The Supply Teaching Pack

Download a bumper collection of standalone activity resources, lesson ideas and printable templates. These resources can be used in the classroom by supply / relief / substitute teachers, and by class teachers and home educators too!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Two Book Emoji Challenge – The names of these popular books and stories have been replaced with emojis. Can your children work out the name of each book?
  • Twelve Letter Jumbles – A set of twelve differentiated anagram challenges. How many words can your children find using the letters in the grid?
  • Five ‘Text Message Corrections’ Activities – These printables show text messages between different characters. Can your children correct the spellings, add the missing punctuation and expand the abbreviations?
  • Eight Synonym Word Searches – Explore these eight word searches to find synonyms for different vocabulary! Answers are included.
  • Twenty-Four ‘View Through the Window’ Sheets – A collection of images showing different scenes and landscapes through window frames. Use the lines at the bottom of the page to collect related vocabulary, write a description of the view, or write a story based on the picture.
  • Six Book Review Templates – Differentiated templates that your children can use to review books they have read recently.
  • Six Fact File Templates – Make a fact file about your chosen topic using this selection of writing and drawing templates.
  • Forty Shape Poem Outlines – A collection of forty outline images that can be used to create your own shape poems.
  • Two Sets of Maths Clue Cards – Can your children solve the clues on these cards to identify the mystery numbers? A blank template is also included so that your children can set mystery number challenges for their friends!
  • One Multiplication Square Jigsaw – Cut out the pieces of this jigsaw and then put them together to make a 10×10 multiplication square.
  • Five Sets of Magic Squares – Can your children solve these magic square puzzles, and then make up some of their own?
  • One ‘Odd One Out’ PowerPoint – Can your children identify the ‘odd one out’ on each slide of this Maths PowerPoint? Can they explain why it is different from the others?
  • One ‘Number of the Day’ PowerPoint – Choose a number and ask your children a variety of questions based on the large collection of ideas that we have provided!
  • One ‘Number of the Day’ Activity Sheet – A Word document that can be edited and printed so children can complete a Number of the Day challenge on paper!
  • Four Picture Puzzles – Can your children solve the calculations and then colour the grid in the corresponding colours? What hidden pictures will be revealed?
  • Eight Comic Strip Templates – A set of eight printable pages that your children can use to create their own comic strips.
  • Five Doodle Designs – These activity sheets feature six unusual shapes, lines and patterns. Can your children turn them all into interesting pictures, creative characters and clever designs?
  • Twenty ‘Finish the Picture’ Sheets – Challenge your children to complete the other half of these pictures, using the provided grid to help.
  • Ten ‘Hidden Pictures’ Tasks – Reveal the images in each set and discuss what children can see in each one. Can your children draw the rest of the image? This is great for inference and prediction skills!
  • Ten ‘Colour by Numbers’ Sheets – A collection of ten ‘colour by numbers’ pages that your children can use to practise their colouring / number recognition.
  • Thirty-Five Mindfulness Colouring Pages – A large set of colouring pages that children can decorate in different ways.
  • Seven Classroom Games – A collection of enjoyable games that can be played with a group of children in a classroom.
  • Six ‘No Equipment PE Activities’ – If you’re covering a PE lesson without any plans, try some of these simple activity ideas!
  • One ‘Useful Packs’ Overview – A handy overview of the other Teaching Packs that may be particularly useful to supply, substitute and relief teachers.

The Supply Teaching Pack


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The Supply Teaching Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Cheryl Hallier
The Supply teaching Pack

This pack is a treasure chest of resources. Not only is it great for a Supply Teacher going into a class, but awesome for one off lessons for those days when something unexpected crops up and you need something on the spot.
I have used the Book Emoji Challenge as part of my Literacy rotations and the children absolutely loved it. They were totally engaged trying to work out the titles and there was lots of collaboration.
The Doodle designs are fabulous, encouraging thinking outside the square. It kept my class engaged for the whole afternoon.
Thank you for another awesome resource.

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