The Report Writing Pack

Improve your children’s report writing skills with our complete teaching resource pack! This includes printable posters, examples of reports, writing checklists, activity resources and eye-catching display materials!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twelve Report Writing Posters – A printable guide to report writing which your children can use for independent reference or shared reading activities. You can also display the pages on a large display for whole class teaching!
  • Eight Examples of Report Writing – A collection of example reports that your children can analyse. Do they include the features of reports? How could they be improved? The examples are available at two difficulty levels.
  • Thirty-Two Report Writing Activity Cards – A set of ideas for your children’s report writing! Ask them to choose a card or give out the cards at random and challenge your students to research / plan / write a report about that topic.
  • Twenty-Four Facts and Opinions – Can your children identify which of these sentences are facts and which are opinions? Also includes a blank version, so they can make up their own!
  • Two Report Writing Writing Checklists – Use our checklists to encourage your children to edit and improve their report writing.
  • Four Report Writing Planners – A set of planning templates that your children can use to plan their reports.
  • Three Mind Map Templates – Writing templates that your students can use when they are planning the topic for their reports.
  • Five Display Resources – A collection of printable materials that you can use to decorate your classroom display boards!

Many of these resources are also available in additional versions without the robot characters, to make them more appropriate for use with older learners.

The Report Writing Pack


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The Report Writing Pack
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by Tim

Great info and good planners and checklists. Would be even better if this included Noun, pronoun, Pronoun and Noun for the beginning of each sentence for the paragraphs, an emphasis on tense and some info on not needing a conclusion.

 by Lizzy Kerley
Great teaching packs

I’m a great fan of teaching packs and I use a lot of their packs in my teaching to make it more interesting for the children.

The report pack is one of my favourites, particularly the mind map diagrams which the children love to use in their planning. The exemplar texts are also really useful. Thanks for some wonderful teaching resources.

 by Amber Alexander

This is another super teaching pack that has cut my workload down tremendously.

 by Darryl Antonio Gouchez
Value for Money

Fantastic resource. It is very informative with loads of excellent examples. It includes all key teaching points which are essential for children to gain a sound understanding. Very colourful and appealing to children. The writing is in child friendly language and is easily understood. Complete with great activities to help enhance children's understanding further. I highly recommend this pack. Another quality product from a team you can trust.

 by Ceren
Another great resource

I love this pack - great example reports on a range of subjects to appeal to a wide variety of children. I also really like the guide that comes with the pack - I laminate it and make it into a book and leave it in the resource are for children to go back to at their leisure.

 by Rachel
Good pack!

A useful pack to help teach students the structure of a report. Good templates provided. These are customisable if you wish. Posters are useful for independent student reference after teaching.

 by Samantha Oliver
Kindergarten Animal Report

I used the Koala Animal Report for my Kindergarten Class. I also used the graphic organizer available. My students loved it! We popcorn read the report. They love the real photo of a Koala. This is how you do it! This Animal Report is one of our benchmark assessment and is graded. I couldn't be happier that I found one for my class to do. Thank you so muchl

 by Denise Mathers
Report Writing Pack

Very colourful and easy for the children to understand. The children were able to search their information more clearly and the robot was a hit! Graphics made the search for the right page easy. Many thanks.

 by Rachel
Report Writing Pack

Very useful pack. Some good templates to use and examples to share with your class. Nice that there are some customisable resources too that we can adapt for our students. Good posters for display in the classroom too that will act as extra assistance for older students.

 by Keith Burke
Report Writing Pack

An excellent resource that I dip into when teaching Report Writing. The examples are very child friendly and the planner provides useful prompts for those who "forget" what it is they should be doing.

Sometimes we use the activity cards for a quick 5 minute warm up. Brilliant. Keep it up.

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