Superheroes like Superman and Batman first featured in children’s comics at the end of the 1930s. They seem very modern but they have lots of similarities to mythical heroes, for example the Greek hero Heracles was extremely strong.

A superhero has super powers that gives them an advantage over other humans. Whether they can control the weather, like Storm in X-Men, or make people tell the truth, like Wonder Woman, they have to choose how they will use these powers to help people.

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Superhero Facts

  • Superman first appeared in a comic in 1938. The comic, Action Comics #1, is very rare, and in 2014 a copy was sold on eBay for $3.2 million!
  • There are two types of superhero; those that have superhuman powers (like Spiderman) and those who have special training and technology (like Iron Man).
  • The first female superheroes, Fantomah and the Woman in Red, both first appeared in comics in 1940.


Alphabet Superheroes

Younger children will enjoy learning the alphabet with their favourite superheroes.

Running time: 3:48

Batman Teaches Robin the Three Times Table!

A fun way to practise your 3x table with Batman and Robin.

Running time: 2:21

Count to 100 with Spiderman

Practise counting up to 100 by singing along with Spiderman!

Running time: 3:49



Supertato is always there for you when the chips are down…

Juniper Jupiter

Juniper is a superhero, and she needs a sidekick. Will she ever find the perfect one?

Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl

When bullies steal a newspaper boy’s money, the newspapers transform in Origami Girl.

5-Minute Marvel Stories

Some fantastic quick reads about your favourite Marvel characters.

Superhero Hotel

Even superheroes need a holiday The trouble is, superheroes don’t like having nothing to do.

How to Save a Superhero

A comic-book baddie steals one of Albie’s toys, how will he get it back?

Count the Superheroes!

A fun puzzle picture book for the under-fives.

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