The Wonderful Words Pack - Help your children to use a wide range of wonderful words in their writing and language work!

The Wonderful Words Pack is here to help your children expand their vocabulary… helping them to use a wider range of amazing words in their written and spoken language.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Eleven ‘Types of Words’ resources – Help your children to learn about different types of words (including nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, proper nouns, pronouns, conjunctions and connectives) using our printable resources. Includes posters, labels and lots of word lists!
  • Seven Hundred and Thirty ‘Word of the Day’ posters – Introduce a new word to your class every day with our ‘word of the day’ posters. Display them on your interactive whiteboard or use them on a classroom display. Can you challenge your children to use today’s word in their writing? Two sets are available with enough words for a new word every day for two years!
  • Eleven ‘How to Improve Your Vocabulary’ posters – A set of ideas to encourage your children to increase their vocabulary.
  • Four ‘How to Describe a Character’ resources – A set of resources to help children describe characters in their writing. Includes two different posters (with different levels of vocabulary) and two printable templates.

The Wonderful Words Pack

  • Thirty-Two Synonyms resources – Lots of synonyms (related to different nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs). A great reference resource to help children use a variety of vocabulary in the classroom!
  • One Colour Chart and One Colours Display – Give your children a wider selection of colour names to use in their writing with our handy printable chart!
  • Three Similes resources – Help your children to learn about similes and give them a range of similes to use in their descriptive writing.
  • Three ‘My Wonderful Words’ booklets – Let your children make their own booklets to record their wonderful words.
  • Two Display BannersA set of display banners as part of your vocabulary displays.
  • Eight Cover Pages – A collection of printable cover pages (in A4 / A5 sizes and colour / black and white) that can be used on your own teaching resources folder… or children could use them as a title page for their ‘Vocabulary’ topic.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Wonderful Words Pack.


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The Wonderful Words Pack
Average rating:  
 41 reviews
wonderful words

I absolutely love this pack. Our school have very little resources such as thesauruses so to be able to use this resource pack to encourage my students to find more interesting or specific vocabulary to put into their writing has been a godsend. I love the How to improve your vocab posters and use them as a talking point during my reading lessons. Thank you for such a comprehensive resource.

 by Arsia

I love this resource! I love the fact the children are using these in their writing in year 6. Thank you so much.

 by Mary rivera

Wonderful packages for students. Thank you.

 by Karen
Wonderful Words!

A truly wonderful resource with easily adaptable and printable material for making games such as synonyms snap and pelmanism.The resources can be the main focus of a lesson or a great warmer or extension activity. Thank you 🙂

 by Gill
Wonderul Words

Thank you for updating this!
This is a very comprehensive resource - and it is particularly helpful to have the words presented in a variety of ways for display.
I particularly like the 'Adverbs Synonyms Display' cards. They they are great for children to use in pairs, creating sentences and discussing the difference in meaning between words to find the most appropriate one for their writing. Also the similes cards are a super addition for discussion as well as display.
Thank you too, for adding "conjunctions" to the 'Types Of Words' display - I don't suppose you could add 'determiners' too, could you?!

Thanks for your lovely review Gill. We have now added some 'determiners' resources to this pack.

 by Elaine
Wonderful Words Pack

This is such a useful resource. I carry the 'Word of the Day' cards to all my sessions. I use them with KS2 and 3 students to play spellings battleships and for sentence practice - sometimes combining them with parts of speech or figurative language cards. Older students pick 3 or more cards at a time and write short stories or texts based on a selected genre. They then practice their skills in critiquing their own, and sometimes my attempt! Thank you so much for this.

 by Elaine
Wonderful Wonderful words

So thrilled with the Wonderful words teaching pack. Went through the resource yesterday and started it with my 13-year-old boy yesterday too. We started on the How to Describe your character poster and worksheet. He absolutely loved it and we printed an outline of black panther and he was in his element colouring in his character and describing using help from the poster and the adjectives in the pack too. We are also using the word for the day. Great pack, would reccomend highly, adaptable to any age. Great first day back to Home Ed. ( One happy ASD child)

 by snowy
great resource

I think this is a brilliant resource. I love to laminate A3 sheets that the children can write verbs, nouns and adjectives on. This will aid my display and provide children with idea and prompts to what a noun, verb, adjective is. why reinvent the wheel. clear, visual and accessible.

 by rowan3d

What a delightful idea! I haven't used all the resources in this pack, but I am planning on using them more in the next school year. Two in particular stand out. The Colour Chart was incredibly popular. I started with a game - I'd say a word in English, and then my children would say the word in Chinese. They were fine with "red" and "yellow" and "blue' but then as soon as I said "viridian" or "mustard" or fuschia" they were puzzled. And as soon as I printed out the chart and stuck it on display I started reading about "cinnamon coloured clouds" and "slate-grey eyes" in their writing. Fantastic!
The other one was the Word A Day. What a delightful idea! I printed them off and made an ongoing display of them, which I'm planning on doing properly next year when I have time.
Great work, Mark and Helen!

 by Diane
Wonderful Words

This pack fits in so well with my focus in Literacy a the moment. The posters are colourful and activities useful. Thanks!

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