Three Ways to use Teaching Packs in your Home Education

This September sees me move into my sixth year as a home educator. There are a few things we have chopped and changed along the way, but there are other things that have stayed consistent. I’ve learnt what works well for our home education and the resources that I can rely on.

Today I am going to share three ways that you can use the resources from Teaching Packs in your own Home Education set-up. Teaching Packs have always been consistently excellent and provide information that you know is well researched and fact-checked and is engaging and well written.

Project Based Learning

Home Education - Mistake Mats We very much follow a project-based approach in our home education. This works well for us as my older two children can work at a higher level whilst I help my youngest child a little. I find that a project-based approach helps me tailor the work well to each of them. I use Teaching Packs for our history projects a fair bit. I tend to download the PDF guides, which are always incredibly in-depth and well-written. I then sketch a plan of the sections I want to cover and how I might cover them. I always try and find some craft ideas to add to the projects too, which helps to bring things to life a little. The Great Fire of London is one of the projects I intend to pick up this year with the children, and there are some excellent supporting items included on the page, such as the timeline activity and the comprehension activities.


Encouraging Independent Learning

I am always keen to encourage the children to work on their own projects and to take control of what and how they study. For my older two children, who will be in years 5 and 4 this academic year, I am going to set them the task of completing a country study each half term. The Country Research Pack is superb, and I have printed out a number of the templates and the prompt sheet for them the plan is that they will each choose a country to study and use the Country Research pack to help frame their study. It will be interesting to see how their approach changes once they have done two or three studies. I hope it helps them develop skills in framing and presenting their work as well as giving them some ownership over their work.

I’ll also use the Country Research pack with my youngest child as I guide him through using it as he begins to work more independently this year.

Home Education - Mistake Mats

Activity Packs

Each day when we are doing ‘desk’ work, my children all get some 1-1 time with me. This is usually to focus on some maths work or anything they have been struggling with. Whilst I am working with one of them, the other two work through an activity pack. This is a pack of workbooks or activity sheets that are designed to get them thinking about things in a different way or to consolidate something we have been working on. This year there are some bits and pieces from Teaching Packs that I plan to add to these activity packs. The things I have chosen for the first half term include:

  • Mistake Mats – These are aimed at different levels and are a great way to get children to put into practice some of their learning to see if they can identify the mistakes.
  • Mindfulness Mats – These are great for getting children to think differently and a bit more reflectively.  I like the look of these a lot, and I’ll be interested to see how the children use these.
  • Activity Mats – These are split into different target age groups and are great for consolidating learning as well as providing an additional challenge. They have a wide range of activities included, and when I’ve used them in the past, they’ve been great for identifying any areas we need to brush up on.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas of how you could use the excellent Teaching Packs resources in your home education.

Sarah is a home-educating mum of three and shares her approach on her website and Instagram.



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