The Olympics Pack

Use this incredible sporting event as the starting point for learning in your classroom with our enormous Olympics teaching resource pack! Includes a huge collection of teaching, activity and display materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 8-Page Olympics Guide – Learn about the history, symbols and traditions of the Olympic Games with this fascinating guide!
  • One Video Guide – Learn about the Olympics by watching our introduction video!
  • One Video Comprehension – A set of questions to review your children’s understanding of our Olympics Video Guide. A transcript of the video is also included.
  • Two Video Review Sheets – What did your children learn by watching the Olympics Video Guide? Ask them to record their notes on this template.
  • Three Olympics KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about this event? What would they like to find out?
  • Two Quizzes – Test your children’s knowledge of the Olympics with these quizzes (available as PDF sheets and an interactive PowerPoint presentation)
  • Two France Fact Files – A handy fact file that is bursting with information about France (the host country of the 2024 event) and its population, food, landmarks, sports, language and more! Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Two Sets of France Questions – Two sets of quiz questions to review your children’s knowledge of the information in the France Fact Files.
  • One Olympic Sprint Game – Test your children’s knowledge of the Olympics as they race to be first to cross the finish line!
  • One Olympic Race Game – Explore vocabulary linked to the Olympics by playing this exciting game!
  • Ten Sporting Quotes Posters – Inspirational quotes from athletes from the past and present.
  • Ten Olympics Colouring Pages – A set of colouring pages based on different Olympic events.
  • Ten Olympics Picture Word Banks – Look at the Olympic-themed images and think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe them. Then use all of those words to make some sentences or paragraphs about the pictures.
  • One Story Generator – Roll a die and use the results as the starting point for your own story about the Olympics!
  • One Set of Bunting – Celebrate the Olympics by hanging this bunting in your learning environment!
  • One Ancient Olympics Guide – A four-page guide to the Ancient Olympic Games. Includes information about the events, Olympia and the programme of activities.
  • Thirty Olympic Sports Posters – Posters that outline the different sports that take place during the Olympic Games. Use them as the starting point for further research or for your classroom displays. Could your children write a set of instructions for each sport? These resources are also available in a smaller card format.
  • One Olympics Timeline – A set of cards that feature thirty-two events from the history of the Olympic Games. Use them as the starting point for discussion about the history of the Olympics, for sequencing activities or as part of the displays on your classroom walls. Also includes a set of related questions for comprehension activities (or for your interactive display boards).
  • Three Olympic Symbols Resources – A handy chart that shows the main Olympic symbols (with a short description). A blank version is also included so that your children can research the topic and record their findings. A separate set of posters are also available to download.
  • Sixteen Olympics Writing Prompts – A range of prompts that your children can use as the starting point for a range of writing tasks.
  • Four ‘The First Modern Olympics’ Resources – Useful information about the first modern Olympics which can be used for a variety of reference activities. This is available at two different levels of reading difficulty with two related cloze activities.
  • Four ‘Paralympic Games’ Resources – Learn about the Paralympics by reading these differentiated texts and then answering the matching comprehension questions.
  • One Olympic Rings Challenge – A differentiated Maths problem that asks your children to find the different combinations of colours on a new Olympic logo. Available at three levels of difficulty.
  • Forty Olympics Maths Challenges – A set of 40 Olympics-themed word problems that cover a variety of Maths concepts. Includes answers for teachers and self-checking!
  • Thirty-Two Olympics Fact Cards – A set of amazing facts about the Olympics, Paralympics and Winter Olympics. Could your children use these as the starting point for further research, for inclusion in their own Olympics reports or as part of your Olympics classroom displays?
  • Ten Olympics Design Challenges – A collection of printable activity pages that ask your children to design a new Olympics medal, some Olympics clothing and a range of Olympics merchandise!
  • Five Olympics Display Banners – Printable banners to decorate your classroom walls as part of your topic!

The Olympics Pack


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The Olympics Pack
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Rowan

Love the updates! Great video, and can't wait to play the Olympic Race board game with my class! The Blockbuster games are always fun.

 by Tracy Hopewell

This is perfect timing for the Olympics inquiry we are doing in my year 5/6 class this coming term. The resources in this pack are extremely well presented and comprehensive. As busy teachers it's amazing to have this site for such high quality resources. It saves me so much time and inspires me with other teaching ideas within packs that I may not have thought of. Thanks team. Keep up the awesome work!

 by Chris Sancto
Olympics Pack

This was excellent - the Ancient Olympics presentation was the perfect link from our Greek Myths topic into our new Olympics topic. It kept the learning momentum going as the children did not feel they were starting something from scratch. The factfile quizzes on Brazil were also a great visual and engaging activity, providing lots of useful information. The timeline quiz will form part of our display work as will the sports cards, which I know will prompt lots of independent research into past and present Olympic sportspeople. Many thanks!

 by Debra Moss
Olympics Pack

I found this to be a great resource. It appeared at the right time for me to use it in the classroom and the activities could be used across several curriculum areas. It had a lot of great pictures and details about the 2016 Olympics. Thank you!

 by Susan Rees
Olympics pack

A really great pack. Lots of ideas and printables which I used as a project and have se activities for summer holidays so we can finish off when the children come back in September. I really love the ideas you have on this site and have used other packs too with my year 5 and 6 pupils. The Chocolate pack is good too.

 by Andrew Jackson
Fantastic Resource

So glad this resource has arrived as this is my topic for the coming half term. Loads of useful information and activities to support children in the learning of the Ancient Olympics as well as the current Olympics. Thanks

 by Claire Smout

Thank you for this pack. A really informative and varied set of activities ready for a short summer topic. I love the fact that your packs are so colourful and this one is great for cross curricular.

 by Margaret Gregg
Just what we needed!

I use a lot of the Teaching Packs and I find with most that I use parts of them and find other parts irrelevant. I found with this pack though that every page was relevant and it gave a great overview of all aspects of The Olympics. Well done!

 by Tricia Harding-Smith
A Godsend!

We have trainee teachers in at the moment and they finish 4 weeks before the end of term, we were thinking of a short project to take us through those final weeks and into my lap drops the answer to all my prayers! The Olympics Pack! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 by Margareth Alves Leite de Siqueira Bittencourt

I am very proud of all of you. I love these packs. They are helping me a lot. I do not know which one is better. Congrats

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