The Pirates Pack

Learn about pirates by sharing our exciting eBook with your children! It includes thirty pages full of information and plenty of accompanying activity sheets and display resources to reinforce their understanding of this exciting topic.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Thirty Page eBook – A PDF ebook that can be shown on an interactive whiteboard, used for independent research on computers / tablet devices or printed to use in lessons / guided reading sessions. Full of child-friendly information about pirates with colour images and a glossary explaining relevant vocabulary.
  • Fifteen Activity Sheets – A selection of activities, linked to the information in the book. The resources help to reinforce children’s knowledge of pirate clothes, flags, jobs, meals, rules and ships and also include a quiz and vocabulary activity!
  • Eight Pirates Picture Word Banks – Look at the picture and think of related nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Then, put these together into a sentence or paragraph that describes the image!
  • Four Pirate Picture Tasks – A set of drawing challenges with a pirate theme!
  • Three Pirate Spot the Differences – Can your children find all of the differences between the images?
  • Five ‘Pirate Adjectives’ Sheets – Think of adjectives to describe a pirate, parrot, ship, island and treasure chest!
  • One Pirate Anagram Challenge – Rearrange the letters in these anagrams to make pirate-themed words!
  • Three Pirate ‘I Spy’ Tasks – How many of each image can your children count inside each grid?
  • One ‘A Day in the Life of a Pirate’ Template – Compare your own life with this pirate’s daily timetable.
  • One ‘Find the Treasure’ Challenge – Solve the Maths calculations and then follow the path around the map to find the treasure!
  • Eighteen Pirates Colouring Pages – A large set of colouring pages to use when your children are learning about pirates!
  • One Crossword and One Wordsearch – Fun activities to help children to review their pirate vocabulary. All words are linked to the eBook’s glossary and answers are included for teachers!
  • One Set of Display Letters – A set of A4 pages, spelling out the word Pirates, to use on class display boards.
  • Three Classroom Banners – Eye-catching banners to add to your class displays, showing ordinary pirates, famous pirates and pirate ships.
  • Seven Pirate Posters – Colourful cartoon posters showing a selection of different pirates to decorate your classroom!
  • One Interactive Pirate Ship Display Resource – A poster showing an image of a pirate ship. Print it out, stick it together and challenge your pupils to label it with our printable labels!

The Pirates Pack


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The Pirates Pack
Average rating:  
 25 reviews
 by Julie Greve
The Pirates Pack

My 8 year old son loved learning about pirates and found the activities fun. An excellent pack and the display material is great. We love all your packs and as a home educator find them invaluable. Thankyou very much.

 by Maria
The Pirates Pack

I have used this resource before with my own children as a homeschooler, and now have downloaded it again to use in my Beaver Colony where I am the leader. We are currently doing a Welsh badge which consists of doing things about Wales. As I am a descendent of Black Bart/BartI Ddu, on my dad's side of my family, used in your famous pirates part of this pack, I just wanted to share with you how amazing this resource is. I was born and grew up in Little Newcastle, the same village where Black Bart was born. Thanks again for your amazing work. Really appreciate it.

 by Sophie
Pirate Pack

It has been fun and engaging to us, the kids really loved the resources in this pack.

 by Talin

I used this for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. The kids loved it. Caters to different age groups. Great resource!

 by Jackie
The Pirates Pack

I love this site. It's fabulous!! I used the Pirates pack so much, everything I needed was there and the children have produced some incredible writing using all the different information supplied on it. Thanks.

 by Sarah Crowe
Awesome Pirates Pack

I used this Pirates Pack with my Year 4 class as part of a collaborative digital project with another school. The resources were factual and there was everything we needed without spending hours researching for ourselves so that we could focus on the digital elements of the project we were taking part in. The resources were accessible by all and contained some truly gruesome facts. They were very useful as comprehension and guided reading activity materials too. Thank you Teaching Packs. The co-ordinates pack also worked very well alongside this pack.

 by Sam
Fantastic resource for KS1

I have used this pack during this final term with my class of Year 2s. They have loved it. They have enjoyed reading parts of the book. We have learnt a little about geography looking at where pirates were found. We have learnt some gruesome facts about the man who was made to eat his own ear and it has helped a very stressed out teacher to learn information very quickly. Some of my lower ability found some of the words hard to read and having some differentiation would have made it perfect but we all just loved this.

 by Oceanqueen
Useful pack for Key Stage 1

I loved using this review with my 8year olds. I enjoyed the fact that most of the materials I needed were collated and the children enjoyed using the colourful resources as aids to find information to help them with art and display work.

 by richard
good for KS2

I used this with a group of 7-8 EAL pupils and realised the complexity of the language used in this topic. The visuals provided here were very helpful. There are lots of fiction books to stimulate and the non fiction text here adds depth to the knowledge about real pirates. There are some good word level activities aimed at older or more linguistically able children.

 by Sarah Shaw

When one of my home educated children chose pirates as a project, I must admit I panicked a bit. Until, I found this fantastic resource that I could structure our topic around. The children really enjoyed it and there were things to occupy all of them, even the youngest.

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