The Negative Numbers Pack

Explore negative numbers with your children using our comprehensive resource pack! Includes a teaching guide, number lines, activity resources and classroom display materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Eleven Page Guide to Negative Numbers – A comprehensive guide to the topic of negative numbers. Includes information about what negative numbers are, when we use them, how to add / subtract / multiply / divide them and more!
  • Two ‘My Number Line’ Resources – Two sets of printable number lines that your children can refer to during independent activities. Includes a set from -10 to 10 and another set from -20 to 20.
  • One Set of Negative Number Line Challenges – Can your students identify the missing points on these number lines? Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • One Set of Negative Numbers Follow Me Cards – A set of thirty-two negative number questions. Give one card to each child in your class and ask one of the children to read their question. The child with the matching answer shouts it out and then reads their question. Continue until you have answered all questions together!
  • Forty Negative Number Challenge Cards – A collection of challenge cards that include a range of negative number activities and problems.
  • One Set of ‘Numbers on Snowballs’ – Create a number line display from -50 to 50 with our huge collection of printable number snowballs!
  • Fourteen Negative Number Cubes – A collection of printable cubes that your children can use to practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of negative (and positive) numbers. Also includes a cube with less than / greater than symbols that students can use to compare the sizes of different numbers.
  • Eight Pages of Negative Number Cards – A large set of negative (and positive) number cards that can be used for ordering and sorting activities. A set of ‘operation’ cards are also included, along with ‘greater than’ / ‘less than’ cards and Venn / Carrol diagram templates to enable you to use these cards for a wide range of other activities.
  • One Negative Number Jigsaw – Can your children put the pieces of this mathematical jigsaw back together again?
  • One Set of Negative Noggle Cards – A collection of negative number cards to use alongside our Noggle resource.
  • Five ‘Comparing and Ordering Numbers’ Challenges – A set of differentiated worksheets that help children to practise comparing and ordering positive and negative numbers (with answers).
  • Twelve Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Challenges – A collection of differentiated activity sheets that cover the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of negative numbers. Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Three ‘Multiple Operations’ Activity Sheets – Can your children add and subtract the positive and negative numbers in each calculation? Includes answers.
  • Three ‘Across-Downs’ Challenges – A set of printable challenges that require your students to add and subtract negative numbers. Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Two Banners – Two printable banners to help you create a classroom display board about negative numbers.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Negative Numbers Pack.


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The Negative Numbers Pack
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by Dawn Moore
Simple and clear

My child has always struggled with maths and has always worked below his age. However, since we started home ed and using teaching packs, he now loves maths. The pack is simple and clear for him to understand without needing help. We use teaching packs to aid all areas of learning. We love them 💕

 by Karen Graham
Negative Numbers

As a resource that focuses on negative numbers this is an awesome resource. However, as the West Australian Math Curriculum focuses on Integers, which include negative and positive whole numbers and zero, I was wondering if you could include an integers definition in this pack.

 by Lucy
Superb resources!

I am currently using this for my Year 8 class who were struggling to understand negative numbers, so comprehensive, easy to use and differentiated perfectly. Another amazing Maths pack!!!

 by James Bennett
Negative Numbers Pack

I was searching around for material, the Abacus textbook was useless and I thought of Teaching Packs. As always, the resources were superbly differentiated - allowing me to stretch the G&T with adding numbers while letting the others simply compare and order them. The templates for the working wall display was colourful and just right.

 by Emma lace
Great help

My boys found negative numbers a little difficult and confusing but this pack helped them understand in a very clear and simple way.

 by Michelle Davies
Negative Numbers pack

Fantastic resource, that appealed to the children in getting them to think about a negative number, they loved the polar bear and it kept them thinking cold thoughts. Brilliant, clever and easy to use. Michelle

 by Nicola
Great Challenge!

I'm so happy I found these negative number activities. I was looking for something really challenging to give to my higher attaining children. The 'across downs' looks perfect and will give them something to really think about. Great resources once again, thank you!

 by Tabea
Neg Num Packs

Great posters and ways to explain negative numbers. Plenty of practice material too.

 by Gertie Wetsteijn
Negative Numbers Pack

Fantastic for my Year 8s who were struggling to understand negative numbers.

 by Chris Cathcart
Negative Numbers Pack

The Negative Numbers Pack is the math activity we are using to begin January. Thank you for creating this pack. I support a small group of learners in a high school, who struggle with basic number and math concepts. The teaching guide, and also the worksheets seem to help my students feel relaxed and confident as they build their skills. I like reading all the pages in this pack, and especially the page about how we use and see negative numbers day-to-day. I also like the 'lesser than' and 'greater than' worksheet. We practiced that skill in December and this worksheet shows my students how they can use that skill to compare numbers. The negative/positive number line is a great addition and a good tool for each student to have and use. This group of students are engaged right now, as we progress through your pack, and I'm sure that their confidence with numbers will continue to grow.

Thanks again!

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