The Subtraction Pack

Help your children to improve their subtraction skills with our comprehensive resource pack! It includes a full topic guide, a huge collection of activity resources and eye-catching display and reference materials for your children to refer to during their Maths lessons.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 22 Page Topic Guide – Use our comprehensive topic guide to teach your children about different aspects of subtraction. It includes subtraction vocabulary, subtraction with number lines / number squares, written subtraction strategies and much more.
  • Four ‘Subtraction Match’ Challenges – Can your children find pairs of subtraction cards that have the same answer?
  • Three ‘Number Card Subtraction’ Resources – Challenge your children to use a set of number cards to make subtraction calculations with given answers!
  • Six Sets of Subtraction Tables – Can your children complete each table by subtracting the numbers at the start of each row from the numbers along the top of each column?
  • Two ‘Subtraction with a Number Line’ Pages – Sheets that ask your students to solve subtraction calculations using a number line.
  • Two ‘Subtraction with a Number Square’ Activity Sheets – Ask your children to solve these subtraction questions using the number square provided. Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Five ‘Find the Subtraction’ Challenges – Can your children solve twenty different subtraction calculations and then find them on the grid of numbers? Available at five different levels of difficulty.
  • Three Sets of ‘Corner Cafe’ Questions – Test your children’s subtraction skills by asking them to work out the change that each customer needs when they visit the Corner Cafe. Available at three different levels of difficulty, in Pounds, Dollars and Euros.
  • Four Sets of Subtraction Follow Me Cards – A range of subtraction questions on individual cards. Can your children work together to match the questions with the correct answers?
  • Forty Subtraction Challenge Cards – A set of cards that test your children’s subtraction skills in different ways. Can they find differences, subtract decimals, work out missing numbers, solve single-step and multi-step problems… and more?
  • Twenty ‘Top 30 Subtraction’ Resources – How quickly can your children answer all thirty subtraction calculations on these activity sheets?
  • Six Sets of ‘Across-Downs’ – Challenge your students to answer the subtraction calculations in each column and row to complete the grids. Available at six different levels of difficulty.
  • Five ‘Horizontal Subtraction’ Resources – Five activity sheets that require your children to solve a range of subtraction questions using horizontal methods.
  • Eight ‘Column Subtraction’ Challenges – Eight different resources that test your children’s column / vertical subtraction skills. Available with and without regrouping / exchanging.
  • Four Sets of ‘Inputs and Outputs’ – Can your children work out the subtraction rule that is being used in each table and then use this to calculate the missing outputs?
  • Four Sets of ‘Subtraction Targets’ – Collections of target boards that test your children’s ability to subtract 10, 100, 9 and 99 from different numbers.
  • Six Subtraction Trails – Challenge your children to subtract numbers to create a trail from the starting number to the final answer! Available at six different levels of difficulty (including decimals).
  • Four Sets of Subtraction Grids – Can your children complete these subtraction grids quickly and accurately? Available at four different levels of difficulty.
  • Two Subtraction Banners – Colourful banners to add to the Maths display boards in your classroom.
  • One Set of Subtraction Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom when your children are learning about subtraction!

The Subtraction Pack


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The Subtraction Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Akaysha
Subtraction kit

I love the audio files! I can use them with individual students or as a group! Please add audio files to other packs!

 by Donna Barnard
Love it

Absolutely love this pack. The graphics are engaging and the information so helpful. Worksheets are great to use for homework and support the children’s learning.

 by Marianne Garety

This is a fantastic addition (if you will pardon the pun!) to the Maths packs. So many children are afraid of subtraction and this pack gives many varied ways to practise through sums, quizzes, activities and games. The range of numbers used allows for differentiation within a class group or for use across a multi composite class. Many activities are suitable for use as homework as well as class activities, which saves many hours of reinventing the wheel! Thankyou!

 by Rowan
The Subtraction Pack

I am very happy to see the Subtraction Pack. Now we have the complete set for all four operations. The Pack is beautifully made, with a fine selection of activities for all ages and abilities. It's a very good match for the Addition Pack. I particularly like the Money Problems and the Challenge Cards, and of course the Guide is, as always, essential reading. Thank you, Mark and Helen!

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