2013

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