The Senses Pack

Learn about the senses with this comprehensive teaching, activity and display pack! It includes topic guides (in PDF, Powerpoint and video formats) and a wide range of printable pages to help your children explore the subject.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 12-Page Senses Guide – Help your children to learn about their senses with this PDF / Powerpoint topic overview. It includes information about each sense, the body’s organs, hearing and visual impairments, animal senses and more!
  • One Senses Video Guide – An introductory video that your children can use to find out more about senses. A transcript of the video’s text is also available.
  • Two Senses Video Review Sheets – What did your children learn by watching the Senses video guide? Ask them to make notes on this template.
  • One Senses Video Comprehension – A set of comprehension questions related to the Senses video guide.
  • Three Senses KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about this topic? What would they like to find out? What did they discover by the end of their learning?
  • Four ‘Label the Senses’ Pages – Can your children label the senses (and body organs) on these illustrations?
  • One Senses Matching Activity – Challenge your children to match the senses and images together correctly.
  • Two Senses Word Mats – Collections of words that are linked to the five senses.
  • Two Sort the Senses Vocabulary Tasks – Can your children match the words to the senses? Which words might relate to more than one sense?
  • Six Senses Scavenger Hunts – Challenge your children to test their senses and find something that looks dazzling, smells stale, tastes sweet, feels cold and more!
  • Twelve Senses Description Activities – Look at the photos and think of related words / phrases that are linked to each sense.
  • Three Sensational Animals Texts – Learn about the amazing senses of different animals and then try some of the matching comprehension questions.
  • Twelve Senses Colouring Pages – A set of colouring pages linked to this topic.
  • One Senses Glossary – An editable list of words and definitions related to senses.
  • Eleven Pages of Senses Vocabulary Labels – A large collection of labels based on senses vocabulary, with matching images and definitions.
  • One 25-Page Senses Image Pack – A set of posters that can be used on a classroom display, or as the starting point for discussions and further learning.
  • Twenty-Three Senses Page Borders – A set of writing / drawing templates with border linked to this topic.
  • Six Banners – Display banners to use when your children are learning about senses.

The Senses Pack


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The Senses Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Zuriette du Plessis

This resource can be applied in so many learning areas - Biology, Science and Creative Writing. Interesting information and well-illustrated. Thank you.

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