The Number Pack

Help your children to explore all aspects of number work with our complete resource pack. Covering place value, estimation, ordering, rounding, positive / negative numbers, patterns and sequences, Roman numerals and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Thirty Page Guide to Number Concepts – Use our handy posters as whole class teaching guides or print them and use them on your classroom display boards. The posters cover all aspects of number, including place value, estimation, partitioning, ordering and rounding numbers… and much more!
  • One Hundred and Twenty Counting Bricks Posters – A set of posters showing an ever-increasing collection of bricks. Available in sets of ‘1 to 20’ and ‘1 to 100’.
  • One Hundred and Fifty Number Posters – A HUGE collection of posters that display different numbers in a variety of formats (words, digits, place value and pictures). Includes all numbers from 1 to 100 and larger numbers (including hundreds and thousands). Print the posters that you need and use them on a classroom display board… or cut them up and use them for matching activities! Also available in a smaller card format.
  • Six Pages of Number Bonds Cards – Sets of printable cards (with digits and pictures) to help your children remember their number bonds. Use them as part of matching challenges, timed activities or games of ‘pairs’.
  • Ninety-Six Can you make…? Cards – Give your children a copy of the digit cards included in this resource and then challenge them to make numbers matching the criteria shown on the other cards. Can they make a two digit number, a prime number or a number between 1000 and 5000?
  • One Hundred Number Challenge Cards – A set of differentiated activities for your children to try (with answers)! Includes questions about ordering, rounding, partitioning, place value and more… at a range of difficulty levels.
  • Sixty-Four Number Challenge Sheets – A set of differentiated activity sheets to test your children’s number skills. Includes counting, notation, ordering, place value, negative number and ‘millions’ questions, with answers for teachers or self-checking.
  • Three sets of Number Follow Me Cards – A collection of differentiated ‘follow me’ cards. Give the cards out to the children in your class. Ask one child to read out the number on their card. Other children should look at the cards to see if they have the matching answer. A fantastic way to review partitioning skills!
  • Two Less Than and Greater Than Posters – Help your children to remember the ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’ symbols using our bulldozer posters!
  • Twenty-Five Number Squares and Number Line Templates – A variety of number squares and number lines that your children can use to help them with mathematical calculations. Available with and without the construction theme.
  • Fourteen Square Numbers Posters – Help your children to remember square numbers up to 12×12 with our handy reference posters. Also includes a set of cards that can be used for ‘Snap’ and Matching games!
  • Thirteen Display Resources – Decorate your classroom displays with our eye-catching banners and posters!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Number Pack.


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The Number Pack
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
 by Karin
Numbers Pack

I used this resource as a pre and post test and also to support their learning when working in small groups. Students enjoyed the content and after explicit teaching were able to go off and complete the tasks. Great set of activities that can be utilised in many ways.

 by Zem
Fantastic carousel activity

Used these number challenges cards as part of a carousel where I was at the Teaching Table using them. I gave the children cards that were suitable to their ability and they and to complete the set of cards in a given amount of time. Great consolidation work and good indication of children’s comprehension of a variety of basic maths problems.

 by pam owens
entry level

This is a fab package to review basic skills for learners with aln/sen needs.
I'm going to be using this with my aln/sen learners in key stage 4 in September to give them confidence in what they can do.

 by Lucy
Number pack

Excellent pack with a multitude of ideas. I love the place value pages and number line pages. I would like to see strategies that can be used with addition such as split strategy, jump strategy, compensation strategy, using patterns to extend number facts, bridging the decades, changing the order of addends to form multiples of 10. It would be great to include content found in the K-10 Mathematics Syllabus split into Stages and content areas.

Thank you for all your hard work 🙂

 by Sharon
Number Pack

A fantastic pack full of excellent resources. I teach a year 5 set with varying abilities and the detailed sheets in this pack have been very useful for all of them. I have made each child their own booklet with the sheets so they can use them when they need and so far they have proven very helpful. Thank you for producing such an amazing pack!

 by Gill Bowmer
Fantastic Resources

All the resources are great and, as a private tutor, I am always looking for new, stimulating material. The Fractions Pack has proved very popular this term. The colourful posters and interesting worksheets make for happy students and a relaxed tutor. Such and amazing collection!

 by Tina ivamy
Number pack

Having a multi level,age and stage classroom means a variety of goals and abilities. The number pack offered s wide variety of resources to target the children's individual needs. Awesome.

 by Brigitte Ferguson
Happy Teacher

Amazing resources. This makes teaching number so much easier! Really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into these to make teachers lives (including mine) so much easier! Can be used for a range of abilities which I love!

 by Pippa Holmes
Great Resources

Brilliant resources that have saved me a lot of time, particularly useful on the working all in my classroom. Thank you so much.

 by Rachel Tilley
Number Pack

I love the display items in this pack. Perfect visuals for my kids. This has saved me a lot of time! Always excited to look through each pack and always delighted to find such quality resources! Thank you!

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